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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: caitlinejm

Source: slideshare.net

Choosing my font Caitlin Macdonald

 I want to look further than just the set fonts on InDesign, I want my digipack to be more interesting and I want the artist name and the album title to grab my audience.  In my research when I looked at many digipack covers I really liked the ones where there photo is simple but the font is powerful.

 I was drawn to this font because of how bold it is. The breaks and marks in the font is very interesting and I feel fit in with my genre alterative as it different.  However I don’t like the shape of the font its too regimental and although it fits with the genre I don’t think it fits with the song.

 I liked this one because I learnt from the font before when I felt it was too straight so I picked this one because of the uneven letters. The font will also be nice and easy to read on the digipack making it easier for the audience.  However I don’t like the effect on the letter making it look like a stamp.

 I was first attracted to this because of how different it is. I like how each letter is different and I feel this will fit into both my genre, alternative and so song,  However I think once placed onto a photo I’m doubting if the font will be clear to read

 I like this font because of the originality of the font it is very different to other fonts I have looked at and I think that it will fit in very well with the song and my genre  However some if the letters are filled in and could be making is less visible

OVERALL  All the fonts had certain qualities that I liked but to get other opinion I asked other people. 3 2 1 5

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