Choosing the best wood for your stove.

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Information about Choosing the best wood for your stove.

Published on September 28, 2015

Author: Jotul_UK


1. CHOOSING THE BEST WOOD FOR YOUR STOVE By using your wood burning stove to heat your home, you become no longer dependent on energy utilities but at Jøtul we appreciate there are many different wood types to choose from, and they all have their own individual burning qualities.

2. HARDWOOD OR SOFTWOOD? Hardwoods are any broad-leafed, deciduous trees, such as Beech and Elm, while softwoods are conifers including Cedar and Fir. When it comes to burning wood in stoves, hardwood is better than softwood as it burns slower. The density of softwood is also around half that of hardwood, which results in it burning twice as fast – meaning you’ll need twice as much!

3. DRY WOOD IS ALWAYS THE BEST WOOD • Wood that hasn’t been dried wastes much of the energy created while burning in removing water from the log and producing steam. • You can dry out your own wood in a wood store or, if you don’t have the facilities, ensure you buy seasoned wood from your supplier. The best kiln dried wood has a moisture content of less than 20%.

4. WHICH TREE IS BEST FOR ME? • Apple – Burns slowly with a small flame size and produces a pleasant scent. • Ash – Considered the best wood for burning; it produces a steady flame and strong heat output. • Beech – Burns similar to Ash. • Birch – Produces a strong heat output but can burn quite quickly. • Hawthorn – A traditional firewood with a slow burn and strong heat output. • Horse chestnut – This wood is burnt well in wood stoves as it can spit. It produces a good flame and strong heat output. • Oak – The density of the wood produces a small flame and very slow burn. • Robinia – A good burning wood with a slow burn and strong heat output. Can produce an acrid smoke but if using a stove this of course is not a problem. • Thorn – A steady flame and very strong heat output without producing excess smoke.

5. WHAT NOW? For more information about this topic see our website or click the link below: Choosing the best wood for your stove:

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