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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: deliabarboza



All about choosing the right why is it important

BY: Jamie Arriaga & Delia Barboza Period. 6 Choose The Right!!! By: Jamie Arriaga & Delia Barboza Period. 6

 Honesty  Kindness  Integrity  Patience  Self-Reliant  Respect  Citizenship  Fairness

 When someone is struggling in a situation that they don’t understand you have the ability to help them out.  Being there for someone when you need them the most.  Helping someone who is having difficulties.  Being friendly by doing at least a small gesture.

 Treating people nice.  Not talking back to teachers.  Showing deference to others.  Showing consideration.  Being polite.  Valuing others.  Being fair.

 Coming prepared to school.  Turning in assignments on time.  Looking out for others.  Taking care of your duties.  Making decisions on your own.  Having control over your actions.

 Honesty means being sincere.  In other words it means being straightforward.  Having a heart in telling someone the truth.  Being truthful to yourself.  Explaining the real reason.  Confronting a situation that you were responsible for.

Good:  Controlling your anger management  Being polite  Smiling and doing kindness things randomly Bad:  Attacking an innocent victim  Being rude  Interrupting others while their talking

 degrees  Success  Happiness  Pride  Feeling achieved  Making your family proud

 Lies  You get no where in life  You loose friends  You loose peoples trust  You reach no success out of it  You make your family feel disappointed of whom you have become

 People look up to you  You feel accomplished  You feel satisfied  You feel motivated to accomplish new challenges  You have a great expectation

 They look up to you because they feel that your there right hand side  They can trust you  They support you  They become your role model  They become a leader just like you  They feel you’re a good influence G4

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