Christopher Columbus Part II

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Information about Christopher Columbus Part II

Published on October 12, 2008

Author: smithsep


Affecting Our Society Submitted By: Krista Smith : Affecting Our Society Submitted By: Krista Smith Christopher Columbus The Columbus Myth : The Columbus Myth How This was Accomplished~ : How This was Accomplished~ -His power of persuasion and magnetism have long been used as a tool to get what he wanted in society -An entrepreneur willing to take the biggest risk to get a chance at the biggest potential payoff Slide 4: -He was motivated by money and power -Discovered useful agricultural products such as potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco, sugar cane, brazil wood, mahogany, indigo and other dyes, and of course mountains of gold and silver Continued…. : Continued…. He and his men tried to destroy any culture they came into contact with -His ability to overcome obstacles and surmounting difficulties shows he is a man of resourcefulness and determination -He assisted in educating the Americans in exploration of their land Bringing Us Together : Bringing Us Together Separated regions began to develop connections that have lead to our global community Bringing Us Together Slide 7: Why would I want to meet Christopher Columbus?? A very interesting talk would ensue and some things I would be interested in learning are: His “ Discoveries of America” first thoughts on this discovery the ship fleet and the hardships they faced ascertain the true history of his so called “discovery of America” Why a “Christian” would act the way he did and if he was proud of the way things had turned out And…Would he Do anything differently : Sources

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