Choose the Right Model Home Merchandiser to Sell Your Home Quickly

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Information about Choose the Right Model Home Merchandiser to Sell Your Home Quickly

Published on October 17, 2017

Author: marydewaltdesign


slide 1: Choose the Right Model Home Merchandiser to Sell Your Home Quickly Model home merchandising as a developing industry doesn’t necessarily follow strict protocols. In fact you will always find variances between the services that different firms offer. This said you should always set your own guidelines when choosing a model home designer and merchandiser to help you make your home more appealing to buyers. Here are key services and qualities that you should look for in a model home merchandiser:  Redlining of plans and spotlighting of potential problems. The sooner that you bring in a model home designer into the fold the better merchandising results will be. Model home designers are skilled at dressing up existing constructions but you will see the effects of their work even more when getting them involved in the early stages of development—when your architect is done with preliminary drawings. Interior merchandisers will analyze every aspect of the plan to create good sight lines and ensure the functionality and appropriateness of furnishings in different spaces.  Presentation of the design plan. Choose a model home designer that can deliver a design plan outline fast through color boards proposed furniture layouts furnishing plans wall paper samples paint and fabric samples finishes and treatment presentations.  Design specifications. Upon the approval of the design plan your model home merchandiser should be able to follow through with exact specifications of all the planned design selections from flooring to cabinetry appliances countertops lighting paint and trim details wall covering and other hardware items. A knowledgeable and well networked model home designer will be able to recommend resources for all these interior selections.  Walk through installation and finishing touches. Make sure that your service package includes framing walk throughs fixture installation and final fittings and touches on top of a brief training on how to present the actual finished product to potential clients.

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