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Published on April 9, 2010

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Chiropractic and You! : Chiropractic and You! Bloomington Chiropractic Center Chiropractic & You : Chiropractic & You Welcome, your health is our first concern! What Am I Doing Here? : What Am I Doing Here? Partnership : Partnership The one thing that everyone wants is…RESULTS! Cooperation between Doctor and patient is how to achieve them. What Chiropractic is not… : What Chiropractic is not… Treatment of Symptoms Treatment of Diseases Treatment of Backaches Popping and cracking of bones Limited Medical Specialty Unscientific How are you going to get results? : How are you going to get results? Ultimately, you heal you! Brain & Nervous System : Brain & Nervous System Brain controls and coordinates all functions of the body and controls… …all muscles. …all organs. …your body’s resistance systems. …regeneration. The Spinal Cord & Nerves : The Spinal Cord & Nerves Carries messages between the brain and body tissues. The spinal cord is the major channel of the brain. The spinal cord branches out into spinal nerves. Then where do the nerves go? The Muscles : The Muscles All muscles are controlled by nerves. If you have a muscle problem, do you have a nerve problem? The nerves do not only go to muscles… The Internal Organs : The Internal Organs All internal organs are controlled by nerves. If you have an internal organ problem, do you have a nerve problem? The Skull : The Skull Solid protection for the brain. No other part of your body has this type of protection. The Spinal Column : The Spinal Column The spinal cord is protected by the spine. It consists of 26 vertebrae stacked on top of one another. A Closer Look at the Spine : A Closer Look at the Spine Spinal bones are called vertebrae. Disc sits firmly between the vertebrae. Nerves travel through the openings. Subluxation! : Subluxation! Misaligned vertebrae Pressure on spinal nerve Nerve malfunction – is there pain? Over 80% cause NO pain! Causes of Subluxations : Causes of Subluxations Physical/Emotional Trauma Tension/Stress Chemical Toxins What causes the first subluxation? : What causes the first subluxation? The birth process! Finding Your Subluxations : Finding Your Subluxations Where are your subluxations? How severe are they? How long have they been there? GET X-RAYED! X-rays show subluxations Near Normal Spine : Near Normal Spine Normal curvature in cervical spine (neck). Disc spaces between vertebrae are thick and even. Clean and clear vertebral borders. Phase I Degeneration - Subluxation : Phase I Degeneration - Subluxation Loss of forward curve. Disc spaces starting to change. Vertebral borders clean and clear. 80% cause no pain. 0-20 years without treatment. Phase II Degeneration : Phase II Degeneration Loss of forward curve. Disc spaces show much damage. Vertebral borders show calcium building up. 20-40 years without treatment. Phase III Degeneration : Phase III Degeneration Loss of forward curve. Disc spaces show severe degeneration. Vertebrae show calcium spurs and shape changes. 40-65 years without treatment. Phase IV Degeneration : Phase IV Degeneration Severe loss of bone structure. Disc fusion and total decay. Massive permanent nerve interference. Misconceptions : Misconceptions Bones pop in and out. No pain = No problem Severe subluxations can not be fixed. Chiropractors claim they can cure everything. There is a secret to health. Five Facts of Health : Five Facts of Health Proper Diet Proper Mental Attitude Proper Exercise Proper Rest Proper Nerve Supply Stages of Chiropractic : Stages of Chiropractic Initial Intensive Care - Pain Relief and Stabilization Reconstructive Care - Rehabilitation Wellness Care - Quarterly Check-ups Initial Intensive Care : Initial Intensive Care Just a few adjustments do NOT correct subluxations. Slight spinal correction slips back after a short period of time. Must retrain the spine to correct subluxations. Reconstructive Care : Reconstructive Care Less frequent adjusting. Over a longer period of time. Dependent on phase of your subluxation. What phase are you in? Wellness Care : Wellness Care Regular but less frequent adjustments. Frequency depends on your subluxations and your lifestyle. Many people get checked weekly. Life time = Life style = Life care Subluxation Degeneration : Subluxation Degeneration Children and Chiropractic : Children and Chiropractic Children need chiropractic care also. Your family deserves it! Choose Chiropractic! : Choose Chiropractic! For a healthier world today and tomorrow!

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