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Published on February 28, 2014

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Cindy Elliott, Assistant Provost for Strategic and International Partnerships and Dean of Distance Learning, Fort Hays State University (FHSU)
Exploration and Maintenance of International Partnerships
Successful partnership development has been an essential part of the growth strategy for a small regional university in Kansas. Internet and other distance learning technologies have provided the means to connect students and faculty in China and elsewhere. This presentation will share how FHSU launched and continues to maintain hybrid dual bachelor’s degree programs in China, including lessons learned and recommendations for others desiring to work successfully in foreign countries.

presentation at the 15th annual SLN SOLsummit 2014
February 28, 2014

A Western Kansas University's Exploration and Maintenance of International Partnerships SLN SOLsummit 2014

Recipe for Success • • • • • Identify the Right Partners Hire the Right Faculty Recruit the Right Students Select the Right Degree Programs Commit to Providing the Necessary Technology • Attention to Detail • Tweak Your Policies When You Need To • Don’t Give Up

Chinese Proverb # 1 An Old Horse Knows The Way


Chinese Proverb #2 The Best Bet Always Comes Unexpectedly

Serendipitous Event in 1999 • • • • • • • • Received Phone Call from Colleague Said ―yes‖ Starting putting one step in front of the other Committed to being flexible; Rewrote policies when needed; established IEMG Never sacrificed quality for flexibility FHSU was first American University to offer joint bachelor’s degree in mainland China. FHSU was first University to bring Blackboard servers in to mainland China. Yet, almost every single day there is another conundrum to solve.

Dr. Shawn Chen Founder of Sias International University, Xinzheng City, Henan Province

You Cannot Clap With One Hand Chinese Proverb #3

Chinese Partner Schools—Cross Border Enrollment—2000-2013 4000 3600 3500 3500 3000 2700 2500 2198 2000 3589 3471 2900 2300 1986 1500 1373 1000 500 0 40 80 212 423 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

China Partnerships NW U. of Nationalities; Lanzhou U of Fin. & Economics; Qinghai University Of Nationalities; Xinjiang Normal Univ. 11 Universities Shenyang Normal University Shenyang Northwest University of Politics and Law Xian Shenyang Tianjin Hangzhou Normal University Hangzhou Hangzhou Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus Zhuhai Sias International University Xinzheng

Sias Shenyang International University Xinzheng Tianjin Hangzhou Zhuhai

Sias International University

School of International Education

Dean Jia Li, SIE

Shenyang Normal University Shenyang Shenyang Tianjin Hangzhou Zhuhai

Shenyang Normal University (SNU) • • • • Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China Provincial University 35,000 students total College of International Business (CIB)— largest college of SNU • FHSU is only partner for CIB • Started in Fall, 2004 with 200 students • This Fall, 2013, about 949 students Cindy Elliott



Partners’ Roles • • • • • Recruit the students; enroll the students Offer 84 credits in Chinese language Improve their English skills Hire Cooperating Teachers Provide Room and Board for all foreign teachers • Conduct American-Style Graduation • Pay invoices on time

FHSU’s Roles • • • • • Design courses for 42 credits Hire Instructors of Record and F2F Faculty Assess students; issues grades Admit and enroll the students Be good citizens while living or visiting China • Conduct graduation in China • Provide foreign experts or visiting scholars

Chinese Proverb #6 Sow Melon, Reap Melon; Sow Beans, Reap Beans.

History—From Seeds to Melon • Started with Bachelor of General Studies (BGS)—started with 40 students • Graduated over 2,000 Chinese students with BGS—gainfully employed; seeking graduate education • In 2009, asked to migrate to BBA, BA, BS degrees • Today graduated over 6,000 students Cindy Elliott

Unique Instructional Model-Hybrid • FHSU Faculty in Hays—Instructors of Record • American Cooperating Teachers in China—hired by partner school • F2F Faculty—English Comp and BBA Faculty – BBA –Large Lectures and Break Out Sessions • • • • • GTAs—for BBA program Technology-enhanced content on Blackboard Testing through Blackboard Interaction through Email Small Learning Groups of students • Team Projects

FHSU Majors & Sias Degrees BBA-Management (Top 450 students) BS—Organizational Leadership • International Finance • International Economics and Trade • Business Management BA– Global Business English (Fall 2012) • Business English BS—Information Networking and Telecommunications • Information Management and Information Systems

FHSU Majors & SNU Degrees BS in Organizational Leadership – Specialization in Marketing • Marketing BA in Organizational Leadership – Specialization in International Trade • International Trade BA in Organizational Leadership – Specialization in International Finance • International Finance BA in Political Science • Law

Future Degree Plans Shenyang Normal University • BBA in Management Sias International University • BS in Tourism and Hospitality Management • BA in Social Entrepreneurship

FHSU Course Sequencing • • • • • • No FHSU courses in Freshmen year Begin Sophomore 2+2+2+2+2= 10 courses or 30 credits 2006, government changed policy 1/3 of the credits or 42 credits Advanced Standing Courses 12 courses

When You Paint A Dragon Dot Its Eyes Cindy Elliott

OR SAY IT THIS WAY Don’t be intimidated to tweak your policies and practices for the benefit of your cross border students. Don’t be intimidated by University Policies Don’t be intimidated by Departmental Policies Never hurts to ask.

Which Policies Did We Rethink • English Language Proficiency • Annual Tuition Increases • Government requirements for 1/3 of credits • Unexpected health problems --- SARS, TB • 180 degree different culture – Probation, Suspension and Dismissal We accomplished this through policy revisions in IEMG Handbook

Would we do it again? ABSOLUTELY!! • Financial freedom • Diversify our university • Benefits for domestic virtual college students

Why do international partners? Benefits /Outcomes • Increased enrollments; increased SCH • Partners share costs and thus gain economies of scale; Partners can share risks. • Greater diversification of the student body • Larger number of international students • Faculty experience teaching students from a different culture • Partners bring unique strengths to the table, and these broader perspectives can strengthen the individuals • Increased economic development and recognition to community and state

What would we NOT do again? • We wouldn’t partner with a university ―close‖ to the central government • We waited too long to hire a person who does the operations • What do you have to be willing to do? • Work 24X7…answer calls in the middle of night

If you don’t climb the mountain, you will not see the plain. Chinese Proverb #4

Cindy Elliott

Cindy Elliott 785-628-5834--Office 785-650-3378--Cell

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