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Information about Chinese Fujian delegation 03Mar2014

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: SjaakWolfert



Presentation for a Chinese delegation from the Fujian province that did a study tour in The Netherlands. I presented the work LEI Wageningen UR is doing on Information Management & ICT in Agri-Food by highlighting project work.

Information Management & ICT in Agri-Food Supply Chain Networks Dr. Sjaak Wolfert Chinese delegation from Fuijian 03 March 2014, The Hague, The Netherlands

Sjaak Wolfert – curriculum vitae  1990 – 1996: MSc Crop Science at Wageningen Agricultural University ● Thesis: Modelling crop growth using literate programming  1996 – 2002: PhD at Wageningen University, depts. of Organic Agriculture/Applied Computer Science ● Thesis: Sustainable agriculture: how to make it work – a modeling approach to support management of a mixed ecological farm  2001 – now: Senior Scientific Researcher Information Management and ICT in Agri-Food Supply Chain Networks at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI) of Wageningen University and Research Centre  2007-2009: President of EFITA (European Federation for ICT in Agriculture Food and the Environment)  2009 – now: Assistant Professor Information Systems at Information Technology Group of Wageningen University  2011: guest researcher at Massey University, New Zealand

Sources used  Dutch projects: ● KodA – from knowledge to practice for arable farming (2006-2010) ● PPL – program on Precision Agriculture (2010-2014) ● Digital Horticulture (2009-2013)  EU projects ● agriXchange (2010-2012) ● SmartAgriFood (2011-2013) ● FIspace (2013-2015)  Other: ● Developing (martket) IS in Saudi-Arabia, Indonesia

Knowledge development application Practice

law & regulation multi-dimensional horizontal fulfillment innovation Agri-Food Supply Chain Networks (AFSCN) geographic cluster • information • communication • control • ICT plays a crucial role • farm is a focal company Vertical

ICT becomes a key driver for innovation  Location-based monitoring and service delivery through GPS  Internet of Things (IoT) – everything/everyone gets connected, M2M communication leading to autonomously communicating devices and virtualization of objects and processes  Data explosion (Big Data), linked open data and the potential of open innovation  Mobile, Cloud services and App stores – the Internet is everywhere (smart phones, embedded networked devices, etc.) with new possibilities for service delivery, augmented reality, etc.  Social media – more direct and instant interaction between stakeholders potentially leading to new market opportunities and channels, co-innovation, etc.

Business process modeling using SOA business process management layer production process business service layer get restrictions information get field and crop data get cost analysis get legal restrictions/ environmen tal points update administration application service layer application application application application application market 1 market 2 farm research institute government

General framework for development: incremental growth Overall Development A. Analy sis B. Basic Design Generic Integration Framework • Technical Architecture • Reference Information Model • Technical Infrastructure • Organizational Infrastructure ……… Pilot C Pilot B Pilot A Prototyping C. Iterative Implementation

KodA - some examples of activities • set up of a benchmark system for farmers • set up of an improved bonus system for farmers to pay for better quality and help them to attain that quality • stimulate farmers to register data electronically • develop methods and technologies for sitespecific farming

Example business cases Crop protection • Precise (mechanical) systems for weeding (within row) • Site-specific detection and control of pests and diseases • Robot for detecting viruses in tulips Fertilization • Within-row fertilization • Variable rate fertilization with the aid of different sensor technologies (including soil-moisture sensors) • Precise application of organic fertilizer (manure) Controlled Traffic Farming • Advanced routeplanning • ISOBUS integration in RTK-GPS guidance In het Programma Precisie Landbouw (PPL) investeren landbouwbedrijfsleven en ministerie van EL&I in hulpmiddelen voor innovatieve Controlled Traffic Farming, Bemesting en Gewasbescherming

Coordination and support of setting up a network for developing a system for common data exchange in the agricultural sector

Project details • EU Seventh Framework Program (7FP) – Knowledge Based Bio Economy (KBBE) • Coordination and Support Action (CSA) – Total budget: 1.3 M€ – EC contribution: 1 M€ • Start date: 1 Dec. 2009 • End date: 1 Dec. 2012 • Grant agreement no. 244957

Main objectives and deliverables • establish a platform on data exchange in agriculture in the EU • • • develop a reference framework for interoperability of data exchange in agriculture in the EU by use cases: • • • • • technical infrastructure community of practice Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) Geo-Farmer and -Fertilizing Animal registration Animal identification (validating) identify the main challenges for harmonizing data exchange in agriculture in the EU => SRA

Smart Food and Agribusiness: Future Internet for Safe and Healthy Food from Farm to Fork Dr. Sjaak Wolfert (coordinator) LEI Wageningen UR e-mail:

SmartAgriFood project details • EU Seventh Framework Program (7FP) – Future Internet Public Private Partnership programme (FI-PPP) • • • • • Project type: Collaborative Project - Large-scale Integrated Project (IP) Total budget: 7.3 M€ EU funding: 5 M€ Duration: April 2011 – April 2013 (Phase I) Grant Agreement 285326

21 Partners from 7 European countries

SmartAgriFood: 3 use case domains – 6 pilots Fruits & Vegs Supply Chain Flowers & Plants Supply Chain Meat Transparency Tailored Shopping Experience Arable Farming (spraying) Vegetable Production (greenhouse)

Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport & Logistics Sjaak Wolfert Project Coordinator Wageningen UR (NL)

Project Details • EU Seventh Framework Program (7FP) – Future Internet Public Private Partnership programme (FI-PPP) • Project type: Collaborative Project - Large-scale Integrated Project (IP) • Total budget: 20 M€ • EU funding: 13.5 M€ • Duration: April 2013 – April 2015 (Phase II) • Grant Agreement: 604123

Coordinator Partners Partners Trial partners Technical partners Knowledge and networking partners Pert

Motivation and Impact Forwarder Carriers FIspace will facilitate: Consultants ■ … seamless cross-organizational collaboration (information Production Plants Consumers Future Internet Features Internet of Tings Cloud Computing Banks Wireless Sensor Networks Privacy & Security Location-based services Internet of Services Social Media Linked Open Data, Big Data Insurances Customs Authorities Ports exchange, communication, coordination of activities) ■ …unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes (using Internet-connected sensors and IoT devices) ■ …rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions (apps and services) Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics: • • • EU turnover: 1,500 billion € Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissions ■ …agile formation of business networks and ecosystems (social networks and app/service markets)

(converging) Industries FIspace Ecosystem Development Farming & Manufacturing (Producers, Farmers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, ..) Base Technologies Transport & Logistics Wholesale & Retail (Forwarder, Carriers, 3PL / 4PL, Ports, …) (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Stores, …) Service Sector (Banks, Insurances, Authorities, ..´) ICT Industry (going to the Cloud) Value-Added Service Providers (+ follow up) GENERIC ENABLERS I2ND IoT IoC IoS Cloud Operators & Infrastructure Providers S&T DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Validation Software & Solution Providers

Use Case Trial Experimentation Sites Farming in the Cloud Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics Smart Distribution and Consumption 3 51 4 6 2 8 7 1. Crop Protection Information Sharing 2. Greenhouse Management & Control 3. Fish Distribution and (Re-) Planning 4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Quality Assurance 5. Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring 6. Meat Information Provenance 7. Import and Export of Consumer Goods 8. Tailored Information for Consumers

More information    Or contact me: @sjaakwolfert

Thank you for your attention

Backup slides

How can Future Internet boost the application of ICT? Input industries Software Provider Transport Farmer Logistic solution providers Food processor Transport Retail / consumer Transport Current key competition issues / drivers / business models Public issues / consumer concerns (that motivate public investments) How more data contributes to this Which innovations and new business models are possible ?

Current key competition issues / drivers / business models Software Provider Input industries Farmer Transport Innovation GRIN technologies Small, local farm support Reduce cost price Cope with legislation and paper work Logistic solution providers Transport Service concepts Food processor Retail / consumer Transport Retail brand loyalty (also versus food service and on line) Internationalization, Consumer driven innovation Cope with power retail, Sustainability issues

Public issues / consumer concerns (motivate public interest) Input industries Farmer Software Provider Transport GRIN Logistic solution providers Food processor Transport Small Cost price Service Transport Cope with retail Sustainability: pollution and waste Feeding the world within boundaries of earth’s carrying capacity Retail / consumer Loyalty Health Food Safety + Transparency

How more data contributes to this Input industries Software Provider Farmer Transport GRIN Sophisticated Technology, More advise Food processor Transport Small Feed the growing world Logistic solution providers Cost price Service Sustainability Precision Farming: better control Better management decisions Retail / consumer Transport Cope with retail Loyalty Safety + Transparency Health Segment products and input suppliers; Benchmark with competitors Better service concepts, e.g. in logistics (less waste) and store replenishment Consumer decision support (pre- and after sales)

Which innovations and new business models are possible ? Input industries Logistic solution providers Farmer Software Provider Transport GRIN Transport Small Feed the growing world Food processor Cost price Service Sustainability Precision Farming Better management Open farm management systems with specific apps. Distance advise on diseases etc. Computer aided advise and decisions Regionally pooled data analysis for science and advise Service ++ Paperless chain, Store replenishment, Category management Retail / consumer Transport Cope with retail Loyalty Safety + Transparency Health Segment Measure, pay sustainability Better T&T Cons. support Personalized advise with new apps Online shops Short supply chains, feed back consumer-producer

Smart Farming Egon Schulz, Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH

Smart Farming in the Cloud E-agriculturist Service for spraying potatoes Services Spraying Advisory Services Meteorological Service Machine Breakdown Service State and Policy Information Service FMIS User’s devices App store FI-Ware enabled Cloud Platform Cloud FMS Other sources sensors actuators data sources (‘Internet of Things’) Local FMS

Small scale pilot – farmer interface for spraying and greenhouse use case (1/2) Welcome John! Sign out Home My profile Mail(3) Hot News! Search Engine My farms Hot News!!! The National Milk Quota for the year 20011 is…. My friends Subsides are given to … Community You!: Yes Nick, I am fine!!! I called Jack Bayer for spraying my crops. He is awesome!!! Nick: Jack Bayer? ?? How did you find him? You!: You go to the search engine and ask for spray contractors in the neighborhood. I checked the ratings and I decided to call him. Man, he helped me a lot. You should call me RIGHT NOW! Jack: Thanks for the advice! You already know that the last disease ruined my You are right!!! My friends Aaron H. Adele W. Agatha C. Allan G. Alex L. Alton K. Betty F. Brand S. Candy C. Carmel C. Celia G. Charles E. Clark U. Dale W. Daniel F. Daniel G. Daniel R. Dixon R. Elliot B. Celia G. Charles E. Clark U. URGENT!!! Soil Humidity is low. You should irrigate your… Send 34

Smart Agri-Logistics Cor Verdouw LEI part of Wageningen UR

Vision for FI Application Potentials: Critical Features 7.0 Ultimate pH Logistics Intelligence DFD 6.5 normal 6.0 normal or PSE 5.5 acid 5.0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Glycongen concn. (µm ol glucose equiv./g) Logistics Connectivity Real-time Virtualization 80 90 100

Cloud Event Management System Virtual Location A Virtual Location B Virtual Plant Environ Location A ment update Location B Plant location update Environ ment update

Smart Food Awareness Elies Prunes Soler, Atos

Tracking and Tracing and Meat Awareness (TTAM)

Open platforms, anonymization, security/privacy Contribution of Future Internet IoT, open infrastructure Mobility, device independence, recommendations, social networking Interoperability, semantics, big amounts of data Open platforms

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