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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: chenyee101


China Topia International Presents a Range of Bathroom Mirror Defoggers It must have been a common occurrence with most of us to see the bathroom mirror get fogged up and restrict a clear view. With attempts to clean it up we eventually make it even worse. This not only creates a problem for that very moment but can damage the longevity of the mirror for a long period. However, this can be restricted and people can get the mirror defogged instantly. The bathroom mirror defoggers are an effective way to do away with the fogged mirrors. Especially, in hotels this scenario can be a trouble for the guests and they wish to seek services where they do not face such a scenario. This is the reason why many hotel chains buy these bathroom mirror defoggers for their place. However, there can be an issue of availability of the defogger of the right size and right quality. Moreover, as they invest in these defoggers for a long period they have to invest in something which is highly durable. Therefore, it is more than important to buy the bathroom mirror defoggers from the trusted and reliable manufacturers. To help people cater with this need China Topia International which hails from Shanghai, presents a vast range of bathroom defoggers, heated mirror, anti fog mirror, etc . The company has over 12 years of experience and has been catering to the needs of numerous clients across the world. The products manufactured and made available by the company complies with the international standards such as the CE, Rosh, IP54, UL, etc. Besides offering quality products the range of designs available in different shapes and sizes makes them a preferred choice among many clients across the world. The company presently offers its product in countries like USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Germany, and around 10 more popular countries across the world. The range of products such as the fog free mirror which are available with the company can be viewed on their website and people may check the details for each. In case they have any questions they can get in touch with the contact details of the company. Customers would be delighted to know that besides offering pre-designed products the company also manufactures customized defoggers as well. This is done based on the specific needs of the customers and is usually shipped within a week from receiving the order. If there are any other queries related to the product details or the shipping procedures people can check out the FAQ section of the company’s website. Source:

Choice Topia International Ltd Expand Top Quality Mirror Defogger Sales to the Global Market The Home Improvement Industry has shown a remarkable uptrend in the Sales Projection, showing about 7% boost up in the last Fiscal. The Home Improvement Companies are getting a golden opportunity to expand the business to the Global Market. The China based Company, Choice Topia International Ltd, has introduced its wide range of the mirror defogger products in the Global Market. The Company is known for its quality defoggers that prevent the bathroom mirrors getting foggy. To meet the rising demand of such mirror defoggers is the main target of the Company. The Business Plan expands to the further expansion of Sales targeting other Nations. As described by the Official Source, the Choice Topia International Ltd is a highly reputed Company with more than decade of the valuable Experience. The defoggers manufactured by the Company are tested for the Quality, Standard, Outlook, Safety and fluent working along with Low Consumption of Power. The Experts of the Company boldly claim that their defoggers utilize special technology which consumes the least power possible. “Our defoggers consume Power which is equivalent to a small light bulb.”, Chief Engineer, Choice Topia International Ltd, says, “On max usage, the defogger will cost a few cents in a week.” According to the Experimentation and Quality Tests, the defoggers manufactured by the Company have been found to utilize the clever technique for warming up the mirror surface. The mirror heating pad can be installed at the back of the mirror and connected to the power switch. It takes a few seconds for the pad to heat up and warm up the mirror surface to prevent the droplet accumulation. In addition, the heating pad is glued at the end of the surface to make it directly applicable to the wall. The defoggers are found to be as efficient as the bulb of 200Watts/m2. The heating pads are given the excellent Rating which leaves no doubt regarding the Power Efficiency of the products. The Researchers of Choice Topia International Ltd describe the product as the most effective and sophisticated way of defogging the mirror. The new defoggers are 100% Shock Proof as they are integrated with the high quality Shock Proof Layer on both the sides. This layer is tested and proven to prevent the High Voltage Shock even if the Humidity content is higher. The Choice Topia International Ltd is known for its High Quality Products along with the Premium After Sale Services. The Company has added many Nations to its Customer List including USA, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Italy, Germany, France, UK and many others. However, the Company also welcomes the projects for the mutual cooperation. The NRG is the Professional Consultant Service for the mirror

demister and heating pad, with 12 years of Experience in marketing the product in the Hotels and Offices. For detailed info, feel free to visit NRG Presents a Vast Range of Bathroom LED Mirrors Bathrooms are spaces that are considered incomplete without the inclusion of mirrors. Buying proper bathroom mirrors with good functionality and design is a crucial task for every homeowner. NRG is a company based in China that specializes in the manufacture and export of different types of bathroom mirrors with eye catchy designs and useful functionalities. The LED mirror for the bathroom manufactured by the company can be easily applied to various locations of the interior that compliments the overall beauty of the house. The company also processes custom orders from its clients regarding the inside structure, frame and size. The company also takes the initiative to provide clients with samples for evaluation. Often, it has been observed that even the most well decorated and maintained bathrooms can’t actually stop the glaring from the mirrors with the light falling on it. The lighted mirror manufactured by NRG brings a stop to this kind of problem as it is illuminated with light strips without the need to have additional lighting. The frame for the mirror can be made of different materials like aluminum, wood or SS. The mirror heater can be provided by the company separately or it can come with the whole mirror set. Every manufacturing process is thoroughly observed so as to make sure that products manufactured are of high quality and durability. The pricing offered by the company is highly competitive and the company guarantees to provide products that offer full value for money. When it comes to wall mounting installation, illuminated mirror is the preferred choice of most people when it comes to decorating the bathroom. These mirrors are available without frame as well as with frame and generally made of various materials like stainless steel, aluminum and wood. The illuminated mirrors can either be fixed to the wall or hung up. The company ensures fast and efficient delivery to all its clients and preferred by numerous clients across the globe. Apart from all these products, the company also specializes in the manufacture of other products like framed bathroom mirror, magnifying vanity mirror, bathroom mirror cabinet and more. NRG has been involved in this business for more than thirteen years and have been the preferred choice of many clients all over the world. The quality control procedures developed by the company ensure that every product manufactured meets up to the quality standards. They have brought about a huge innovation in bathroom mirrors with lights by offering different varieties of bathroom mirrors at highly affordable prices. The customized bathroom mirrors offered by the company help in meeting every requirement and demand of the clients with ease and efficiency.

NRG Manufactures and Exports Bathroom LED Mirrors Across the World When it comes to accessories for the bathroom, mirrors are considered as one of the most essential items which can be selected according to the décor of the house as well as budget. NRG is a company based in China that deals with the manufacturing and export of bathroom heated mirrors. A bathroom mirror with lighting can complement the overall décor of the house, as it can be available in different styles and shapes. NRG has been involved in the manufacture of mirrors for the bathroom for quite a long period of time and has gained a solid reputation in the market with its quality products. The company also specializes in the manufacture of bathroom mirror cabinet which can be made of different material depending on the choice of the consumer. The mirrored wall cabinet can be considered as a nice addition to the bathroom which can be opened in two different ways. The cabinet can be used for storing the essential items of the bathroom. The company also takes customized orders from its consumers to provide them with a cabinet of their choice. All the products offered by the company are available at competitive rates maintaining a high standard of quality and durability. The company has more than one hundred clients all over the world and their products have a high demand because of the value for money they offer. In order to get rid of the issue of glare with bathroom mirrors, the illuminated mirror manufactured by NRG happens to be a wise choice. LED light strips are used for illuminating the mirror which helps to get rid of glare without compromising on the quantity of light. The thickness of the mirror can wither be 5mm or 6mm depending on the preference of the consumer. Consumers can also ask for samples from the company so as to help them with the evaluation. The company assures fast delivery process to any part of the world. NRG has brought about a big change in the field of bathroom mirrors with lighting by introducing innovative and easy to use products. Their involvement with the business for a long time period has ensured that consumers are always provided with top quality products at the most competitive rates. The company maintains a strict and stringent quality process so as to make sure that products manufactured always adhere to the global quality standards. The company also specializes in the manufacture of various other products like framed bathroom mirror, hotel bathroom mirror, magnifying vanity mirror and more. The cooperative service and friendly customer service ensures that customers get good

after sales support in case of any issues. Source:

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