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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: ughlizet


What is choosing the right? 0 Not cheating! 0 Being honest. 0 Putting hard work in everything you do. 0 Cooperative. 0 Responsible. 0 Helping others in need. 0 Good Sportsmanship 0 Nice.

What is choosing the wrong? 0 Being rude. 0 Talking back to parents and teachers or adults 0 Irresponsible. 0 Unproductive/lazy 0 Being dishonest. 0 Stealing. 0 Using drugs. 0 Cheating Choosing The Wrong

Benefits of Choosing The Right 0 Achieve your goals. 0 Feel good about yourself. 0 You make other people proud. 0 Get good grades. 0 You become trustworthy. 0 You have a really good reputation. 0 People respect you.

Consequences of Choosing the Wrong 0 Get punished by getting privileges taken away. 0 You have a bad reputation. 0 You loose people’s trust. 0 Bad influence to others. 0 Bad grades. 0 Nobody likes you. 0 You don’t succeed in school. 0 Don’t participate in fun activities.

Ways to Choose the Right 0 Help others in need. 0 Do your work. 0 Be honest with other people around you. 0 Challenge yourself to see your weaknesses and strengths. 0 Teamwork. 0 Be courteous to others and be understanding of their situation(s).

People in Action!

Ways to Avoid the Wrong People 0 Paying attention in class 0 Stay away from the crowd 0 If somebody offers you drugs, say “NO! CTR!” 0 Don’t go into dark alleys, you don’t know what type of people are there. 0 Don’t be alone with strangers. 0 Stay home and safe.

The Future of CTR 0 Many become successful because they have the dream job they’ve always wanted after hard work and dedication towards it. Jobs on the rise: 0 Medical Field 0 Engineers 0 Software Developer 0 Construction 0 Information Analysts

What is having good sportsmanship ? 0 It’s supporting your teammates after a win or loss, no matter what because it’s about having fun. 0 Cheering on your friends to try their best 0 Celebrating afterwards even if it’s something small 0 Congratulating the winner for making it a good game

People Choosing The Right

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