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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Jacob


China RoHS Compliant Solutions from Xilinx :  China RoHS Compliant Solutions from Xilinx China RoHS:  China RoHS China RoHS: China promulgated the ‘Management Methods for the Control of Pollution from Electronic Information Products’ in early 2006 This law requires companies to identify and verify the concentration of ‘hazardous substances’ in ‘electronic information products’ sold within China Hazardous substances are defined as the six EU RoHS substances (lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, PBBE and PBDE) Phase 1 governs identification of hazardous substances Effective March 1, 2007 Phase 2 governs verification of hazardous substances No date has been set as of early 2007 for Phase 2 China RoHS Phase 1:  China RoHS Phase 1 Applicability to Xilinx: Based on definitions and the scope of China RoHS, all Xilinx integrated circuits (i.e., FPGA, CPLD, etc.) are ‘electronic information products’ and will be affected beginning March 1, 2007 China RoHS Phase 1:  China RoHS Phase 1 Product Marking: Article 4 of the Marking Standard SJ/T11364-2006 states: ‘With respect to the electronic information products that are purchased for manufacturing. Suppliers need not provide the aforementioned marking, but shall supply to the purchaser all necessary information required for marking.’ As such, Xilinx components will NOT be marked Disclosure:  Disclosure Information Disclosure: Detailed material declarations are currently available online Xilinx Components:  Xilinx Components Disclosure Tables: Xilinx has also developed China RoHS compliant disclosure tables for electronic information products that have lead above the maximum concentration limits established in SJ/T11365-2006 At Xilinx, this only applies to: Standard Integrated Circuits BGA Flip Chips that are EU Compliant by Exemption (Package Codes FFG and BFG) Additional information is available upon request at

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