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Published on March 7, 2013

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CHAIR’S REPORT training and we are already gearing up for next year. I’d like to finish by thanking a number of people who have helped make 2012/2013 a successful year. First of all, Jane Wilson and the CIPR London staff who have helped fund some of our activity in Scotland, assisted in responding to our requests and have been a great support. It goes without saying that the members wouldn’t have received any of the events or training organised by CIPR Scotland without the Scottish committee. Thank you all. You have used your expertise, skills and knowledge to make CIPR Scotland more visible, help our members and add value to the CIPR. A special thanks to Nicki Sturzaker for beingSince being elected in March last year, I have my Vice Chair, Grant Thoms for being Treasurerenjoyed working with the CIPR Scotland and Joe Walton for stepping up to becomecommittee, CIPR London and engaging with Secretary.members across Scotland. Thanks also to our Secretariat, Elaine Fee, whoMonthly committee meetings have enabled us to has been flexible and enthusiastic in her role,plan and carry out a programme of activity being a great ambassador for CIPR Scotland.throughout the year, including events, training, Laura Sutherland MCIPRthe PRide Awards and our first conference in CIPR Scotland Group Chair, 2012/2013many years. CIPR London has been informed ofour plans and developments throughout the year.Our partnerships with other membershiporganisations have allowed us to offer additional TABLE OF CONTENTSevents, training and conferences to our Membership 2012/2103 ........................................ 2membership, some at a discounted rate or for CIPR PRide Awards ................................................ 2free. Training .................................................................. 3It is only with the help and support of volunteersof the CIPR Scotland committee that the CIPR is Events .................................................................... 4able to offer such valuable services in Scotland Member Communications ..................................... 6and I would like to thank the committee for theirtime, efforts and support over the year. Representing the Membership ............................. 8 CIPR Scotland Accounts ...................................... 10Standing down from the committee this year areNicki Sturzaker, Neil Jones, Caroline Binnie andJo-Anne Hamilton. Committee members whostood down early for personal/business reasonsinclude Christina Cran, Elaine McKean, IainFlemming, Aislinn Lunt, Ruth McLeod and SusanNickalls. Committee members co-opted in theirplace include Candace Watermeyer, Ruth Fry andKenny MacDonald. Thank you all for your timeand efforts.2013 will be a year of continuing to deliver thesame high quality activity programme and nowthe structure is in place we can concentrate on thedetail.This year, we have worked hard and I am pleasedwith the achievements in developing current andnew relationships, engaging better with ourmembership, increasing membership, runningworthwhile and value for money events and 1

MEMBERSHIP 2012/2013 Most members are female representing 70% of the membership in Scotland.At the time of the last AGM there were 732 There are 23 Fellows in Scotland and the groupexisting members of the CIPR in Scotland. CIPR would like to congratulate Joyce Nisbet who wasLondon set themselves and the regional groups a awarded her Fellowship in the summer. Thetarget to increase membership by 10% during the committee were sad to hear of the passing ofnext 12 months. Arthur Fulton FCIPR, one of the founding members of CIPR Scotland, in January.Membership currently sits at 831 which is a yearlyincrease of over 13%. There are currently 109 Accredited Practitioners in Scotland Membership 85 members completed the CIPR’s CPD programme to December 2012. 900 There were 52 enrolments onto CIPR registered 800 Honorary courses in 2012 from members of the Scotland Fellow 700 group. Affiliate 600 There was an increase of 50% in the number of CIPR Diploma students 2012/2011. The Public 500 Fellow Affairs Diploma at Queen Margaret University was 400 introduced and ran for the first time in autumn 300 Associate 2012. 200 The group are working on our bi-annual 100 Student membership survey, which will not only give us valuable information about our members, but it 0 will help develop the activity programme for the Member Nov Aug Sep Oct Feb Jul (12) Dec Jan (13) rest of the year. CIPR London granted £3,000 to funding a Secretariat, who has been instrumental in assistingThe group promotional activities centered around with our administration of events and training asevents and training that added value to the well as a liaison between sectoral groups. This hasmembership in Scotland. enabled the rest of the committee to press onAs with the other regional groups Scotland will with programming events and developinghave benefited from the introduction of free opportunities elsewhere. The group intend tomembership to students of CIPR accredited apply for the same funding this Student memberships are currently at158.The location of members is focussed around the CIPR PRIDE AWARDSmain conurbations and communication hubs of The 2012 PRide Awards in Scotland was theScotland. biggest PRide Awards held the UK in 2012. CIPR London organised the awards in Scotland and CIPR Scotland assisted in sponsorship and promotion.  There were 142 entries this year. Three more than in 2011.  53 different organisations entered. Up nine from 2011.  A number of first time entrants were recorded which bodes well for the future. The committee would like thank the judges, Juliet Simpson, Lynne Crossan, Kate Bond and Emma Wood for their time, fairness and feedback. 2

THE PRIDE AWARDS CEREMONYOrganisation of the 2013 PRide awards was led by TRAININGLaura Sutherland with support from Cristina Dello In response to the membership survey and aSterpaio and Candace Watermeyer. successful 2011/2012 the committee continued to organise the CIPR Scotland Freshly Brewed seriesThe PRide awards ceremony was held at the of events under the guidance of Vice-Chair NickiEdinburgh Corn Exchange on 6 December. Sturzaker.  345 guests attended. 30 more than in CIPR Scotland continued to promote training 2011. sessions organised by HQ to the ScottishSponsorship in-kind was agreed for photography, membership.videography and design of the award programme. ANDY GREEN ON CREATIVITYReciprocal sponsorship continued with the Andy Green was commissioned to produce a newMarketing Society in Scotland and a new toolkit for the CIPR on creativity last year. Topartnership was formed with Institute of Directors coincide with the launch of his new book, thein Scotland. In return the CIPR Scotland will also committee organised a mini tour acrossget the opportunity to attend and present an Edinburgh and Aberdeen.award at the Star Awards and Director of the YearAwards and represent the PR profession in thewider business community.  £1,750 of financial sponsorship was generated by CIPR Scotland.  The group also received 10% of entry income which amounted to £1,907.50This was used to increase the value of the awardsthrough a professional host, Catriona Shearer, theprogramme, enhanced table decorations, a live DJand the interactive photo-booth that proved Andy delivered two different events in both cities,popular with guests. with the first being a Freshly Brewed half day training session in Edinburgh followed by a more informal creative evening in Aberdeen. They were both well attended and positive feedback was received supporting Andy’s limitless energy and enthusiasm for the subject. FRESHLY BREWED Over the past 12 months CIPR Scotland has delivered five half-day training sessions under the Freshly Brewed brand. The themes of these sessions have very much been influenced byOn the evening a raffle was held to support our membership surveyIprovision. Six high standard prizes raised £1179 carried out in 2011 offering in-demand topics andon the night. budget friendly prices. The courses have beenCIPR Scotland’s video sponsor was filming at the held either in Edinburgh or Glasgow and haveAwards and the video will be used to drive been extremely well received.sponsorship in 2013. During 2012/2013 the following Freshly BrewedBoth the judges and the PRide Scotland team events have been organised:have fed back to CIPR London and made  New Lobbying - How social media canrecommendations to ensure more effective impact on your campaign effectiveness -processes in the future. Grant Thoms Freelance Consultant andWork on the 2013 PRide Awards has already Lecturer at Napier Universitybegun, ensuring sponsorship and a greater  Unlock Your Inner Creative – Paularequirement for better venue costs are priorities. McNulty of Weber Shandwick Scotland 3

 20 Tactics for Better Change EDINBURGH Communications - Ron Aitken of Resolve  PR Measurement: Busting the Myths and Creative Keeping it Simple – Hugh Anderson  Social Media Strategy – Scott Douglas of Managing Director and Co-Founder of Holyrood Partnership Forth Metrics  Internal Communications - Ron Aitken  There’s a CIPR Event for that (Building from Resolve Creative apps) - Marketing Manager, Ross WilsonIn total 29 people, (17 members and 12 non- of Kotikanmembers), completed the Freshly Brewed training  Duct Tape Digital PR - How to stretchevents, generating £3,717.53 before expenses. your budget using online tools – Joe Walton, Real PR  Looking Good: Digital imagery andEVENTS communications – Mike McGrail Velocity Digital2012/2013 has been the Scottish group’s busiest  Creatively Content: Introduction toyear for events on record. A range of events were Practical Content Generation & Creation –held across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Scott Douglas the Holyrood PartnershipThe group are aware of the need to develop In total, over 146 tickets were sold to Social in theevents in other cities in 2013/2014. City events in 2012.SOCIAL IN THE CITY SOCIAL IN THE CITY: FOOD BLOGGER Following the four events SPECIALS organised in 2011/2012 the An addition to the schedule was two special CIPR Scotland’s Social in events based around blogger relations. the City series was expanded in 2012/2013. Two new venues were sourced, the Landsdowne in Glasgow and theNewsroom in Edinburgh. This was changed to theFiddler’s Elbow for the last event due torenovation in the Newsroom.Based loosely on the Social Summer seriesrunning in London, Social in the City was led bySecretary Joe Walton and committee members Two foodie venues, the Bakehouse in EdinburghLaura Berry and Jo-Anne Hamilton. The events and Martha’s in Glasgow were the setting for twowere designed to be cost effective (around £10 + similar events featuring a food journalist, afees), simple to organise and attend, with an blogger and a reviewer from the Listemphasis on informal networking. In Glasgow, the CIPR were joined by JayEight events were organised, two more than in Thundercliffe from the List, Cate Devine from the2011. Each session was based around an Herald and Graeme Taylor, a blogger at theengaging speaker on a subject related to online In Edinburgh, freelance food writer Alex Renton,GLASGOW Donald Reid, Food & Drink editor at the list, and Nadine Pierce, a food blogger at  The Naked Newsdesk: How social media is affecting the news - Iain Pope, Digital Intake editor at STV. The Edinburgh event sold out in record time while  Tweeting to the people: social media in the Glasgow event was close to capacity. Over 20 local authorities - John Fellow from the Guests attended each event. BIG lottery Fund AGM 2012  The Networked Professional - Conquering LinkedIn – Julie Moulsdale from The Annual General Meeting of the Scotland Perceptive Partners Group of was held on Monday 12th March 2012 at Malmaison Hotel, Glasgow. 31 members registered for the evening organised by Caroline Binnie and Elaine McKean. 4

FELLOWS’ EVENT Leading members of the communications team - head of news Fiona Wilson, resilienceA Fellows’ event was organised with the communications head Andrew Slorance, and PRassistance of Julie McGarvie. head Clare Smith - gave a fascinating insight intoHeld in October, nine out of the Scotland’s 23 the communications at the heart of thefellows attended. CIPR Scotland funded the event the Blythswood Hotel, where CIPR Chair LauraSutherland hosted - drinks and canapés wereprovided.The event was also an opportunity to have theFellows discuss a winner for the Communicator ofthe Year PRide Award, having been presentedwith the shortlist.MEET THE COMMITTEEOn 29th June last year, CIPR Scotland organised a‘meet the committee’ event and also invited CEO,Jane Wilson.This was an opportunity for members and Feedback on this free event for members wasprospective members to engage with the very positive and CIPR Scotland would like tocommittee and talk about membership thank Caroline Binnie for organising the event,opportunities, requirements and discuss Fiona, Clare and Andrew for their input and Elaineupcoming issues in the industry. Mitchell from the Scottish Government team for15 members and six committee members all her help in coordinating the evening.attended the event - most at a senior level and CIPR SCOTLAND PUB QUIZsome that hadn’t been active in the CIPR for sometime. Jane Wilson talked about the developments On 15th November 2012 the second CIPR Charityin Wikipedia and that a guidelines document had Pub Quiz pitting hacks against flacks has held inbeen created for CIPR members. aid of STV Appeal. The event, led by Laura Berry, took place at Cargo in Edinburgh who donatedThe event was videoed included short interviews the room and food on the night free of charge.with Scottish Chair, Laura Sutherland and memberKenny McDonald, Communications Manager, NHSHealth Scotland.LIFE AFTER LEVESONNational award winning journalist, James Cusickfrom The Independent came north in Septemberto share his insights into the Levesoninvestigation.He provided guests with his own thoughts as towhat the final report could look like in terms ofpossible recommendations and the impact thiswould have on the industry. The event was attended by 60 plus guests with 10 teams entering all in all at a fee of £10 per head,Around 40 individuals attended this one-off event. raising a total of £585 after expenses.The event was chaired by Peter MacMahon, Questions were drafted by committee membersdeputy editor of The Scotsman and hosted in the Grant Thoms and Laura Berry and Brian Welshbrand new space at Creative Scotland’s offices in from the Big Partnership donated his time to beEdinburgh. the compare for the evening.32 tickets were sold (26 members and 6 non- Barefoot Wines donated a case of wine to bemembers). awarded to the winners, which was the STV team.SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT EVENT The event also received coverage in The Scotsman business pages following theOver 60 members got their 2013 CPD off to an performance of their business desk.excellent start at a special event hosted by theScottish Government at St Andrew’s House inJanuary. 5

CIPR SCOTLAND CONFERENCE CIPR SCOTLAND BLOGCIPR Scotland hadn’t held a conference in recent The CIPR Scotland blog was given a new theme inyears. 2013 to provide a cleaner look. Led by Joe Walton the group developed a guest blogging strategy“Four steps to unlocking online success” was using members of the committee and the Scottishdeveloped through four stages of working and PR community.four separate speakers, each sourced because oftheir expertise.53 people attended the conference. The split was The blog nearly doubled its traffic from 4,758 inalmost 50/50 between members and non- 2011 to 8,441 in 2012.members. We promoted the event through our The blog sent a significant number of visitors ontomember communication, social media, partners the CIPR Scotland EventBrite page where peopleand through Federation of Small Businesses. could book events.Laura Sutherland led the organisation and The top four posts for 2012 weredevelopment of the conference and Joe Waltonattended on the day to run a live Twitter feed. We  Engaging internally through Yammeralso enlisted the help of a CIPR student rep to film  Three Challenges for PR Practitionersthe event to assist with future sponsorship.  Five Reasons Why Public Affairs Needs to Embrace Social MediaThe event made just over £2,000 profit and wason target. Work on a conference for later this year  CIPR Scotland PRide Award Nominationswill start shortly. 2012 - 164 The blog was further developed as a resource to house documents and presentations for attendeesMEMBER to view after the event to save time responding to individual enquiries.COMMUNICATIONS SOCIAL MEDIAWith solid foundations in place, the focus of the The Social Media group have built on the previouscommunications team was to continue to develop good work in this area to develop the networksScottish specific networks to promote activities of and consistency.the group and the events. TWITTER @CIPR_SCOTLANDCIPR SCOTLAND NEWSLETTER This year the Twitter account has been handled byBetween March 2012 and February 2013 the CIPR a small team acting on a rota; Joe Walton, LauraScotland has organised and sent: Berry and Laura Sutherland.  12 Newsletters Twitter has grown from 1,220 followers in March 2012 to 1,848 followers in 2013.  14 Flyers promoting eventAs of January 2013, the CIPR Scotland specificmailings go to 813 registered recipients. Thanksto the work of Jo-Anne Hamilton, Ruth Macleodand Ruth Fry, the newsletters enjoy aboveexpected open rates and responses. 6

A decision was made to vet membership of the group to counter growing spam on LinkedIn. Only those living in Scotland or with a relationship to Scotland and who work in communications field are allowed to join. The Standard group templates were replaced with bespoke messaging promoting the CIPR to non- members. There has also been an attempt to encourage more discussion and, especially from group members, this is process will continue inAn average of eight tweets a day were issued, 2013.with the majority of tweets promoting events and There has been a monthly increase of almost 19training, sharing CIPR blog content, tweets from members per month throughout 2012 comparedthose influential in the industry, as well as to 9.5 members per month for the last six monthssparking up conversations with our members and of 2011.followers. FACEBOOKThe year also saw Between March 2012 and the end of February  Live tweeting of the CIPR Scotland PRide 2013, the CIPR Scotland Facebook page has nominations grown from 119 likes to 196.  Live tweeting of the CIPR Scotland PRide results. This results in the hashtag #prideSCO trending in Edinburgh  Live tweeting through events such as the Scottish Government event and the Four Steps to online success conference  Our first twitter competition to give away tickets to an eventThe main improvement has been the forwardplanning activity through better use of Hootsuite.Tweets are planned and scheduled to appearduring events. Hashtags are now monitored andencouraged to track conversations taking placebefore, during and after events.The twitter account was the biggest referrer of Over the past six month 78 updates have beentraffic to the CIPR Scotland blog and EventBrite made to the CIPR Scotland Facebook The page continues to drive people to events andLINKEDIN blog posts and provide a platform where the CIPRCIPR Scotlands LinkedIn Group numbers have community in Scotland can communicate.grown steadily throughout 2012, up from 115 VIDEO (YOUTUBE)group members in February 2012 to 337 on inFebruary 2013. This year Capture Media came on board as the video sponsors for CIPR Scotland providing freeIn the latter three months of 2012, Kenny video support through the filming and editing ofMacDonald and Joe Walton started a process to events and training days as and when required.improve the CIPR Scotland LinkedIn Group. 7

Overall Capture Media filmed four events; Andy need to consult with members about this issue inGreen Creativity training workshop, Meet the the future.Committee Breakfast, Social in the City Food STUDENT MEMBERSBloggers event and the CIPR Scotland PRideawards. When the CIPR Scotland reps were elected in November, CIPR Scotland made contact withBetween them the videos have received over 240 them to discuss how we could support theviews on the CIPR Scotland YouTube channel and students.shared via the various social media channels andnewsletters. It was discussed and agreed that an all encompassing student event for all CIPRChair, Laura Sutherland also used video around accredited courses would be a good way ofannouncements and created a video with Julie integrating the Universities as well as offering theMcGarvey of 3x1 on how to create a winning student an opportunity to meet with the CIPRPRide entry. Scotland committee and other PR professionals.Videos were well received and in 2013 the The student reps attended a committee meetingcommittee will be looking at how to get more in January and they have been tasked to come upviews of these videos, using them as a tool to with a proposal and budget for the event. CIPRfurther promote events, engage with members Scotland has committed to help fund the event.and promote the key values of the CIPR. PRESS COVERAGE The group represented the CIPR ProfessionalREPRESENTING THE across the media this year.MEMBERSHIP Date Headline Publication 13/03/2012 CIPR Scotland appoints The Drum Aura PR’s managingThe group has made strides to reach out to director as chairmanmembers this year; seeking their views inresponse to government legislation for the first 13/03/2012 Sutherland the New Chair All Media of CIPR Scotland Scotlandtime in many years. The group has also beenactive in representing the profession in the press 14/04/2012 CIPR Award Fife Heraldand building relationships with other membership and Citizenassociation groups. 04/05/2012 PR Awards Issue Entries All Media Invite ScotlandRESPONDING TO GOVERNMENT 25/07/2012 Grayling Scotland leads PR All MediaCONSULTATION Awards shortlist ScotlandThis year the CIPR Scotland committee worked 02/08/2012 Health board in the running Carrickwith CIPR London to canvass the views of for award Gazette andmembers in preparation to responding to two Girvan Newsconsultations that could affect the practice of 03/08/2012 SBC nominated for top PR Berwickshirepublic relations in Scotland. awards News30 responded to the questionnaire on the 19/08/2012 Will it be gold for Gleam? Ayr AdvertiserLobbying Transparency (Scotland) Bill. CIPR 19/08/2012 Will it be gold for Gleam? Carrick HeraldLondon used the responses to build on their 23/10/2012 Invite issued to PR All Mediaprevious documents and responses in relation to practitioners to submit Scotlandthe previous Westminster consultation. views on planned procurement reformAfter surveying members, the CIPR responded tothe consultation stating that specific legislation is, 26/10/2012 Nominations sought for All Media Communicator of the Year Scotlandto an extent, not necessary or appropriate. The prizeCIPR is clear in saying that in this case legislationis not the correct response 14/11/2012 Brave new world? How is The Drum Scotlands creative sectorOnly a handful responded to the questionnaire doing and what difference would independence make?about the Procurement Reform Bill (Scotland). Theresponses and issues raised were used to provide 18/11/2012 Support grows for new Scotland ona short response, raising areas to be further restrictions on Holyrood Sunday lobbyistsexplored. 19/11/2012 Hacks triumph for charity The ScotsmanLessons learnt about the use of questionnairemethodology will be used by CIPR London if they 8

06/12/2012 NeverSeconds blogger The Drum of this information will be placed next year, Martha Payne recognised at ensuring our members are fully aware of the CIPR PRide Awards Scotland 2012. opportunities.07/12/2012 Stripe Communications take All Media MARKETING SOCIETY STAR AWARDS Scots PR Consultancy title Scotland again CIPR Scotland sponsors the PR category of the Star Awards and promotes the awards to its09/12/2012 Anti-homophobia campaign Evening Times is winner members. 450 guests from Scotland’s leading agencies and organisations attend the awards,10/12/2012 Awards for PR agencies Press and demonstrating the highest level of creativity in Journal strategy and campaigns.10/12/2012 Pat on the back for Martha The Scotsman CIPR Scotland presents the PR Award on the11/12/2012 News in brief: Whats The Herald evening and CIPR branding is used across event happening in the public sector material and in the venue.12/12/2012 Councillor hails PR win for All Media ABERDEEN COMMUNICATIONS GROUP (ACG) staff newspaper Scotland One event has been delivered in conjunction with17/12/2012 What a result! Paisley Daily the ACG this term – it was supporting Lunch ‘n’ Express Learn, but communication remains an issue,20/12/2012 Ayrshires gleem team Carrick especially as there is no current Aberdeen Gazette and representative on the committee. Girvan News21/12/2012 Fostering award Midlothian We believe there is a restructure taking place of Advertiser the Group. Laura Sutherland met with ACG earlier this month to reinstate the Memorandum of28/12/2012 PRoud moment for PR firm Ellon Times Understanding.29/12/2012 PR team scoops national Clydebank award Post Steps are being taken to ensure that CIPR Scotland has a better presence in Aberdeen and09/01/2013 Denvir pick-up silver prize Stirling for Best Event Observer as such, events and training and currently being developed in the north, the first being held at10/01/2013 Glasgow conference aims All Media to share advice on best use Scotland Robert Gordon University with Aberdeenshire of online media Council and the City of Culture bid team, in May.10/01/2013 My Media Day: Pauline All Media EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL MARKETING Cook, MD, Frasermedia Scotland FESTIVAL04/02/2013 Scotlands Most Press and The EIMF was held last summer as part of the Outstanding Small PR Firm Journal set for 2013 success Edinburgh International Festival. CIPR London funded a platform for CIPR to talk about social22/03/2013 Slainte Business media and the ‘Share This’ book. Insider Other agencies from across the UK also took partPARTNERSHIP WORKING and made some innovative presentations.During 2012/2013 the CIPR committee continued It’s important for CIPR to be involved in this typeto build relationships with other professional of festival and to be seen to be active and leadingbodies and working groups. the profession.AMMO 22 members took up the offer of free tickets to a reception at the EIMF. Guests were addressed byAMMO was set up in 2011 with a view to bringing Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture andall marketing organisations together, to ensure External practice, sharing of information and eventsand to give a bigger voice to the industry. CIPR Earlier that day 28 members booked a free placeScotland will continue to share information about at Innovation in Marketing and and training and assist where possible by The event focused on how cutting edge practicerepresenting the views of the membership. and technique has delivered value and growth for brands and service.IOD SCOTLANDAs well as being involved in our PRide Awards andthe IOD’s Director of the Year Awards, CIPRmembers also benefit from the IOD’s training andevents with a discount. More of a focus on sharing 9

INVESTOR RELATIONS SOCIETY EVENT: EVENT FINANCIAL SUMMARYREPUTATION HAS SHAREHOLDER VALUE – Events Membe Non- Total Expendit SurplHOW DO YOU SHAPE AND MEASURE IT? rs Membe Income ure us rsOrganised by the investor relations society inpartnership with the other AMMO members, a Freshly 2,415 2,336 4,751 2,916 1,835 Brewedpanel of industry experts was invited to look at Social in 683 595 1,277 755 522the viability of relating shareholder value to the Citycorporate reputation. Other 1,716 855 2,572 2,141 431 (Paid)28 CIPR Scotland members took up the offer of a Other 0 NA 0 418 -418free place at this debate and drinks reception. (Free) PRide NA NA 3947 4844 - 897 Total inc VAT 12,547 11,074 1473TREASURER’S REPORT Total exc VAT 10,456 9,228 12282012 INCOME 2011 VS 2012 Income £10,000 £8,000 £6,000 £4,000 £2,000The key figure in 2012 which stands out is the £0400% increase in income from events, reflecting abusy year of Freshly Brewed training courses,Social in the City and member networking eventssuch as Meet the Editor and Life after Leveson.Income from members broke-even over the yearwith income from non-members, including 2012 2011sponsorship, in essence covering support forevents and activities which don’t raise income. OUTGOING 2011 VS 2012Support from CIPR in the form of a regionalsupport grant provided confidence to invest insecretariat support in the latter quarter of the Expenditureyear, however, this is off-set by VAT adjustments £14,000due to HQ from previous years. £12,000Cashflow has improved through reducing £10,000outstanding debtors primarily through good £8,000invoice management. Overall, the group made a £6,000small surplus and contribution to ongoing £4,000reserves. £2,000Grant Thoms £0Treasurer 2012 2011 10


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