Choosing Your Translation Niche

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Information about Choosing Your Translation Niche

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: LatitudesTraining



Are you one of those translators that says “yes” to anything that falls on your plate? Are you desperate to get any projects, even if it’s a subject on which you don’t have much knowledge or experience? Are you constantly being asked to reduce rates?

Your goal should be to be an expert, a leader, and a solution-provider in your market. People don’t just want someone who can get the job done. They want persons who know what they are doing and can prove they are worth investing in. There is a lot that you have to consider in developing your brand statement and identity, but being an expert will ensure that people see you as a force worth having on their side when they need translation and language services. Anyone can sell a service, but it’s up to you to become a master in your profession.

This webinar shares 10 tips that can help you choose your translation area of expertise so you build a thriving translation business.

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Choosing Your Translation Niche Marcela Reyes, MBA Chief Coaching Officer Director Translators Marketing Club

Niche = Specialty @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

Why you should specialize?

A Jack of all trades is master of none!!! @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

Market Outlook •  Number of translators/interpreters has increased significantly •  Too many “legal, medical, financial, and software” translators •  Too many translators in certain language pairs •  Anyone with internet access can get work •  Lack of translators in numerous specialized fields ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

@TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

More expertise = More $$$   @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

Clients need quality translation that meets their specific needs.   @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

•  More productivity in less time   @TransMktgClub   Increased productivity ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

More  knowledge,   faster  transla@on     @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

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Clients  reward   competency     @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

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Work  with     direct  clients     @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

•  Write  a  book   •  Become  a  consultant   •  Coach  other  translators  on   your  exper@se   •  Create  seminars/webinars   •  Become  a  professional   speaker   @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

@TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

Tips to Choose Your Niche

Know Yourself!   @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

@TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

Why do you want to be a translator?   @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

Passions @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

@TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

•  Professional background/work experience What have you done in your life before you became a translator?   @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

•  Formal education @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

•  Hobbies @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

@TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

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•  Hot selling items @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

•  Translation industry •  Top ten industries •  Growth companies for 2014 •  Big trends and the fastest growing industries in 2014 •  Top ten industries (in your country) •  Growing fields •  Industry preview 2014 @TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

@TransMktgClub   ©  2014  Translators  Marke-ng  Club.  All  Rights  Reserved  

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