Choosing the Right Polycom Conference Phones

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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: best4systems



Polycom produce world-leading teleconference phones, but with so many models, which one is the best to choose? This quick guide runs through the different SoundStation models, the differences between them and which are suitable for various business needs

Polycom Conference Phones Which one to choose?

Polycom Audio/Video Conferencing Polycom are one of the leading manufacturers of audio and visual conferencing equipment used by businesses large and small. The triangular or “spider” phone units are now a regular feature in meeting rooms and even home offices, but it can be confusing knowing which unit is best for which situation. The following guide explains the naming behind the popular models, the features of each group and for whom they would be suitable.

Audio Conference Phones: Polycom SoundStation

SoundStation/SoundStation 2 The SoundStation is the original conference phone produced by Polycom SoundStation2 is the is the next generation of the conference phone family, with considerable improvements in microphone pick-up, noise cancellation and call quality over the original Polycom no longer offer product support for the SoundStation or SoundStation EX. Users with these models should upgrade to the newer generation models.

SoundStation 2 Basic The SoundStation2 Basic is the entry-level model of the next generation Polycom phones It does not have a display panel, and cannot be extended with additional microphone sets Get this now from It has a 10ft microphone pick-up range and delivers excellent voice quality. Standard redial, mute, hold and transfer functions are included Ideal for small meeting room or home office where conference calls are required with multiple attendants, the SoundStation 2 Basic is a relatively inexpensive way to handle high quality conference calls. It uses an analogue phone line

SoundStation 2 LCD The next step up, the LCD features a backlit display screen The display screen offers a number of context sensitive menu options in addition to standard call features Get this now from The LCD display tracks ongoing call information, time spent and caller ID – it even offers multilingual support Great for getting additional information during a call or for those who want an easy way of navigating a more extensive feature list than the Basic model, the LCD is Best4System’s best-selling conference phone and highly recommended. It also uses an analogue phone line or socket

SoundStation 2 LCD EX The EX – or extendable – models allow additional microphones to be attached Up to 2 microphones can be attached via leads – this extends the conference phone range by a further 2 feet for each mic Get this now from Only the display model (LCD) is extendable. In both cases the base unit acts as the speaker The LCD EX can be used “as is” and purchased without microphones, but the addition of extendable mics means that medium sized rooms can be effectively covered for meetings or presentations where off-site employees need to follow the conversation

SoundStation 2W The 2W – or wireless Polycom – is exactly that: a base unit plugs to the phone socket and connects via DECT to the conference unit, like a wireless phone This allows the SoundStation 2W to be used in multiple rooms: the base unit has a 30 metre range Get this now from A standard charge is good for 8 hours talk time The wireless option is available for the Basic and Extendable models, allowing an investment in conferencing technology to be used in multiple rooms or offices, or extended further with microphones to cater for larger meetings.

VTX 1000 Replacing the SoundStation Premier, the VTX 1000 is Polycom’s flagship model and the top of the analogue conference phone range Can be upgraded with extendable microphones and external speakers and bass units for full two-way call clarity Get this now from Standard coverage is for a 54’ x 40’ room The best solution for large conference rooms or lecture halls. Users can speak naturally and be heard up to 20ft away, making this the most powerful of the analogue Polycom conference phones

SoundStation IP 5000 The IP range is suitable for those using IP or Cloud-based telecom solutions The IP 5000 is compatible with most SIP Ip and PBX based call systems Get this now from Can be powered over the Ethernet for easy installation, optional A/C power units also available The entry-level conference phone for IP systems, the IP 5000 has a 7 ft pickup range and offers high clarity voice conferencing and a range of useful functions via the console display. Ideal for digital system start-ups and smaller meeting rooms

SoundStation IP 6000 Superior mid-range IP phone, featuring Polycom’s SIP software Comes with softphone connection so can be used via a computer Get this now from Can be extended with microphones that have a 12 ft range, again is powered either directly through the ethernet or via an A/C PSU One of the most versatile units for SIP business networks, the superior call quality and larger extendable range make this the ideal conference phone for most mid-to-larger size business applications

SoundStation IP 7000 Polycom’s most advanced audio conference phone Huge 20 ft pick-up range can be further extended with optional extendable mics Get this now from Hi-resolution screen has a micro-browser allowing access to a huge range of features and directory functions Featuring a range of technologies to intelligently filter and boost participants without creating feedback or noise, the IP 7000 is the top of the range IP conference phone from Polycom.

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