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Published on July 10, 2013

Author: chinesegardensdotbiz


CHINA'S GARDEN ART 中国的园林艺术 Origins & Purpose 起源与意图 Globalization 全球化 Risks & Opportunities 风险与机遇

Origins & Purpose 起源与意图


CONFIDENTIALITY 保密 This Report and all supporting papers [ the “Documents” ] contain information which is Confidential to:- TREES IN POTS LIMITED, Suzhou Municipal Administration Bureau of Gardens, Suzhou Classical Garden Architecture Company, Suzhou Garden Design Institute and the Landscape Architecture Corporation of China. Accordingly, we trust you will understand this Report and / or extracts of same, are given to the “ Suzhou Municipal Administration Bureau of Gardens and its Consultants, Officers and Employees ” in confidence and may not be reproduced in any form or communication to any other person, firm or company, without the prior approval of :- TREES IN POTS LIMITED In addition, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, these documents remain the property of TREES IN POTS LIMITED and in the event that the purpose or proposal to which the Documents relate is not proceeded with or accepted, TREES IN POTS LIMITED reserve the right to recover All copies of the Documents.


INTRODUCTION 简介 • ..The literati scholars of ancient times had a wonderful PURPOSE. 目的 • Is their original intent still today being Suitably honoured - everywhere? 适当的荣幸 • UNESCO have some China Gardens inscribed on the World Heritage List. • Perhaps the Season is upon us all to reconsider PRESERVATION needs. 保存需要

Wonderfully Purposed 奇妙的意向

WHAT IS @ RISK ? @风险是什么? • ..CULTURAL Heritage. 文化遗产。 Degradation & Misrepresentation. 降解及失实陈述。

Degraded and / or Misrepresented – Hopefully Not 退化和/或曲解 - 但愿不是

Additional Notes 其他注意事项 • How easy it becomes over time, for things to accidentally get lost or lost sight of: for example • Just as I have heard it said by virtuoso musicians, of wonderful Chinese traditional music talent - there are ancient Guqins still in existence today, however much has already been lost in the translation of ability to ' play,' these musical instruments; without the abilities of the ancient scholar musicians. • And China's original Punsai & Penjing art forms of further diminutive landscapes, have been borrowed, standardized and popularized as Japanese bonsai, to the extent, they are now incorrectly termed - [ even in their place of origin - China, as {Chinese bonsai } ]

WHY IS IT @ RISK ? 为什么是@风险? • ..Western Chinese Garden Representations – Increasingly being Constructed. • Construction Resources Pressured. • Cultural Interest Under Competition from Westernization. • Educational Uniformity Threatened. • Commercial Reciprocity – Other Nation's Greed & Ignorance. • Time & Unforeseen Circumstance.

Construction Resources Pressured 建设的资源施加压力

Westernization Competition, Greed & Ignorance 洋务竞争,贪婪和无知

Education Uniformity Threatened 教育均匀性威胁

Additional Notes 其他注意事项 • Today's youth [ in the face of globalization pressures towards Westernization and commercialism were aptly once described by participants of a UNESCO workshop as ' Cultural Patrimony,' • yes, culturally endowed with an inherited legacy of heritage, identity and origin, • to experience, enjoy, learn from, value the original benefits of and take a responsibility to maintain the global integrity of, educate, exchange, • share and pass on from generation to generation and particularly preserve, • promote [ both the culture and the rights to it ] prevent corruption of, foreign exploitation and / or Westernization of....and where possible, • to control consumerism [ or at the very least to establish expected guidelines for commercialism handling ] perhaps termed ' Ethics & Responsibilities of Cultural Reciprocity.' as well as stimulating new creativity from - That's a big ask of today's youth. • Circumstance and imperfection sometimes intervene with honourable intent of those, who become or have inherited responsibility for another's culture, in a foreign land. • Sadly, sincere efforts on the ground, can oftentimes be exasperated by outside governance, leading to confusion over original intent......what was initially exchanged in the ' spirit of cultural reciprocity,' may over time, be altered to a degree, which conflicts with identity and meaning; thus rendering a cultural repository into a convoluted tourist attraction, where commercialism thrives at the expense of cultural heritage. • We should not be surprised that things change on the earth, for right from Biblical times, is it not prophetically recorded……………..2 Timothy 4:3,4 “ For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” and ….……..2 Timothy 3:7 • “ Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ? 有什么需要做什么? • ..Considered Reflection. • Risk Management. • Suzhou Municipal Administration Bureau of Gardens - Chinese Garden Representations – REGISTRY. 登记 • FutureProofing.

Considered Reflection - Who, Where, Why Constructed? 反思 - 谁,在哪里,为什么建造的?

Keeping It Pure 保持纯

HOW CAN IT BE DONE THE METHODS ? 如何能不能做到?的方法吗? • ..Communication Effectiveness. • POSITIVE & Reasonable Education. • CULTURAL Maintenance Methods. • Suzhou Municipal Administration Bureau of Gardens - Chinese Garden Representations - AFFILIATION Registering. • Authenticity - Architecture - Function & Purposed Activity – MONITORING by the: CHINA GARDEN WATCHTOWER

Positive TRUTHFUL Education 正如实教育

Bridging - Affiliation - Registering 桥接 - 连锁 - 注册

China Garden WATCHTOWER 中国花园箭楼

BY WHOM ? 由何人? • ..Suzhou Municipal Administration Bureau. 苏州市市政管理局 [ Suzhou Classical Garden Architecture Company ] [ Suzhou Garden Design Institute ] [ Landscape Architecture Corporation of China ] [ Others as deemed appropriate by ] • Western foreigner Liaison. 西方老外联络的

Suzhou Classical Gardens Administration 苏州古典园林管理

Penjing Punsai Limited Seal – Trees in Pots Limited 树木在花盆有限公司

WHERE ? 在哪里办理? • ..SUZHOU Based 基于苏州 • Governance • Standardization • Unity of Purposed Result. • Global Garden Representation Outreach [ Co-Jointly ]

Planted & Growing in Suzhou’s Image 种植和生长在苏州的形象

WHEN NECESSARY ? 当有必要吗? • ..Now 现在 [ As soon as possible & practicable ] 尽快及可行 Expeditious - Humility Buy-In. 特快

Taking the Challenging Steps 攀登具有挑战性的步骤

With a Fine Measure of Humility 用细是以谦卑的态度

WHY INVOLVE ME ? 涉及我为什么? • ..Foreigner Only by Birth. • Motivated by Genuine Love & Deep Empathy. • Caused - Truth & Righteousness. • Confucian & Spiritual Integrity. • Cultural Sensitivity. • Passion to Protect & Satisfy China's Interests. • Proven Record of Unselfish Advocacy. • Public Boldness Regardless of Western Persecution.

John Jeffery - Artisan - Advocate 约翰,杰弗瑞 - 艺术家 - 倡导

Foundered in Rightful Purpose 正当目的的起源

Chinese Penjing Artists Association of Australasia Inc. 中国微型景观美术家协会澳大拉西亚的注册。

HOW DO I FIT IN ? MY EXPECTATIONS ? 我该如何适应?我期望是什么? • ..Firstly - Pengyou [ Education Exchange & Resource ] • Secondly - Western Congregator [ Pending Suitable Garden Panel - Selection ] • Thirdly - [ Independent ] [ Chinese Garden Representation - Audit Consultant ]

The Scene of the World is Changing 场景的世界正在改变

Congregator of Chinese Garden’s People 牧羊人中国花园的人

OUTCOME SUMMARY 结果摘要 • ..CHINA'S GARDEN ART 中国的园林艺术 • Origins & Purpose. • Time Honoured. • Globally Recognized & Understood. • PRESERVED for Future Generations Enjoyment. 保存为后人享乐。

ALWAYS CHINA’S Garden Art 永远的中国园林艺术

ALWAYS CHINA’S Gem 永远的中国创业板

ALWAYS CHINA Pure 永远的中国纯


Personal Background / In Brief - J E Jeffery - Dunedin, 1955 • Professional Experience & Extra-curricular  Risk Manager of 25 years.  Fellow of the Corporation of Insurance Brokers of New Zealand.  Health & Safety - NZCTU / ACC - Unit Standard 20198.  Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Do - Secretary / Treasurer / Instructor in past .  Gateman – Welcome – Security – Custodial - Farewell - Lakeside Park.  Past Primary & High School Board Member  Paul Harris Fellow - Rotary International.  Personal Integrity, Spirituality & Teachable.  A Family Man.  Passion, Advocate, Preserver, Respect for & Empathy with China’s Garden Art.  Humble & Imperfect. • Horticultural Experience & Associations.  The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand - Certificates of achievement in: • Introduction to Tree Crops. [ 1998 ] • Rural Studies - Self-select topics for: - • Nursery Production - Establishment & running, garden centre practice, planning, legislation, propagation methods, material selection, open ground & container production, ornamental trees, natives, conifers and fruiting trees, pruning & training, liming & fertilizing, identifying plants & naming, providing shelter & controlling frosts, identifying & controlling common weeds, identifying & controlling plant pests, diseases & disorders, using & maintaining tractors, safety in Garden Centre & Nursery sites, preparing & maintaining displays, catalogues etc., marketing & selling, storing & using pesticides, spraying to control weeds, pests & diseases. • On-going Unit Standard studies in relevant topics. [ Up until 2004 ]  Grow safe - certified for application of agrichemicals. [ 2005 ]  Past Regional committee member NZTCA, New Zealand Tree Crops Association.  Member NGIA, Nursery & Garden Industry Association.  Past Member RNZIH Inc., Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture Inc., • Punzai [ bonsai ] & Penjing - Experience & Associations.  Over 30 year’s enjoyment, commencing formal punsai tuition • Penjing •  Contacts, training & association both within and outside of China. •  Establishment of CPAAA [ Chinese Penjing Artists Association of Australasia Incorporated ] • [ 2008 ] • [Primarily - To promote increased awareness and understanding of Chinese penjing, as to the rightful origin of miniature landscapes in China ]. • Canada – Sabbatical & Volunteering  Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden & Penjing • - Three months learning more about the practical aspects of: [I] Classical Chinese Gardens • A. History, philosophy, art & culture. • B. Design & purpose. • C. Meaning & symbolism. • D. Integral parts of architecture, stone, water & plants • E. Seasonal maintenance & administration. [II] Garden Penjing Collection • A. Role of a Curator • B. Seasonal cultural practices & care • C. Display & public exhibitions [III] Chinese Penjing • A. As distinct from bonsai - in origin and form. • B. As distinct from bonsai in conception, creation and aesthetics. • Subsequent Scholar Activity  Cultural Heritage Construction Methods.  Future Proofing Cultural Sanctuaries.  Curatorship, Docent, Governance & Stewardship.  Tourist Business Operation.  Chinese Cultural Activities.  Chinese Cultural Heritage Preservation.  Literati Purpose & Representation.  Chinese Classical Gardens in the West.  Advocacy for Rightful Inclusion of penjing .  Creation, Establishment & Operation of [ Education resource website for All thing’s China & Chinese Gardens– 2008 ]  Established presence on Multiple Social & Professional Networks [ Advocacy & Promotion of Preservation and Rightful Representation - 2009 ] • Establishment of Helpful Personal Associations  Chinese Gardens. • - Outside China All known Chinese Garden Representations - operational, under-construction or planned.[ 2007 ] • - In China - On-going.  Empathetic Organisations. Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre (CHP), • Many others around the globe. [ 2007 ]  Empathetic Individuals Associated with China’s garden Art - Internationally. • Conclusion “ Finally, I would welcome any request for elaboration on any part of the information provided; if deemed necessary or appropriate.”

CREDITS 鸣谢 • I simply wish to acknowledge All the Organizations & wonderful Individuals, [ too numerous to detail in this forum ] for their assistance, encouragement and willing contribution of the information presented.

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