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Published on June 17, 2018

Author: lcbc


The Medeiros Family in Brazil: Daniel and Sarah are called to reach out to children-at-risk, their families and communities in the Northeast Brazil with the love of God, bringing healing and transformation . The Medeiros Family in Brazil Recife/Olinda, Northeast Brazil: High inequality means that not all children have shared in recent economic gains. Indigenous and Afro descendant children are especially vulnerable to poverty and exclusion. (UNICEF) Recife/Olinda, Northeast Brazil RECIFE OLINDA Life in the poorer communities and on the streets: Life in the poorer communities and on the streets Many families are living in poverty. The minimum wage in Brazil is about £200 a month and many families live in favelas, in self-made homes which are often dangerous and vulnerable to the elements. Broken families, sexual abuse, physical abuse, alcohol and drug abuse,, neglect, rejection and abandonment are part of every day living which is why many children live on the streets. Girls are in particular danger of sexual exploitation. Slide5: “ ReVive is a Christian organisation working with young girls in the North East of Brazil who are suffering from abuse, trafficking or exploitation . We aim to free them from their situation ; restoring their lives and renewing their hope for a better future.” Daniel and Sarah’s testimony of God’s grace: Daniel and Sarah’s testimony of God’s grace Through our own experience of God’s grace and healing we are now able to go and share the love of God and His healing power with others. Some of the children we have loved: Some of the children we have loved Daniel’s heart to share God’s love and reach out to communities.: God has gifted Daniel with a worship ministry that brings life through encountering the presence of God. His heart is also to get the church involved in what God is doing in these safe houses by speaking in churches and raising awareness. Also to encourage the Brazilians to support these projects by volunteering, giving financially and eventually developing prevention work in deprived communities. Daniel’s heart to share God’s love and reach out to communities . A Space for Grace: Sarah’s ministry is to bring healing to trauma through dance. As well as dance in worship and prayer, Sarah offers Dance Movement Therapy as an individual or small group arts therapy. Danca Agua Viva (Living Waters Dance) brings joy, freedom, restoration and healing. We explore dance in worship and prayer and the girls have a place where they can express themselves through dance and meet with God. A Space for Grace Please pray: That God would use this year to prepare them well for their work in Brazil For opportunities to speak and raise the funds needed For opportunities of continual professional development For Sophie and Ana, their children to enjoy this year in England and be ready to return to Brazil in 2019. Please pray Slide11: Thank you for listening!

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