Choosing an International school in Mumbai

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Information about Choosing an International school in Mumbai

Published on February 22, 2018

Author: CPGoenka


Slide1: Choosing an International school in Mumbai Slide2: Mumbai is a city of 2+ crores people, there may be a shortage of independent houses but definitely not a shortage of good schools. A parent always gets confused and tensed while choosing a right school for their kid. In today’s life not all schools guarantee success in life. A parent need a school that offers much more than academics. Every child needs overall development. Keeping all the factors in mind, there are number of international schools in every corner of city. Some schools are located in Navi Mumbai also which are CBSE and ICSE boards. Slide3: There are many blogs that provide information’s regarding  international schools in navi Mumbai ,  CBSE schools in navi Mumbai ,  international schools in Mumbai , etc. Through this blog we want to help out parents in choosing right international schools in navi Mumbai for their child. For that there are some components of international schools which a parent must look at. Here are some components: Slide4: LOCATION: Many parents do not pay attention to this aspect while looking for international school. They should ensure the school is located close by. Travelling to and from school will make a child tired which leads the child inactive in school activities and study. If it is far away, they should ensure that the school has a bus. SAFETY: Now a days every parents want safety for their child especially in school. While looking for an international school they must look out for the security precautions taken by the school for children. They must ensure that their children’s are in safe hands. Slide5: CURRICULUM: While looking for an international school a parent should ensure the curriculum must be challenging in order to help the child grow effectively. It helps the children to be the owner of the whole learning procedure. CO-CURRICULUM: Apart from curriculum parents now a days needs decreasing the burden of books through co-curriculum activities. This helps their child to show hidden talent. Students should be encouraged to take part as it helps them to grow and develop their physical skills both in indoor and outdoor games. Slide6: Thank you & visit us @

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