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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: vanditjain296




YEARLY PLANS 2014-15 ( Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 )

Q1(JAN, FEB, MARCH) • Operational Training to the project managers • LTS feedback, recruitment BI reports • Explore Indore WIKI • 2 Monthly newsletters • A Quarterly newsletter • YGIP newsletter • Feedback after every LCM, or any local forum • CRM workspace implementation • Personalized newsletters for clients • Newsletters templates for BD, ICX, OGX. • Podio session for the new recruits • CIM in action for ANC. Creation of wikis, posters, online promotion for the same.

Q2 (APRIL, MAY, JUNE) • A proper standardization of files, training resources( Podio shift, • ICX OGX support kits (Reception packages, newsletters for different stages from Raise-Post realization, feedback forms) • 2 Monthly newsletters • A Quarterly newsletter • Education Hub • Process flows revised. • Uploading all files on .net • Client and stakeholders newsletters as required • ORS conversion newsletters for oGCDP • Feedback after every LCM, or any local forum • Impact reports(Showcasing impact via case studies)

Q3 (JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER) • Feedback after every LCM, or any local forum • Matching newsletters • 2 Monthly newsletters • Podio session for the new recruits • A Quarterly newsletter • CIM in action for events – Webforms, Data compilation, designing of posters, graphics etc. • Showcasing impact ( posters, casestudies) • Search tool (Matching)

Q4 (OCT, NOV, DEC) • Updating Explore Indore wiki • 2 Monthly newsletters • THE ANNUAL newsletter • BI reports of the events • Data compilation and standardization of all LCs files. • Revising the process flows

NOTE: These plans may change with time, keeping in mind the changing conditions. Usual work for CIM comes under urgency and need which cannot be included in the plans but do play an important role. Q1 and almost Q2 we’ll be focussing on creating a proper base for CIM. Sorting the communication channels for the LC : internal and external both. Plus information management, along with regular training for empowering the membership. Q3 onwards, ELDs will be kept under focus after a strong base has been created.

ACTIVITIES DONE VS. RESULTS ACHIEVED • Activities done : 1. Podio shift, entire LC using Podio for communication purposes 2. LC google group created 3. Newsletter templates on place • Results achieved 1. Entire membership becoming familiar with PODIO. Effective and more usage than before. 2. Efficient 2-way communication between LCP EB and GB (Sending newsletters even for slightest of announcements) 3. LC Newsletter, culture continued, members feel connected and are more updated. 4. Monthly newsletter released. 4. Branding Indore, help in ICX. 5. EXPLORE Indore wiki created 6. Birthday Tracker, plus birthday wishing templates in place. 7. 2 Feedback forms released, after each LCM.

INNOVATIONS : • Again, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Some things I’ve so far thought of: 1. Youtube channel for AIESEC Indore 2. FB group (of the alumnus, IR’s and stakeholders) Showcasing impact on the group, via videos, experiences, posting about the projects, about the events. ARM, Greater ELDs • Innovations done so far : 1. A birthday tracker : Made Birthday wishing templates for all the alumnus and stakeholders that we have. 2. Acronym Dictionary : An acronym dictionary made for the new recruits, so that they don’t face problems with the innumerable abbreviations that we use.

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