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Information about Chronic illnesses - Children's Cancer

Published on December 1, 2013

Author: Chelsea1664



A Slideshow in Children's Cancer

Children’s Cancer Chelsea Cadavid EDU 153 – NSBY1

* A chronic illness is a disease that has a prolonged course, does not resolve spontaneously, and rarely is completely cured. * Types Include: * Asthma * Sickle Cell Anemia * Diabetes * Cystic fibrosis * * Cancer Spina Bifida * AIDS

Isaiah Habib (right), then 7 years old, comforts his brother, Samuel, then 4, in the intensive care unit at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth. (Habib, Dan)

Children * Frequent Doctor and Hospital Visits * Treatments Are Scary and Painful * Hospital Stays Are Scary and Lonely Parents and Families * Causes Stress and Pain to See Their Child That Way * Illness and Treatments Are Time Consuming and Costly *

* Encourage Their Child to Live as Normally as Possible * Be Open About Treatments, Illness, and Pain * Let the Child Have Input in Treatments and Decisions * (Circle of Moms Editors)

* Parents Should Take Care of Themselves * Ask Support from Others Such as Friends or Family * Take a Break and Take Time for Themselves * Keep Up with Family Routines *

Cancer is a disease in which the body’s cells grow abnormally (Norton, Amy) *

*No One Cause *Often Unknown *

* Leukemia * Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) * Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) * Lymphoma * Hodgkin Disease *

*Chemotherapy *Radiation Therapy *Side Effects (Phoenix, Arizona) *

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