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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: myjfc


PowerPoint Presentation: Chiropractic Biophysics Introduction: Introduction Chiropractic Biophysics applies the principles of mechanical engineering toward the correction of the human spine. Just as you have a normal temperature and blood pressure, your spine has a normal clinical position. If your spinal column's curvatures are abnormal and ignored, this can cause a lower state of overall health and will lead to premature degeneration of your spine. Background History: Background History Chiropractic Biophysics(CBP) was founded by Donald D. Harrison, a chiropractor who also has a PhD in applied mathematics and a master's degree in mechanical engineering. CBP's origins lie in another technique called Pettibon, which Harrison learned while attending the Western States Chiropractic College. In this system, chiropractors use side-view x-rays of the neck to gauge its alignment and then try to change that alignment using drop-table adjustments. Anaysis For Effective Treatment: Anaysis For Effective Treatment The ideal spine has near perfect vertical balance of the upper and lower-most vertebra for each of these three spinal regions. Each region has points of inflection — the mathematical term for change in direction from concavity to convexity against which to compare your x-rays. : Before After Before and After Chiropractic Biophysics The Bottom Line: The Bottom Line Patients visiting CBP offices typically receive boilerplate examinations to determine whether their spinal curvature is "ideal." They are also advised to have x-ray examinations of their entire spine even if they have no symptoms justifying such tests Thank You: Thank You

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