Choosing Security Surveillance Camera Is Complex Decision

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Information about Choosing Security Surveillance Camera Is Complex Decision

Published on July 29, 2009

Author: SecurityCameras


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Choosing Security Surveillance Camera Is Complex Decision As the need for home security seemingly increases every year, many are looking at the security surveillance camera as one weapon in their arsenal of self-defense. Long the most powerful weapon a business could use to stave off attacks by thieves and burglars, the use in private residences is becoming more frequent. However, choosing the right security surveillance camera that will provide the best return on the investment should not be an exercise taken lightly.

Simply popping a camera Many people believe that simply popping a camera up on the outside of their home, usually pointed at the door provides all the protection they need. It is not until after their home has been burglarized and there are no usable images on tape that they realize their choice of a security surveillance camera failed to provide the needed protection. Additionally, many people wait until after their home has been broken into to consider installation of a security surveillance camera.

Depending on the budget Depending on the budget as well as the value of what they hope to protect, there are different types and styles of security surveillance cameras available. From the simple wide-angle cameras that capture a large area to those that can be remotely panned, tilted and zoomed in to effectively track a perpetrators trail as they move around in the home or on the property.

Lenses Another Important Consideration When Selecting Camera The lenses available for a security surveillance camera also vary with standard lenses, being the least expensive. However, for cameras that will be located outdoors or inside near a door or window, a security surveillance camera equipped with a lense that has an automatically adjusted aperture will be required.

Amount of light entering the lens The amount of light entering the lens, much like a still camera, determines the quality of the image. A fixed-aperture lens, when exposed to bright sunlight or even headlights can create a washed out picture with no recognizable features. A security surveillance camera equipped with an auto-aperture will adjust the lens opening to account for the amount of available light, rendering a good quality image regardless of changes in lighting.

Security surveillance camera If the security surveillance camera is aimed at points further from the building, a longer lense will be needed to insure the images can be recognized. Closer areas under surveillance of a camera can use a shorter lens, capturing a wider range of image, while still providing a recognizable picture. Unless the camera is being monitored, using a zoom lense will not provide any additional benefits except the length can be chaged periodically to adjust the closeness of the recorded image.

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