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Information about Cilantro essential oil

Published on March 3, 2014

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Cilantro Essential Oil Heal your wounds with pure cilantro essential oil

Benefits of Cilantro Essential Oil • It helps in preventing from cardiovascular damage. • It is a flavoring agent and is a digestive aid. • This oil makes you energetic. • It has Antibacterial and Antifungal properties.

Flavor Your Cuisine and Heal Your Body with Cilantro Essential Oil • Cilantro is a well known food flavoring herb with fantastic health benefits. Far from being an impressive culinary delight, cilantro oil has been used as an important cleansing and digestive agent from times immemorial. It’s amazing anti bacterial, anti spasmodic, anti fungal, analgesic and carminative properties makes it capable of treating or curing any disease or condition of the mind and body. • While, both cilantro and Coriander oils come from the same plant, coriandrum sativum, they are obtained through different ways. Unlike, coriander oil that is extracted from the seeds of the plant, cilantro oil is extracted from the leaves of the same plant. doTERRA Cilantro is extracted from the leaves of the plant by a steam distillation process that makes cilantro oil boast of the added benefits of being an antioxidant.

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