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Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Susett


Remembrance Discovering the Roots of Our Ancestors :  Remembrance Discovering the Roots of Our Ancestors Slide2:  CHONG KUI Family, Hawaii, 1927 Slide3:  Tracing Our Roots Back to China Slide4:  Historic Migration of Hakka People Slide5:  Eventually Reaching Guandong Province, Southern China Slide6:  Guandong Province Guangzhou (Canton) and the Pearl River Delta Area Slide7:  Hakka Walled Village and Typical Terrain Slide8:  Hakka Village on Mountainside Slide9:  Hakka Walled Village (Fortress) Slide10:  Interior of Hakka Walled Village; Residents Usually Have the Same Surname Slide11:  Interior of Hakka Walled Village Showing the Family Hall (Temple) Slide12:  Hong Kong Ancestral Villages Located Near Yuen Long Slide13:  Hakka Walled Village Rectangular Shape Common in Hong Kong Slide14:  Hakka Walled Village Museum New Territories, Hong Kong Slide15:  Interior of Hakka Village Museum. Note Hidden Drain System Slide16:  Hakka Museum Simple Furniture in a Dining Room Slide17:  Hakka Museum. Furniture Including High Chair and Suspended Cradle Slide18:  Hakka Museum Bedroom with Dresser, Bed and Loft Slide19:  Hakka Museum Interior Hallway Slide20:  Hakka Museum Interior Walkway. Note: Benches and Underground Drain (on right) Slide21:  Roger and Sharon at the Sam Tung Uk Hakka Museum, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong. Slide22:  Hakka Museum. Ancestral Hall Slide23:  Bridal Palanquin (Sedan Chair). Bride was Carried to her Fiancé's Village as Part of the Ceremony Slide24:  Hakka Museum. Hakka Woman Wearing Traditional Hat Slide25:  Closer View of Hakka Woman and Her Hat. Veil Provided Protection From Sun and Insects While Working in the Rice Fields Slide26:  Hakka Woman (OK, Hapa-Hakka!) Wearing Traditional Hat with Veil Lifted. Slide27:  Hakka Cloth Headgear. Worn Under the Traditional Hat or by Itself When Not Working in the Fields Slide28:  Side View of Hakka Woman Wearing Cloth Head Covering. Note the Woven Patterned Band Used to Hold it on the Head Slide29:  New Territories, Hong Kong. Location of Ancestral Villages of Ma Tin Tsuen and Kong Tau Tsuen (near Yuen Long) Slide30:  CHONG Kui (born about 1851-died May 9, 1935) Ancestral Village, Ma Tin Tsuen Slide31:  Ceremonial Entrance to Ma Tin Tsuen, 2007 Slide32:  Rear View of Ma Tin Tsuen Gate Showing Proximity of Yuen Long Slide33:  Modern Apartments Surrounding Entrance to Older Part of Ma Tin Tsuen (Note Two Red Lanterns Over Doorway) Slide34:  Closer View of Entrance to Older Part of Ma Tin Tsuen Slide35:  Typical Narrow Street in Older Part of Ma Tin Tsuen Slide36:  Ancestral Hall (Room) and Temple in Ma Tin Tsuen Slide37:  Interior of Ancestral Hall. Note Altar in Rear and Food Offering for Ancestors on Table. Ornate Object on Right is Used for Parades and Ceremonies Slide38:  Mythological Creature on Wall behind Altar Slide39:  Sharon Chong Picquet Examining the Size, Color and Diversity of the Parade Float in Ma Tin Tsuen Slide40:  CHING Kyau (born about 1874-died about 1937, buried in Fook On Tong Chinese Cemetery, Kula, Maui, Hawaii). Ancestral Village Kong Tau Tsuen Slide41:  Kong Tau Tsuen is Located About One Mile from Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong Slide42:  Typical Scene in Kong Tau Tsuen. Note Raised Concrete Sidewalks Which Follow Meandering Footpaths Throughout Village. Slide43:  Kong Tau Tsuen is a Mixture of Very Old and Rural Buildings and a Few Two and Three Story Residential Buildings Slide44:  View of Typical Older Residences in Kong Tau Tsuen Slide45:  A Collection of What Appeared to be the Oldest Residential Structures in Kong Tau Tsuen. Unoccupied in 2007 Slide46:  Rear View of the Same Buildings. The Doors and Windows Appear to Have Been Added after the Original Construction Slide47:  The Buildings Have Some Fascinating Features Including the Picturesque Friezes Along the Roofline Slide48:  Another View of the Roof Tiles and Friezes Slide49:  Another Side View of the Old Residences in Kong Tau Tsuen Slide50:  Hawaii CHONG Kui immigrated to Hawaii in 1886-1895 as a Contract Laborer and then Returned to China to Marry and Came Back to Hawaii With His Wife, CHING Kyau, in 1897. Slide51:  All Chinese Residents of Hawaii Were Required to Obtain a Certificate of Residence to Prove That They Were a Lawful Resident at the Time of Annexation to the USA Slide52:  Oldest Known Photograph of CHONG Kui, age 49, April 18, 1901. Slide53:  Alice (Ten Kyau) Chong (February 6, 1902-October 30, 1993). Photograph is From Her Certificate of Residence, March, 1909, age 7. Slide54:  Ten You Chong (born February 8, 1897). Photograph is From His Certificate of Residence, March 1909, age 12. Slide55:  Thomas (Ten Kui) Chong (born September 22, 1898-died May 1, 1957). Photograph Taken From His Certificate of residence, March, 1909, age 11. Slide56:  Ten You Chong. “Application of Alleged American Citizen of the Chinese Race for Preinvestigation of Status” (Form 430). Necessary in Order to Leave Hawaii for Visit to China, 1922 Slide57:  Ten You Chong. Close Up of Photograph From His Form 430, 1922 Slide58:  Thomas (Ten Kui) Chong. Photograph From His Form 430, 1922. Slide59:  Photograph of CHONG Kui From His Form 430, 1922. Age 71 Slide60:  TENN Kui Kyau. Wife of Thomas, from Ancestrral Village (Ma Tin Tsuen). Age 16. Slide61:  CHING Kyau “Return Certificate-Lawfully Domiciled Chinese Laborer”, Form 432, 1930. Necessary to Return to Hawaii After Visiting China. Slide62:  CHING Kyau. Photograph From Form 432, age 56. Slide63:  Anthony (Ten Foon) Chong Photograph From His ‘Certificate of Hawaiian Birth”, 1922 Slide64:  Lydia Kyau Chong, wife of Ten You (born December 3, 1899) Slide65:  Arthur (Yun Fung) Chong Natural child of Thomas and Kui Kyau Chong, adopted by Ten You and Lydia “according to the Chinese manner” Slide66:  CHING Kyau 1933, age 59, as she Looked Upon Her Departure for China With Her Husband. She Returned to Hawaii in 1935 After His Death in Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong Slide67:  CHONG Kui 1933, age 82 , as He Looked Upon His Departure From Hawaii to Return to His Ancestral Home in China (Ma Tin Tsuen, near Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong) Slide68:  CHING Kyau 1935, age 61, as She Looked Upon Her Return to Hawaii after Her Husband’s Death. She Died in Kula, Maui, Hawaii Two Years Later, 1937 Slide69:  Edith (Yuen Kyau) Chong (Mrs. James Dvorak) “Certificate of Citizenship-Hawaiian Islands”, May 20, 1942, age 30. Chinese Exclusion Act Repealed in 1943 Slide70:  To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.

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