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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: paulmtilley



Show from a PDD day at the Bristol Center for Youth Ministry. It is based on worship and church re-imagined. Presented by Paul Tilley

Celtic Prayer Come I this day to the Father Come I this day to the Son Come I this day to the Holy Spirit powerful Come I this day with God Come I this day with Christ Come I with the Spirit of kindly balm God and Spirit and Jesus From the crown of my head To the soles of my feet Come I with my reputation Come I with my testimony I come to you Jesus Jesus shelter me. 1

What 1 • Re-imagining church • Narrative • Prayer • Developing a service 2

What 2 • Won’t be specifically looking at theology. • Experimenting • Connecting with God. • How can this be used in placement..can it? 3

Church Re-imagined 4

Where is this? • They are distinctive informal • They promote friendship. gathering places. • They allow people to relax and • They make people feel at home. unwind after a long day at work. • They foster relationships and a • They are socially binding. diversity of human contact. • They encourage sociability instead • They help create a sense of place of isolation. and community. • They make life more colorful. • They invoke a sense of civic pride. • They provide numerous opportunities for serendipity. 5

Third Places 6

The Third Place • A term coined by Ray Oldenburg in his 1990 book The Great Good Place • Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars/Pubs, Hair Salons • Telecommuters 7

Church & Third Place Should we: ‣Develop third places in churches? ‣Churches in third places? ‣Churches as third places? ‣None? 8

Could Church be third place? • Churches are distinctive informal • Churches provide numerous gathering places. opportunities for serendipity. • Churches make people feel at • Churches promote friendship. home. • Churches allow people to relax and • Churches foster relationships and a unwind after a long day at work. diversity of human contact. • Churches are socially binding. • Churches help create a sense of place and community. • Churches encourage sociability instead of isolation. • Churches invoke a sense of civic pride. • Churches make life more colorful. 9

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 10

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 11

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 12

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 13

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 14

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 15

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 16

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 17

Re-imagine Church Steve Collins 18

Re-imagine Church Go away and design a middle worship zone for your church. Don’t think outside the box... know there is no box! ‘So what if the boundary were complex, had many layers of varying materials, were an entire zone in itself? Supposing all we do as church is actually inside this zone, and the real inside is something else? Supposing church were the intermediate condition rather than the point of arrival?’ 19

Narrative 20



Peter's Story 23

Lectio Divina Divine Reading Praying with Scripture Read Reflect Respond Listen 24

Your turn ✴Creation ✴Fall ✴Redemption ✴Restoration 25

Prayer 26


Confession Body Prayer 28





How could you use prayer in you church re- imagined? 33

Your own 34

Develop a ‘experience’ • As a group put together a ‘church re-imagined’ experience that would meet non-churched people from your placement ‘were they are at’. • Us the in-between/third place idea. 35

Places to go... • • The Book of Uncommon Prayer by Steven L Case (Zondervan 2002) ISBN 0-310-24142-1 • • Alternative Worship by Jonny Baker and Doug Gay ISBN 0-8010-9170-5 • • Multi-Sensory Church - Sue Wallace • - ISBN 1-85999-667-1 jonnybaker/ • Multi-Sensory Prayer - Sue Wallace • smallritual - ISBN 1-85999-465-2 36

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