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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Viola


Study on Marketing Strategy of China Sports Museum :  Study on Marketing Strategy of China Sports Museum Zhu Guoping Vice-curator China Sports Museum Oct. 2007 Contents:  Contents A STATUS (China Sports Museum06-07) B STATUS ANALYZING C MARKETING ANALYZING D MARKETING STRATEGY E THE EXPECTATIONS FOR THE BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES A STATUS :  A STATUS China Sports Museum06-07 1. Exhibitions 1.1 Ten Chinese ancient football exhibits shown in the Exhibition of Ball’s Games-Football History during the 06’ German Football World Cup. Slide4:  1.2 Hosting the Chinese Sports Fine Arts Top-Quality Exhibition in the 4th "Beijing 2008" Olympic Cultural Festival,2006 1.3 The temporary exhibition of Chinese Olympics was held in Hong Kong and Macao Slide5:  2. Setting up branches 2.1 On October 11, 2006,Hangzhou Branch of China Sports Museum opened, which displayed a number of representative 1,000 photoes and 100 pieces of sports exhibits. Slide6:  2.2 Nantong Branch of China Sports Museum was set up in 2004 .It located in the second floor of the Nantong Stadium with a total construction area of 12,000 square meters and a total investment of 45 million Chinese Yuan. Slide7:  3.Collections Over 50 pieces of collections were added in the Museum by the way of donation and purchase, including the Chinese ancient sport artifacts and the Chinese contemporary articles. Slide8:  4. Sports culture activities China Sports Museum participated in the ICOM-Conference in the special topic of education, collection and conservation, exhibition and marketing .It hosted the 2006 International Sports Ancient Silk Road Inspection and Seminar. Director Yuan Daren was selected as the Vice-chairman of International Society for History of Sports and Physical Education. We hold the 13th World Olympic Collectors’ Fair in Beijing this June. B STATUS ANALYZING (SWOT):  B STATUS ANALYZING (SWOT) strenth : the advantage is mainly two impact: supported by government , such as, providing outlay and assisting to collect cultural relic one and only of national sports museum Slide10:  Weakness: depend on government highly, outlay of activity is limited museum was closed,waiting to be rebuilt viability in market is feeble,be short of sponsors Slide11:  Opportunity : passion for sports because of 2008 Beijing Olympics cultural industry is rising , government and society attach more importance to exploitation and utilizing of cultural resource, how to leverage sports culture properties is an important thing. the need for culture is increasing after people’s living level was enhanced Slide12:  Threat : latent threat because it doesn’t have any other channel to obtain funds (only government) Slide13:  In conclusion, “WO” development strategy is more suitable for China Sports Museum now. Make full use of good opportunity that Beijing will hold 2008 Olympics. Conquer the weakness of itself, especially the weakness of idea, train of thought in development and management. Catch the opportunity to develop itself. C MARKETING ANALYZING (STP) :  C MARKETING ANALYZING (STP) growth rate high middle  low relative market share Market segmentation   high    middle low Slide15:  Target group---youngsters local residents Market position---Otherness in products Otherness in service D MARKETING STRATEGY :  D MARKETING STRATEGY Found value chain of products (as well as resource chain) Value chain of products :  Value chain of products Slide18:  The combination of core products .For example, exhibition ,exhibition fair , conference etc. The combination of products and service Slide19:  Sells products as well as service. It obtains profits by products quality as well as extral service. Visitors can obtain spiritual gain---- to visit exhibition, body gain ---- interactive experience, physical gain ---- to buy relevant souvenirs. Slide20:  E THE EXPECTATIONS FOR THE BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES While preparing for the Olympic Games in Beijing, it is certain that it will influence China’s economy, politics, and each side of the social development. Besides, I believe that the most important thing is to promote Chinese culture, especially to advocate Olympic Spirit and Olympic Ideal to millions of youngsters through Olympic education programmes. Slide21:  The expectations for the Beijing Olympic Games Organizing the Olympic educational activities Slide22:  The expectations for the Beijing Olympic Games Integrating Olympic education into regular school curricula Slide23:  The expectations for the Beijing Olympic Games Developing Olympic theme education Slide24:  Exhibitions Strengthen Olympic culture construction in schools Slide25:  Website Slide26:  Exploring and developing curriculum resources experts consultant meeting trained by director of international Olympic institute Slide27:  Setting up Beijing 2008 Olympic Education Model Schools Slide28:  Carrying out “heart-to-heart" international partnership program Slide29:  Slogan:—— “同一个世界、同一个梦想!” (One world、One dream) Slide30:  Three concepts : Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics, Humanistic Olympics Objective : to host unique, high-level Olympic Games Tag :  Tag The paper analysed the status and the influence of outer circumstances of China Sports Museum, put forward the development tactic of changing the status of China Sports Museum, made out realistic and exercisable development strategy ,confirmed the direction of how to develop new China Sports Museum. It has realistic and instructional significance for the continuable development of China Sports Museum. Slide32:  Thank you! 谢谢!

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