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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: Yazzyr27


By: Yazmin Ruiz and Jorge Martinez Per.6

Choosing the right things to do can lead to many good things… such as:  Happiness  Finding success  Real friends  Reaching your goals  Becoming a leader  Unity  Great future

Happiness  Choose what makes you happy  Choose the right people and surroundings to be around and you will be happy  Help others to bring happiness into your life and there's too.

Finding Success  Your success will start when you decide to stand up and pursue your goal. Choose to do the right thing and you will achieve your goal faster. Walk in the road to success.  Take action to what you want to pursue.  Determination

Real Friends  There will be times when you are going to want to choose the right and your friends are going to disagree with you, instead of supporting you. In these situations you will learn who the real and fake friends were. Even if you lose friends, you will gain real friends that with encourage you and even walk with you in your journey to choose the right. Choose wisely. Be smart. Be strong to let go of those who don’t support you and be satisfied with those who do.

Reaching your goals  Walk in the path of righteousness and you will reach your goal.  Choose the right on the journey to your goal and you will succeed. Your goal awaits you

Becoming a Leader  When wanting to choose the right this fear comes upon us because we don’t want to be different because maybe you think you’re the only one doing the right thing but it doesn’t matter, you are different from everyone else but it takes the courageous ones to find that out.  Let go of your fear and become a leader today. Lead  Be the difference. the Way

Unity Be the first one to choose the right and you will cause unity with those that are too afraid to start. Encourage others to do the right thing and unity will blossom between you.

Great future  Choose your own future don’t dwell on everyone else’s  Even if you didn’t choose the right things in your past, don’t worry you still have the future to make good decisions, but the best time to start is at this moment  Don’t live in the past, or the future, live in the present and make the difference. You will find your future in 200 miles Don’t Give Up.

Always choose the right  No matter the situation your in, you need to be brave and choose what's right instead of going along with what everyone else follows.  Don’t give up  Have perseverance  CTR! Right! the Choose

Link  honesty is the key

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