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Published on October 9, 2007

Author: Goldye


Slide1:  PRAGMA Grid A Multi-Application Route-Use Global Grid Cindy Zheng PRAGMA Grid Coordinator Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly University of California, San Diego San Diego Supercomputer Center Overview:  Overview PRAGMA Goals, Characteristics, Working groups, Workshops PRAGMA Grid testbed Goals, Characteristics, Resources Applications Application middleware Infrastructure middleware Benefit summary Multi-Grid interoperation Goals, Resources Applications Infrastructure testing matrix Lessons learned Forward Slide3:  PRAGMA 2002 - Goals Open international organization Grid applications, practical issues Build international scientific collaborations Members and community 28 institutional members, 11 countries >38 inst. >14 countries are actively involved Characteristics No central funding, but mutual interests Build friendship, trust, help, community Do, act Working groups Bio, data, resources, telescience, geosciences, … Semi-annual Workshops The PRAGMA Steering Committee:  The PRAGMA Steering Committee Pragma Grid testbed and Routine-basis Experiements:  Pragma Grid testbed and Routine-basis Experiements 2004 - Goal – make grid easier for scientists to use, by improving middleware interoperability Global grid usability and productivity Method For applications. Let applications drive More organized testbed operation Full-scale and integrated testing/research Long application runs Learn issues, develop/research/test solutions Manners Grass-roots Voluntary, contribute of resources and work long term, persistent Inclusion: don’t have to be PRAGMA member or pacific rim General science grid Slide6:  PRAGMA Grid Resources Slide7:  PRAGMA Grid Testbed AIST OSAKAU TITECH Japan CNIC GUCAS China KISTI Korea ASCC NCHC Taiwan UoHyd India MU Australia BII IHPC NGO Singapore KU NECTEC Thailand NCSA USA SDSC USA CICESE Mexico UNAM Mexico UChile Chile QUT Australia UZurich Switzerland JLU China MIMOS USM Malaysia IOIT-HCM Vietnam BU USA UMC USA PRAGMA Grid Software Layers:  PRAGMA Grid Software Layers Applications  Applications Real science, multi-applications (11) TDDFT: quantum-chemistry, AIST, Japan Savannah: climate model, MU, Australia MM5: climate model, CICESE, Mexico QM-MD, FMO: quantum-mechanics, AIST, Japan iGAP: genomics, UCSD, USA HPM: genomics, IOIT-HCM, Vietnam mpiBlast: genomics, ASCC, Taiwan Gamess-APBS: organic chemistry, UZurich, Switzerland Siesta: molecular simulation, UZurich, Switzerland Amber: molecular simulation, USM, Malaysia Learn How to grid-enable, run Application needs, issues Grid Application Middleware:  Grid Application Middleware Why grid application middleware Enable applications to run on grid(s) Make easier Example grid application middleware development/testing Ninf-G (AIST, Japan) Nimrod/G (Monash University, Australia) Mpich-Gx (KISTI, Korea) Ninf-G  Ninf-G Developed by AIST, Japan Support GridRPC model which will be a GGF standard Integrated to NMI release 8 (first non-US software in NMI) Ninf roll for Rocks 4.x is also available 3 applications ran in PRAGMA grid and 1 ran on GIN testbed (multi-grids) TDDFT QM/MD FMO Achieved long runs (1 week ~ 50 days) Improved fault-tolerance (papers) - hang Simplified deployment procedures Speed-up development cycles Nimrod/G  Nimrod/G Developed by Monash University, Australia Supports large scale parameter sweeps on Grid infrastructure Easy user interface - portal 3 applications ran in PRAGMA grid and 1 will run in GIN testbed (multi-grids) Savanah climate simulation (MU) GAMESS/APBS (UZurich) Siesta (UZurich) Achieved long runs (90 different scenarios of 6 weeks each Improved fault-tolerance (innovate time_step) Speed-up enhancements Mpich-Gx  Mpich-Gx KISTI, Korea Grid-enabled MPI, support Private IP Fault tolerance Application run on KGrid MM5 Climate simulation CICESE, Mexico Infrastructure Middleware:  Infrastructure Middleware Why grid infrastructure middleware Provide grid services Make grid easier to use and manage Example grid infrastructure middleware Grid file system Gfarm (AIST, Japan) Grid monitoring system SCMSWeb (Kasetsart University, Thailand) Grid accounting system MOGAS (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Gfarm – Grid Virtual File System  Gfarm – Grid Virtual File System Developed by AIST, Japan High performance, scalable grid file system Support Linux, Solaris; also scp, gridftp, SMB Meta-server, file replication, Gfarm-FUSE Ease user/application setup, file sharing (CSA), fault tolerance 6 sites, 3786 GBytes, 1527 MB/sec (70 I/O nodes) Tested with iGAP, large number of files, performance up >10x SCMSWeb  SCMSWeb Developed by Kasetsart University, Thailand Web-based monitoring system for clusters and grid System usage, functional/performance metrics, job/queue status Easy user interface, rapid support Testing in PRAGMA grid, get user feedbacks and sites help Speed-up development, enhancement, platform support expansion Improve fault tolerance, functionalities, user interface Popularize the software GIN, common schema Multi-organisation Grid Accounting System  Multi-organisation Grid Accounting System Developed by NTU, Singapore Resource usage based on project/individual/organization Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Pie charts and detail job logs Metering and charging tool, easily customizable pricing system Database and data analysis tools Run on 17 sites in PRAGMA testbed Improved interface to various globus and local schedulers PRAGMA Grid Brings Together:  PRAGMA Grid Brings Together People Hands-on learning to make grid work Software development Heterogeneity and reality check Check software Integration and interface both horizontally and vertically User feedback steers better direction Popularize grid software Collaborations Naregi-CA (AIST, Japan) and Gama (SDSC, USA) Integration Rocks (SDSC, USA) and SCE (KU, Thailand), Ninf-G (AIST, Japan), Gfarm (AIST), KRocks (KISTI, Korea) PRAGMA and NLANR PRAGMA and GEON PRAGMA testbed and sensor networks (NCHC, Taiwan; Binghamton University, USA) … GAMA Grid Interoperation Now (GIN)  Grid Interoperation Now (GIN) GIN testbed (started Feb. 2006) PRAGMA, TeraGrid, EGEE, OSG, NorduGrid Applications TDDFT/Ninf-G Lead: Yoshio Tanaka, Yusuke Tanimura (AIST, Japan) Deployed and run PRAGMA - AIST, NCSA, SDSC TeraGrid – ANL Working on deployment to EGEE, OSG and NorduGrid Savanah Study Lead: Colin Enticott (MU, Australia) Infrastructure testing matrix Cindy Zheng (SDSC, USA) and Somsak Sriprayoonsakul (KU, Thailand) Use SCMSWeb Lessons Learned:  Lessons Learned Differences among grids Organization structures Authentication (GSI, VOMS) Job submission (GRAM, Gridftp) Software stacks Takes a lot of learning to understand Takes a lot of work to interoperate Resolved some problems (GSI-VOM, GT2-GT4) Stimulated new initiatives (Cross grid monitoring) Learned some from each other (Community Software Area) Many more still yet to work on (File sharing, easy user access, direction and standards) Forward:  Forward More resources More computational resources GUCAS, China; UMC, USA; … Add data resources (geo, atro, bio, …) Add sensor network resources NCHC, Taiwan; BU, USA; … More applications Geoscience (Mian Liu, Huai Zhang) More and better grid middleware Credential management systems (SDSC, USA; Naregi, Japan) Portals (NCHC, Taiwan; QUT, Australia; …) Meta-schedulers (AIST, Japan; IHPC, Singapore; …) More grids interoperation More grids More applications More collaboration on grid technology research and development One Possible Collaboration with AIST:  One Possible Collaboration with AIST Collaborations with GSCAS and CNIC:  Collaborations with GSCAS and CNIC GSCAS (Shi Yaolin, Huai Zhang), U Missouri (Mian Liu), UCSD (Chaitan Baru, Cindy Zheng), CNIC (Kai Nan) Develop PRAGMA/iGEON Node at GSCAS Develop initial parallel finite element codes Run a geodynamics models on this cluster and then the PRAGMA testbed Ensure user-friendly, Web interfaces to access and execute finite element codes developed by China on PRAGMA grid as well as TeraGrid Collaborations with U Hyderabad:  Collaborations with U Hyderabad Collaborators A. Agarwal, K.V. Subbarao (U Hyderabad) and Chaitan Baru (UCSD) Establish GEON node at U Hyderabad Experiment with sharing data Register new datasets Other Collaborations:  Other Collaborations Exchanges: Calit2 Students (PRIME) GEON willing to support this OptIPuter New Paradigm: Global Team Science:  New Paradigm: Global Team Science U.Waikato D.Hamilton Models NCHC F.P.Lin Maintain YYL Parallelize Codes U.Wisconsin T.Kratz Maintain Trout Bog Lake Metabolism UCSD F.Vernon, S.Peltier, T.Fountain P.Arzberger ROADNet, Telescience Moore Fnd, PRAGMA NIGLAS B.Q Qin Maintain Taihu Physical Limnology Kangwon U B.Kim Maintain Soyang Public Policy Thank You:  Thank You Everyone is welcome to join us! Either to build grid and/or to run applications.

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