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Published on February 12, 2008

Author: Doride


Slide1:  Dr. S.CHINNARAJ Research and Development Division Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd Kagithapuram, Karur TN- 639 136 One Day Awareness Seminar on Clean Development Mechanism April 24, 2006, New Delhi Organised by FICCI & NORAD Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Slide2:  About TNPL Anaerobic Digestion Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change Biomethanation & Climate Change Biomethanation In TNPL Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Slide3:  About TNPL Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Slide4:  Promoted by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu during early eighties to manufacture Newsprint & fine paper using bagasse as primary raw material The largest bagasse based paper mill in the World. Consumes one million MT of bagasse every year Commenced the commercial production with a capacity of 90,000 tpa in 1985 Increased the capacity to 1,80,000 tpa in 1996 by installing the second paper machine. Capacity increased to 2,30,000 tpa in 2002 through upgrade of paper machines As continual improvement, TNPL embarked on a Mill development plan at a cost of Rs.565 Crores to become environmentally benign by implementing Elemental Chlroine Free (ECF) bleaching sequence in the inhouse pulping lines About TNPL Slide5:  TAMIL NADU NEWSPRINT AND PAPERS LIMITED Kagithapuram, Tamil Nadu Slide13:  2. Anaerobic Digestion Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Slide14:  Net energy surplus is generated during AD in the form of CH4 bearing biogas Organic Pollutants New Cells CH4, CO2 H2S + Anaerobic Microbes 5% Biomass 10% Effluent 85% CH4/CO2 Biodegradable pollutants in the wastewater are converted to biogas containing methane, carbon dioxide and biomass (little) in the absence of oxygen by Anaerobic microorganisms Why Anaerobic Digestion ! Slide15:  UASB REACTOR Slide16:  Best Candidates of Industrial Wastewater for Anaerobic Treatment Alcohol production & Brewery Sugar processing Starch (barley, corn, potato, wheat, tapioca) and desizing waste from textile industry. Food processing & Slaughter house Pulp and paper Petrochemical waste Slide17:  Process Advantage Less energy requirement, because no aeration is needed Energy generation in the form of methane gas Less biomass (sludge) generation Less nutrients (N & P) requirement because of low biomass Higher organic loading rate Space saving due to high organic loading Slide18:  Limitations of Anaerobic Process 1. Long start-up time due to low biomass yield 2. Long recovery time due to low biomass yield 3. Specific nutrients/trace metal requirements 4. More susceptible to pH, temperature and redox potential 5. Quality of treated wastewater Slide19:  3. Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Greenhouse Effect:  Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse gases keep IR from transmitting directly out to space Slide21:  GHG in Atmosphere Slide22:  CO2 in Atmosphere Slide23:  GHG and Global Warming Slide24:  Atmosphere is warming ? Slide25:  Impacts Slide26:  International Efforts Slide27:  Polluter Should Pay Slide28:  Promises Made Slide29:  Solutions ! Slide30:  Market Based Mechanism ! Slide31:  Installations based on renewable energy (Geo thermal, wind, solar, biomass, small hydro etc.) Fuel switch to lower carbon intensive fuels (electricity, heat sector) Combined heat and power projects Transport sector Land fills gas recovery (methane emission avoidance & use) Waste & Wastewater handling (methane emission avoidance and use) Reforestation and Afforestation (A/R) projects (carbon sequestration). Type of Projects Slide32:  Project Design Project Participant (PP) Validation / Designated Operating Entity (DOE) Registration Executive Board Monitoring Project Participant (PP) Verification / Designated Operating Entity (DOE) Certification CER Issuance Executive Board (EB) Project Cycle Slide33:  Registered Projects by Country Slide34:  CERs from Registered Projects by Country Slide35:  Registered Projects by Sector Slide36:  CDM Projects in Pipeline Slide37:  2004 2005 Volume of CER traded 60 397 in Million Value in Million Euro 188 1985 Global CER Market Slide38:  4. Biomethanation & Climate Change Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Slide39:  Methane: Most abundant greenhouse gas after CO2 in the atmosphere Concentrations is increasing from pre -industrial times (now :1783 ppbv) 23 times more Global warming potential than CO2 Methane and Climate Change Slide40:  Methane in Atmosphere GHG Increase From 1750 CO2 :35% CH4 :155% N2O :18% Slide41:  Organics in wastewater Anaerobic Lagoon (Biomass 5%) 85% CH4 /CO2 Emission 10 % in effluent Conventional Uncontrolled Anaerobic Digestion Controlled Anaerobic Digestion (UASB) Anaerobic Treatment for Emission or Energy ? Slide42:  5. Biomethanation In TNPL Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation CDM Project : TNPL Case Study Slide43:  TNPL ETP Process Flow Diagram UASB process Slide44:  TNPL Biogas Process Flow Diagram Slide45:  Biogas Plant View Slide46:  UASB Reactor Slide47:  Biogas Use in Kiln Slide48:  Biogas Plant Performance Slide49:  Biogas Plant Performance Slide50:  Biogas Plant Performance Slide51:  Biogas Plant Performance Slide52:  Methane Extraction and Fuel Conservation Project (High rate Bio-Methanation) Estimated CERs Generation 37,000 t CO2e y -1 Project Identification Project Design Document (PDD) Host Country approval (2nd May 2005) Validation Registration (14th January 2006) Verification CER trading CDM Project Status Slide53:  Methodology Adopted : AM0013 / Version 02 Emission Calculation Slide54:  Baseline Emissions Slide55:  Baseline Emission t CO2e Slide56:  Project Emissions Slide57:  Project Emission t CO2e Slide58:  Emission Reduction t CO2e Slide59:  CER Generated from Aug. 2003 – Dec. 2005 Slide60:  First CDM project in Waste Management Sector Registered on 14th January 2006 37,000 CERs per Year Verification and Certification 6th April 2006 CER issuance due on 22th April 2006 subjected EB approval Conclusion Slide61:  The plant generates around 13,000 to 15,000 M3 of biogas with COD reduction of around 83 - 85 % I. Environmental Benefits from Aug. 03 to Dec. 05 COD Reduced :24,500 t GHG Reduced :85,000 t CO2e II. Economical Benefits from Aug. 03 to Dec. 05 Biogas generated :10.64 million m3 Furnace oil Saving : 6308 t CERs generated :85,000 Conclusion Slide62:  Thank You for Your Attention Any Questions ?

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