CIO Leadership Challenge UPDATED rev II Oct 2003

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Information about CIO Leadership Challenge UPDATED rev II Oct 2003

Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Natalia



The C.I.O. Leadership Challenge:  The C.I.O. Leadership Challenge Roles, Responsibilities and Change Management Who is this class for?:  Who is this class for? This class is for professionals in the criminal justice field who are leading technology projects. Job roles and responsibilities resemble those of a public or private sector Chief Information Office (CIO) or Chief Information Officer (CTO). This class is also geared to::  This class is also geared to: Technology Project Managers IT Directors and Specialists Information Integrators Project Leaders charged with sharing information Records Managers Those creating technology deployment strategies Those working with other agencies toward sharing information Implementing Criminal Justice Technologies in the 21st Century :  Implementing Criminal Justice Technologies in the 21st Century This class is designed to support: emerging leaders who are dealing with emerging technologies in an emerging field using emerging strategies. -- to meet public safety needs and core mission requirements -- by enhancing justice enterprise leadership skills at an executive level CIO as a Leader:  CIO as a Leader “Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible” - Colin Powell Guaranteed: Information technology will change an organization People, business practices and structure will be affected Stress will be present throughout the agency Structure:  Structure Federal Government requires CIO to report directly to CEO of federal agencies Traditional LE agencies must do so similarly (IA and Finance) CEO must position CIO for success for internal and external relationships CEO’s political and professional life requires this The CIO: Roles and Responsibilities:  The CIO: Roles and Responsibilities The CIO is positioned in the new hierarchy, yet What should be the CIO’s Roles and Responsibilities? CIO: Roles and Responsibilities:  CIO: Roles and Responsibilities Leader in adapting processes that help quantify and align projects Direct linking plans to overall mission Partner in strategic planning “No one size fits all” - Info too vast/expansive Must know the tech side of enterprise but not true technician Understands IT principles Acts as strategist Applies tech to business problems CIO: Roles and Responsibilities :  CIO: Roles and Responsibilities Serves as bridge between top managers, IT professionals and end users. Provides leadership and vision Maple, Bratton and Giuliani Focuses senior executives on high value IT issues, investments and decisions Guide to technology services and products Change agent CIO: As a Leader:  CIO: As a Leader To demand so much as a planner and a leader, the CIO should: Possess leadership abilities Be an innovator and risk taker Be flexible Have effective communication skills Variety of clients Have integration knowledge Possess political astuteness CIO and the CEO:  CIO and the CEO Key role of CIO in planning and managing. As a senior executive and partner to CEO: CIO must share CEO’s vision CIO helps agency fulfill mission, manage change, and is a strategic planner CIO and CEO have symbiotic relationship Being accessible is important CEO creates effective management context for CIO CIO Builds credibility for organization and CEO projects Organizes IT to meet business needs of organization CIO: Leadership and Planning Critical Success Factors:  CIO: Leadership and Planning Critical Success Factors The CEO must: Recognize the role of Information Management (IM) in creating value Position the CIO for success Ensure the credibility of the CIO organization Measure success and demonstrate results Organize information resources to business needs Develop IM human capital CIO and Leadership:  CIO and Leadership Maximizing Benefits: Question traditional ways of doing business Revolutionary Stress information sharing Work across agency boundaries, within and without Isn’t this why we are here? CIO and Culture Change:  CIO and Culture Change Dramatized by the “Power of the Incumbent” Agencies do not have a plethora of IT talent Brightest go to IT Disproportional to rank/positioning Discipline Non-traditional structure CIO and Culture Change:  CIO and Culture Change Cultural Change in Criminal Justice Systems impacts every aspect of how we do business: Security Training Budgets Personnel and Selection Process Etc. CIO as a Change Manager:  CIO as a Change Manager 70% of $500,000 IT projects fail to meet goals 20% of IT projects declared fully successful. Attributed to change management plans and issues Managing change caused by new tech key element of success CIO as a Change Manager:  CIO as a Change Manager CIO well positioned to direct and plan for change CEO must recognize business transformation potential of IT and apply technology to achieve major improvements in practices and operations Must understand the business model – the culture acts in sync Simple fact of introducing CIO to the agency will cause change CIO as a Change Manager:  CIO as a Change Manager Change effects organizations, technologies and people Strategic implications and consequences 60% of all failed technology projects are attributed to a failure to consider user needs: Job redesign, training, communication, intangible Plan for change and expect resistance CIO is the change agent and change manager Balanced against the communist/central planning tendency CIO and Cultural Change :  CIO and Cultural Change “If you are going to sin, sin against God, not the bureaucracy. God will forgive you but the bureaucracy won’t” Adm. Hyman Rickover In cultural change, employees can be: Resistors (passive or aggressive) Positive change agents Fence sitters Innovators (negative or positive) CIO – utilize informal network CIO and Cultural Change:  CIO and Cultural Change The CIO and CEO must: Embrace the need for change Demonstrate the need for change Constantly communicate the need for change Mapping “as is” , “what it will be” and “why” CIO must recognize which policies, procedures and technologies are to be changed CIO: Issues in Planning for Change Management:  CIO: Issues in Planning for Change Management What should be the scope and magnitude of the change? Are the sponsors and change agents in place –do they know it? Has the change been communicated? What are the risks: labor, culture, power/authority? Base line measurements of success To prepare for change, assessment of enterprise Plan to link initiatives –timing, training, define tasks, “out” vs “in” Communicate the changes CIO – Surviving in the Public Sector:  CIO – Surviving in the Public Sector Organizational Turbulence Elections: before, during, and after Merits of programs sometimes secondary Budget trade offs “Favorite Sons” often prevail Support base tenuous Seek multiple sources of support Politics often rule “I have to get elected” Know your limits Learn quickly Seek an honest broker and guide Self Evaluation “Is this job for you?’ Read Machiovelli’s The Prince Although moral compasses must prevail, survival and success skills in the public sector differ greatly from private enterprise. Six Phases Of A Criminal Justice It Project:  Six Phases Of A Criminal Justice It Project Enthusiasm Disillusionment Panic Search for the guilty Punishment of the innocent Praise and honors for the non-participants

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