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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: JuhaMoilanen1

Source: slideshare.net


Highlights of the EIU webinar (4 March 2014) on China's urbanisation and the economic opportunities and threats it may bring about.

China’s Urban Dreams Highlights  of  the  04  March  2014  EIU  Webinar   50+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE & KNOWHOW IN CHINA BUSINESS

URBANIZATION ! Urbanisa(on  will  not  be  equal   !   Most  recent  es*mate:  940  billion  urban   dwellers  by  2030   !   Biggest  provincial  gainers:  Guangdong,  Henan,   Hebei   ! Urbanisa*on  rate  will  vary  between  the  regions   (East,  North-­‐East,  Central,  West)  in  the  range  of  <60   to  >70%,  East  and  North-­‐East  leading  the  pack   !   In  some  provinces  (Yunnan,  Guizhou  etc.)   urbanisa*on  will  hardly  reach  50%  when  excluding   the  provincial  capital  

ECONOMIC BENEFITS ! Urbanisa(on  could  help  to  sustain  China’s   economic  growth   !   Urban  economies  more  produc*ve  than  rural  ones   !   Consump*on  supported  by  higher  income  levels   !   Provide  fruiXul  avenues  for  investment  

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES ! China’s  urbanisa(on  presents  huge   opportuni(es   !   Consumer  good  demand  will  boom   !   Services  such  as  educa*on  and  healthcare  will  be  in   high  demand   !   Urban  infrastructure  and  property   !   Logis*cs  and  e-­‐commerce  

ECONOMIC THREATS ! Over-­‐planning  could  sabotage  the  process   !   Focus  on  small  and  medium-­‐sized  ci*es  risks   running  against  market  forces   !   Investment  beyond  level  that  demographic  trends   will  support  risks  waste   !   Urban  popula*on  boom  is  short-­‐term:  already   slowing  trend  in  urban  popula*on  growth   !   Growth  post-­‐2030  will  be  delivered  by  other   emerging  markets  

RESOURCES ALLOCATION ! Resources  need  to  be  allocated  to  regions   that  will  see  a  popula(on  boom   !   Significant  variance  in  regional  and  city  popula*on   projec*ons   !   Huge  demand  for  so^  and  hard  infrastructure  in   major  ci*es   !   Fiscal  reform  cri*cal  as  financing  is  lacking   !   Awareness  of  local  level  governments’  plans  is   important  

RESOURCES ALLOCATION ! What  is  your  target  market  of  choice?  

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