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Published on October 30, 2018

Author: inhsieh


1. China 360 Experience Outubro-2017

2. China?

3. China?

4. China?

5. China?

6. China?

7. China?

8. China?

9. Bem-Vindos à Nova China

10. China “Growth” x RETURN In many periods of the last 2000 years, China had the world biggest GDP

11. Factors for the Exponential Growth of China

12. Market Explosion of Middle Class Digitalization (technology leapfrogging) Infrastructure Investments Venture Capital Investments Cultural Competition from Day Zero Results driven culture Immigration Focus in Education Shanzhai culture (Customer Focus) 996 Speed of Execution

13. Competition from DayZero

14. Competition from DayZero

15. Competition from DayZero

16. Competition from DayZeroResults driven culture (and family) “Tiger Mom”

17. Competition from DayZeroResults driven culture (and family) “Tiger Mom” Immigration

18. Focus in Education 5 MM STEM students 2016 India 2,6 MM USA 560 K

19. Shanzhai Culture (maker culture)

20. 996 Culture

21. Speed of Execution + Customer Focus

22. Speed of Execution

23. Explosion of Middle Class 200 MM+ (or 400 MM)

24. Digital China Technology leapfrogging 800 MM Internet Users 90% mobile

25. Infrastructure Investments 44% of GDP

26. Venture Capital United States: US$ 74 Bi (17% YoY) China: US$ 71 Bi (50% YoY)

27. Full Investment Cycle Tech IPOs YTD 2018 US$ 14.7 Bi 7 Bi

28. Chinese Innovation

29. PresentPast Does China really innovate?

30. US still reference but China is catching up

31. eGDP Percentage of Country GDP from Internet Economy Source: Boston Consulting Group, 2017 China already IS digital benchmark

32. China Business Model and Strategy Platform Business Model Capital as competitive advantage (M&A) Digitalization of Everything Speed of Execution

33. Empire Model Ecosystem Model

34. Alibaba Ecosystem New Retail New Manufacturing New Finance New Technology New Energy

35. Smart Business = Network Coordination + Data Intelligence Alibaba Platform Model capability to rapidly and automatically improve using machine learning autonomous management of the simultaneous interactions of multiple parties to a business task

36. BAT Candidates USA (FAMGA) x China (BAT)

37. 2016: US$ 1 bilhão nos primeiros 5 minutos Single´s Day (11-11)

38. Single´s Day (11-11)

39. Single´s Day (11-11)

40. Single´s Day (11-11)

41. E o Single´s Day (11/11)? Por que importa pro Brasil? ALIBABASingle´s Day (11-11)

42. VR em larga escala Single´s Day (11-11)

43. Entretenimento + Ecommerce Conversão viewer/carrinho: 32%

44. Entretenimento (influencer) + Ecommerce R$ 10 milhões sales in 2 hours

45. E-Commerce Cross-border China comprando do mundo US$ 85 bilhões em 2016

46. Daigou (agendas de compras) US$ 15 bilhões em 2014

47. Daigou de produtos de luxo US$ 12 bilhões em 2014

48. Direct to Consumer (D2C) Marcas Nativamente Digitais Marca 3 Esquilos: . 4 anos de existência . nasceu somente vendas online . US$ 73 milhões no 2016 Single´s Day

49. Direct to Consumer (D2C) Marcas Nativamente Digitais Marca Luckin Coffee: . Criada com mentalidade de startup para concorrer com Starbucks . Fundada em Novembro 2017 . 1000 lojas abertas . Funding de US$ 200 milhões

50. Direct to Consumer (D2C) Marcas Nativamente Digitais Marca 3 Esquilos: . 4 anos de existência . nasceu somente vendas online . US$ 73 milhões no 2016 Single´s Day Influencers: Marca própria + e-commerce Marcas Nativamente Digitais . Pequenos estoques . Flash-sales . Inversão do processo produtivo

51. Case Xiaomi Direct2Consumer (D2C) Indústria para o Consumidor US$ 15 billion em 2015 (>80% das vendas)

52. Produtos criados a partir de dados Consumer2Business (C2B) Innovation é a utilização de dados de comportamento para criar produtos, invertendo o processo tradicional de empurrar os produtos desenvolvidos para os clientes Agile Product DevelopmentFlexible ManufacturingAccess to DistributionCustomer Data Case Midea + Alibaba (2015) - Consumidores chineses não compravam máquina de lavar louça - Midea criou produto a partir de dados de diversas plataformas, desde comentários até jornada do consumidor no e- commerce - No piloto, testou receptividade vendendo online, com maior agilidade

53. Chinese Consumer

54. Modern Customer Journey Interest & Awareness Search Research Purchase Experience $ Social-search advertising Email-text marketing Loyalty program Youtube-videos Televion Billboard Online display advertising Newspaper-Magazine Radio Word of mouth Organic search PPC Maps Directories Apps Near me GPS Blogs & articles Reviews Social media Word of mouth Website Online booking Purchase via app In store purchase Salesperson Marketing materials Post-purchase expectations vs reality Social post Write a review Blog Word of mouth

55. EC remained strong, while hypermarket slowed down and declined Fash Channel Shift Source: Total FMCG Kantar WorldPanel

56. Chinese Shoppers: Highly social & Content Creative Digital Shift 5.4 connected 74% consume digital media 96% mobile penetration 95% Wechat penetration 38% leave comment 64% influenced by internet

57. >40% sales penetration over total sales 2017 ECommerce penetration Source: Total FMCG Kantar WorldPanel

58. In China, E-commerce is no longer a sales platform, but a lifestyle platform (Jack Ma) For brands, it´s a sophisticated platform to connect with consumer Awareness Internet Brand Loyalty Online - Offline Online - Offline Online - Offline Purchase Online - Offline repeat purchase

59. Unilever Smart Retail Strategy in China eRTM Efficiency 6 million grocery stores opportunity Online Lead - Hema - 7 Fresh 80% online 20% offline Offline - Carrefour - Walmart Omnichannel Shopper experience Integration - alibaba - RT-mart EComm + Brick Mortar Home Delivery Delivery < 1 hours - - Meituan B2B - eRTM Omnni shopper insight Omnni shopper marketing Big data Organization Strategic Partnership Online e Offline Key enabler

60. Online + Offline: Retailer x Tencent Ecosystem Key Focus Traffic Enabler Experience Enabler Retail Touchpoints Digitalized shopper Wechat Account Wechat Moment Wechat eStore Payment + Promotion CRM Meituan Carrefour Total channel campaign Wechat Account Scan & Go Walmart YH APP Wechat Account Payment + Promotion CRM Scan & go YH Digital Promotion to drive efficiency Wechat Account eStore Social Gift Card Payment + Promotion CRM

61. <New Retail>

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