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Published on March 10, 2008

Author: Abigail



Slide1:  Education Vacation in Canada Summer 2005 Slide3:  Praying on board on Saudi Airline Slide4:  Welcome to Canada Toronto Slide5:  English Class English Institute Slide6:  Homework time Slide7:  Islamic Centre Slide8:  Chilling out Slide9:  Picnic time Slide10:  Being Independent Slide11:  Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park Slide12:  Safari Park, Ontario Slide13:  Niagara Falls Slide15:  Saudi Students 2005 Slide16:  Exploring Canada on our own Slide17:  Planning Slide18:  Packing the car Slide19:  First stop: Algonquin Park Slide21:  Blue Mountain Slide22:  Québec Slide24:  Montreal Slide26:  Calgary- Alberta Slide27:  Fireworks Slide28:  Ice skating Slide29:  Jasper, Alberta On top of the world… Slide30:  Lake Louise, Alberta Slide31:  Chateau Lake Louise Hotel Slide32:  Inside the helicopter Slide33:  A View from the helicopter The spirit of adventure Slide34:  Ice field, Alberta Slide35:  Lake Superior Slide36:  Overnight at a cottage by the lake Slide37:  Travel… Slide38:  See the wonders of nature… Slide39:  Face unexpected challenges… Slide40:  Think on a wide canvas… Slide41:  Have an encounter with a bear… Slide42:  Learn new skills… Slide43:  Make new friends…

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