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Information about Citizenship By Investment Program - Imperio Global Citoyen

Published on October 18, 2019

Author: Imperiogc


Slide1: Welcome To Imperio Global Citoyen Call Us: +971 4 451 0050 Visit Website: Slide2: About Us Imperio Global Citoyen is the product of the vision of its founders. The founders having more than 25 years combined real estate experience came together with Ranny A. Muasher, our CEO and a citizenship by investment expert, to launch Imperio Global Citoyen with the aim of creating a specialist advisory firm whose sole focus is to guide our clients to enhanced freedom and security via a second citizenship through investment. Visit Website: Slide3: Visit Website: Citizenship By Investment Programs Slide4: Our Application Process Applying for a citizenship by investment program is a very straight forward process, however it requires extremely strong attention to detail. IGC works closely with each and every client, paying special attention to the client's specific details, to ensure each application is successful. Client Profile Assessment Selection of Program Submission of Application to Government Issuance of Approval and Payment of Investment Citizenship Certificates and Passports Delivered Slide5: St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Real Estate St Kitts Citizenship by Investment Real Estate is perhaps the earliest CBI in the world, dating back to 1984 when its government decided to invite much-needed investment to develop the island nation. Two beautiful islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis form the nation which are separated by a channel of water aptly known as "The Narrows." Though it is an independent, Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. Slide6: Dominica Citizenship by Investment Cost The Dominica citizenship by investment cost at $100,000 is amongst the lowest in the world. Established in 1993, it is one of the longest running and most successful citizenship by investment programs that finds many takers every year. Slide7: Grenada Citizenship by Investment Grenada citizenship by investment programme is relatively new; And among the fastest to process citizenship approval within just sixty days. Grenada also often called the Spice Isle of the Caribbean is a beautiful island in the West Indies and a much sought-after destination for citizenship by investment. It is characterised by warm, hospitable people, white sand beaches and temperate climate. Launched in 2013. Slide8: Dominica Citizenship by Investment Real Estate Dominica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. The government encourages high networth individuals, families and professionals to acquire Dominica Citizenship by Investment Real Estate since the launch of the programme in 1993. Slide9: Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme hink Saint Lucia, think beautiful sandy beaches and pristine waters. Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme which became operational in 2015 is among the most sought-after citizenship through investment schemes in the world. And why shouldn't it be? The beauty of this idyllic island nation is best described through the eyes of traveller Donna McLavy who believes that a beach is the only place children actually entertain themselves. Slide10: Citizenship by Investment Programme Antigua Antigua is one of two Caribbean islands that make up the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The Citizenship by Investment Programme Antigua was launched by the government barely five years ago in 2013 to legally attract foreign investment in exchange for citizenship for willing, high network individuals, families, professionals and business owners. The benefits for both the applicants and the government are many. Slide11: Contact Us Find out more about enhancing your freedom through a second citizenship . Let us give you a call today. Visit Website:

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