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Information about Cholesterol

Published on November 21, 2008

Author: hkanipe


Cholesterol: What You Should Know. : Cholesterol: What You Should Know. Do you know the difference between good and bad cholesterol? Do you know if your cholesterol is high? Do you know what to do if your cholesterol is high? Cholesterol : Cholesterol Is found in the lipids in the bloodstream and all your bodies cells It is used to form cell membranes, some hormones and needed in other functions There is two types of cholesterol HDL – good LDL – bad You cholesterol is checked with a blood test Ideally you would like your cholesterol to be within a 4 to 1 ratio Cholesterol: HDL : Cholesterol: HDL HDL – high-density lipoprotein Considered the “good” cholesterol Thought to carry blood away from the arteries back to the liver Thought to be “good” because a high level seems to protect against heart attack and stroke Goal is to have an HDL level of 40 or more Cholesterol: LDL : Cholesterol: LDL LDL – low-density lipoprotein Considered the “bad” cholesterol Too much LDL circulating the blood can slowly build up in the walls of the arteries in the heart and brain Can form plaque and block blood flow clogging arteries (atheroclerosis) A clot (thrombus) that forms near the plaque to part of the heart can cause a heart attack A clot that forms near the brain; stroke Goal is to have an LDL level 130 or less High Cholesterol : High Cholesterol Caused mainly from diet choices, but heredity does play a factor Your bodies natural production from the liver Diet: foods high in Saturated animal fats Transfats Lack of exercise Regular exercise can produce higher levels of HDL cholesterol Smoking Lowers the HDL cholesterol levels Increases bloods tendency to clot High Cholesterol & Heredity : High Cholesterol & Heredity Familial Hypercholesterolemia High cholesterol that occurs due to family history Need to take steps to maintain healthy cholesterol Eating healthy Foods rich in polyunstaturated & monounsturated fats Aerobic exercise Elevate heart rate 20-30 minutes Managing stress Quit smoking Results of High Cholesterol : Results of High Cholesterol Heart disease Heart attack Stroke Angina Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention : Prevention Eating Healthy Whole grains, fat-free/low fat dairy, egg whites, fruits, vegetables, avoid trans-fats Exercise 20-30minutes a few times a week Quit smoking Moderate alcohol use Two drinks a day for a man, one drink a day for a woman Don’t start drinking if you don’t already drink Omega-3 supplements Treatment : Treatment Cholesterol lowering foods 7% less of your calories to be from saturated fats 30% total calories from fat Add more soluble fiber Read food lables Some things to add to your shopping list Breads, soft tortillas, some hot or cold cereals, grains, fruits, veggies, fresh or frozen juices without sugars added, fat free or 1% milk, cheese with <3 grams of fat per serving, low-fat or nonfat yogurt, lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish, peanut butter (reduced fat) Treatment Continued : Treatment Continued Medications Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Statins Block production of cholesterol in the liver Niacin Lowers LDL raises HDL Bile-acid Resins In the intestine, binds to bile to prevent re-absorbtion in to the circulatory system Fibric acidderivatives Reduce production of triglycerides, can increase HDL cholesterol Cholesterol Lowering Drug Side Effects : Cholesterol Lowering Drug Side Effects Mucles aches Abnormal liver function Allergic reaction (skin rashes) Heartburn Dizziness Abdominal pain Constipation Decreased sexual desire Flushing with nicotinic acid Thank You for Your Time : Thank You for Your Time Please contact your doctor for testing and information regarding your cholesterol. Also, consult a physician before beginning any cholesterol lowering diet, exercise, or medications! Works Cited : Works Cited American Heart Association (2008). Cholesterol. Retrieved October 25, 2008. Cholesterol Cutter (2008). Newest Cholesterol Articles. Retrieved October 26, 2008. WebMD (2008). Cholesterol Management Center. Retrieved October 27, 2008.

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