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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: chenyee101


Choose the Right Restaurant POS System Investing in the right point of sale (POS) system is certain to help increase the efficiency of a restaurant. A POS system offers a variety of advantages to the retail business environment which can include tracking and monitoring the day-to-day operations. A restaurant relies on the POS system to increase the speed in which orders are passed from the servers to the food preparation team. A high-end system is also able to monitor stock volume and help with the ordering process. In the process of evaluating the right type of POS system, it is critical for the restaurant to consider several different issues. A small eating establishment may find the POS systems able to track only sales and expenses adequate, while a large restaurant may want extra features like handling supply orders, waiting lists, reservations, and day-to-day orders. It also helps to choose a system that is able to grow and expand with the business. Many of the more advance units include software add-ons to help increase the function of the POS system. Rather than buy a high-end system at the start with all the features, it is more beneficial to match the functions to the eating establishment. As a business grows it is possible to increase the functions of these machines by installing the proper software add-on. Install the right number of terminals. A small restaurant using the system for accepting payments is certain to suffice with a single sales machine. In a large restaurant with orders often passed between servers and kitchen staff, it is often a necessity to invest in several terminals, especially if wishing to maintain the efficiency of the restaurant. A POS system can vary significantly in relation to its role and cost. Modern touch screen systems are certain to offer the most expensive option, but they are the easiest and most-efficient to use. To help with controlling the cost of the system it is possible to choose the most appropriate components. Many come with separate magnetic-strip readers, cash register drawer, digital signature pad and receipt printer. A thermal printer is a practical choice for the busy restaurant environment since they are fast and quite to print. Include the right peripheral items to match the eating establishment. For instance, a label printer is a perfect add-on for the restaurant offering take-out deliveries. Check the system offers a sufficient number of USB ports to accept the possible add-on devices that may be used on a day-to-day basis.

Get a lot more information on the wide-ranging self ordering system and Android restaurant POS units to help increase the efficiency of the eating establishment. Article Source: Things to Keep In Mind While Selecting Restaurant POS Restaurant POS systems can surely prove very useful to any kind of eatery establishment be it a restaurant, bar and quick serve pizza delivery establishment. It is certainly true that all these kinds of businesses come with their own commercial challenges. Hence, if you have decided to select a point of sale system, you've taken right decision. Therefore, if you are going to adopt such latest technologies, you need to keep some significant point in view while selecting restaurant POS systems. Terminals If you want to avail maximum profits out of latest technologies, you need to know its overall functionality. You first need to focus on determining how many terminals you need to install at your business place. If you are an owner of a small-sized eating point, you need to go with a single terminal. However, if you have a large-sized business, you need to focus on adopting sufficient number of terminals. Moreover, selecting multiple numbers of terminals is more cost effective than choosing a single terminal. You must know that the eatery point-of-sale system software needs to be very efficient so that you can deal with long queues of customers. Therefore, before making a final decision, you must think thoroughly regarding the numbers of terminals needed for your business setup. Extra Hardware Another most important decision that you need to make is to select right type of hardware for your business establishment. Here, you can make good decision, if you can cut short the most needed equipments for your restaurant. You should avoid fancy technical equipments that are of no use except to show off. It is suggested that you must install Credit card readers at your business point. Apart from credit card readers, you can also choose a touch-screen device. Remember, a touch-screen device can enhance the overall functionality of your work-station. For instance, it can speed up the transaction process. Hence, if you get installed right or needed hardware at your business place, you will get maximum flexibility and speediness in providing services to the potential customers. Such additional equipments are like traditional electronic

gadgets like telephones, computer and television. Needless to say that a television set cannot help directly in boosting your business but indirectly it can entertain your customers. It means a television set can keep your customers stay at your restaurant. Readymade or Custom This is the most crucial point that you need to keep in mind while selecting restaurant POS system. Hence, first of all, you need to determine whether you should choose readymade or tailor made systems. Remember, different types of eateries need different types of point-of-sale configurations. There are few business models like pizza delivery that require distinct POS system. It is seen that a tailor-made software system may cost you more, but could worth it. Further, it is studied that often such types of systems aren't required. Thus readymade POS can be used instead of them. It is true that tailor made system may cost you more but if you find them necessary for your business, you must choose them. SmartOrder System brings a new management application to automate the whole process and operations in your restaurant, install restaurant POS (point-of-scale) to automate your business. Article Source: SmartOrder System Offers a Brand New Technology for Managing a Restaurant SmartOrder System presents its innovative technology for operating a restaurant effectively. The product comes with a new dimension of Point of sales which not only enhances efficiency but helps the restaurant to grow. With growing concerns of keeping costs within expectations and minimizing it, restaurants across the globe are resorting to easier management systems. With the use of comprehensive operating system which compiles all the features of management that a restaurant needs, it becomes much easier to manage. One such innovative product that offers a comprehensive set of features to manage the orders, customers, as well as the reducing the costs of recruiting multiple heads for carrying related set of activities is the new Smart POS by SmarOrder Technology Limited. This product can be used by customers, managers and the staffs of the organization.

Smart POS is a self ordering system which is innovative and helps in order management and processing within the restaurant. When restaurant management purchases the Smart POS, they are also offered the SmartOrder e-Postal for free. It is a system configuration, account management, inventory management as well as a reporting online system which assists in managing the entire operations of the restaurant. It facilitates smoother as well as a faster processing of bills, reports, inventory, etc. all at a single place. Restaurant owners could keep a track of their sales, number of people visiting the place, popular dishes, etc. and generate customized reports with the software. Both the ipad restaurant pos as well as Android restaurant POS is available to make the management more mobile. Also, taking orders are much easier with the use of this app for the customers. In order to get customized software for your restaurant you can visit the website of SmartOrder Technology Limited and select the appropriate plan. People are also offered a 30 day free trial of this software to understand if this can be beneficial to them or not. The minimum pricing of this package has been kept at $60 a month while the lifetime license is available for only $1500. In case people have doubts or wish to know more about this innovative product they can use the contact page on the website. The representatives would get back and answer all queries which you may have. Presently the product is available for only 4 regions i.e. United States of America, United Kingdom, China, and the continent of Europe. It also comes with multiple language support and the company offers the option of customizing the product as per the needs of its client. About SmartOrder SmartOrder is a company which offers new innovative technology for restaurant operating systems. It tends to minimize the challenge of curbing costs and assisting them to profitably as well as efficiently manage their businesses. The technology offered by SmartOrder has introduced a new Point of Sales system which helps increasing their revenues by enhancing the experience of their customers. Source: SmartOrder Makes Restaurant Management Easier SmartOrder System adds a new dimension of a Point of Sales that works towards enhancement of the services managed at a restaurant. There has been growing concerns across the world to keep the costs on the lower side while enhancing the management. The product offered by SmartOrder System comes with a set of features which manages orders of the customers, and centralizes all set of activities in the

management of the restaurant. The product is bundled with features which make it usable by the managers, customers, and the employees of the organization. The self-ordering system which is termed as the Smart POS comes with innovative approach which helps in order management as well as processing at the restaurant. The company offers na innovative SmartOrder ePo-Postal for free when people order the SmartOrder system. The software is developed in a manner which makes sit highly customizable in nature. It does it all and the activities include account management, inventory management and clubs creation of reports online. There for with customized features the restaurant has the option to personalize and use it in a manner which helps them offer dedicated services. The managers can keep a track of the number of people visiting the place, the sales, and the popular dishes and create custom reports as and when required. It would give them a broader perspective of the elements which are popularizing the restaurant. SmartOrder System comes with both the popular platforms besides the computer systems. It includes the iPad restaurant POS and the Android restaurant POS. These apps make it much easier for people to manage and take the services of the restaurant. It even enables the users to order their favourite dishes right from their smartphones. To know more about this innovative product people can visit their website online. The site features all the relevant information which includes the features, pricing options, and the way to order. In case people wish to try it and assess if this could be for their use, they can take the trail version which is free for 30 days. The packages start at $60 a month while the lifetime license is available at just %1500. At the moment the product is available at four places which include the USA, UK, China and other countries in Europe. To talk about other relevant features which can make it effective is its ability to be used in different languages and the option of customizing it. About SmartOrder Website: SmartOrder System is a new tool which is developed by SmartOrder. The product is made to help the restaurant owners to make the management of their restaurants easier. The technology which is offered works on the concept of Point of Sales system that helps in reducing the costs and enhance the revenues of the customers.

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