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Information about Christmas-on-the-front-line

Published on December 15, 2017

Author: yeunghokkwan


Slide1: ♫ Turn on Speakers Slide2: Christmas is a time when normal routine is suspended for many people – and so it was in the depths of World War II. For civilians and military alike during the 1939-45 period, normality was a loose concept, but these vintage photos show how they attempted to put on a brave face and observe some of the traditions that they would have enjoyed during peacetime. Slide3: Group of German soldiers celebrating Christmas at the Front . Slide4: German soldiers celebrating Christmas, albeit ever so spartan. Slide5: Father Christmas visiting a barracks hut on Christmas Day morning, 1939 Slide6: German soldiers celebrating Christmas in Norway, 1940  Slide7: German soldiers gathered around a glowing Christmas tree on early World War II Christmas Eve Slide8: German soldiers having realized that the promised Christmas dinner consisted of empty wine bottles with candle stumps, packets of cigarettes, and a few nuts  Slide9: Front Line troops receiving their Christmas cigarettes and alcohol rations - Eastern Front, World War II  Slide10: Gebirgsjäger * about to go carol singing Slide11: Six Luftwaffe soldiers sitting down to a delicious Christmas Day meal - World War II  Slide12: Luftwaffe soldiers huddled around a pine table on Christmas Eve Slide13: Luftwaffe soldiers dancing to the sweet sounds of an accordion Slide14: German soldiers of the Volkssturm celebrate Christmas in a cellar, sharing with each other cigarettes and holiday messages from home delivered on postcards. Slide15: young members of the Kriegsmarine enjoying a riotous Christmas party Slide16: Young German soldier smoking ruminatively whilst gazing at his small but perfectly formed Christmas Tree  Slide17: A Christmas Day chess game 

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