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Published on November 11, 2008

Author: Bobbins226


Church ArchitectureRyan McWhorter, Matt Barlow, Robin Ballard, and Darrel Lattimer : Church ArchitectureRyan McWhorter, Matt Barlow, Robin Ballard, and Darrel Lattimer 3 main points : 3 main points European Architecture Styles, Changes, and types American Architecture Early and late styles Symbolism Why we have it in the church today. European Architecture : European Architecture Ely Cathedral : Ely Cathedral American Architecture : American Architecture Slide 7: There are 4 various types of Architecture that men have discovered throughout the years. These are several ways of building. Linter Columns : Linter Columns This is the characteristic style of the Christian science churches. The Round Arch : The Round Arch Commonly known as the Romanesque style. Produced two variations of the Georgian style (1.) Colonial ( early) (2.) Classic Revival ( late) The pointed Arch : The pointed Arch This is seen in Gothic cathedrals. It shows great elaboration in it’s details and decorations. The Romanesque round arch : The Romanesque round arch The use of steel as a framework. This is used for very modern methods and modern materials to churches. 4 styles used most commonly today. : 4 styles used most commonly today. The Romanesque Style The prevailing mode among Roman Catholics today. The abundance of wall space affords plenty of room for pictorial symbolism The Spanish Style This style is most associated with warm and arid lands. It is a asymmetrical and may be added onto in almost every way. The Georgian Style ( another variation of Romanesque) This style lends itself to light and airy churches. It symbolizes the pursuit of Religious truth in light of reason. It’s simple yet elegant. The Gothic Style This style is still generally accepted as the most of Christian styles, but to develop, it calls for much elaboration inside. Christian Symbolism : Christian Symbolism The Lords Supper : The Lords Supper Height of Ceilings in churches : Height of Ceilings in churches Different styles of choir lofts : Different styles of choir lofts Sources : Sources The Church Beautiful ( John R. Scotford) Early English Churches in America ( Stephen P. Dorsey) Understanding, preparing for, and practicing Christian Worship( Franklin M. Segler) Jubilate II Church Music in Worship and Renewal ( Donald P. Hustad)

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