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Published on December 29, 2008

Author: aSGuest8218


Slide 1: Going to China Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu Kirsti Kallio Jin Cuihong Li Gongqun Slide 2: Going to China Slide 3: Going to China ??-----?? China Zhong Guo Finland Fen Lan Area 9.6 million sq km 0.338 million sq km Popu. 1 300 millon 5.176 million Nations: 56. Han nation 92%, Manchu, Hui, Zhuang, Mongol, Tibetan, Yi, Miao, Korean… 23 Provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalitis (>10m), 2 special administrative regions (HK, Macau) 666 Cities: 11 cities > 2m; 23 cities between 1 and 2m Slide 4: If you are going to Hongkong, which train station you should go to? Slide 5: Going to China Confucianism, Taoism & Buddhism Confucius (Kongzi,551-479 B.C) Ren ? (benevolence, love) & Li ? (rites)--- Respect for the system of social hierarchy. Taoism (Laozi around the 6th century B.C.) Fortune lies in misfortune & vice versa. Buddism (Sakyamuni in India 6th century B.C.) Life is filled with suffering. Suffering is caused by people’s wants. Slide 6: China Art Slide 7: Peking Opera A national treasure dates back to year 1790 It contains acting, dialogue, singing, music, dancing and acrobatics Four roles categories: sheng, dan, jing & chou In acting & acrobatics, different roles follow different patterns, all rather exaggerated, suggestive and symbolic The costumes are graceful, magnificent, elegant and brilliant, most of which are made in handicraft embroidery Slide 8: China Scenary Slide 10: Going to China Customs & taboos “Customs vary within a distance of 50 km” ---Han dynasty over 2000 years ago. 56 ethnic groups living in China have developed their own customs in residence, food, clothing, decorations, marriage, family, festivals, religions, morals, rites, ceremonies and taboos. Smile is a universal language. Slide 11: Going to China Have a happy mood & positive attitude Use a new timetable: 7:30-12:00; 14:00-17:30 Appreciate profound China history Tolerate the closeness between people Talk Give face to Chinese Build up contacts network Appreciate hospitality & generosity Enjoy variety and low price consumption Ready to : Slide 12: Routes: Helsinki—Amsterdam—Taiwan (>=600€) Helsinki—Hong Kong—Taiwan (>=700€) Health: Vaccination Do not drink tap water, eat ice, raw cold food Safety: Don’t go out alone or walk in small roads during night. Hold your bag and wallet tight. Living fee: 100€ for rent, 100€ for eating and other expenses Climate: North is OK for Finns, South is hot and humid Take clothes that breathe well, absorb sweat well Language: Mandarin Not many people speak English Shopping: Go to bigger shops for quality guarantee About Taiwan---Lucy Tang Slide 13: Going to China China Festivals 4703/4 2005/6 Chinese English ---- 01.05 lao dong jie Labour day (7 days free) 05.05 11.06 duan wu jie Dragon boat festival 07.07 11.08 qing ren jie Valentine’s day --- 10.09 jiao shi jie Teacher’s day 15.08 18.09 zhong qiu jie Moon festival --- 01.10 guo qing jie National day (7 days free) --- 01.01 yuan dan Western New Year 30.12 28.01 chu xi Eve of Chinese New Year 01.01 29.01 chun jie Chinese New Year (7-20d) Slide 14: Going to China Ni shu shen me ? ? ? ? ? ? Wo shu long. ? ? ?? Rat shu ? Horse ma ? Ox niu ? Goat yang ? Tiger hu ? Monkey hou ? Rabbit tu ? Rooster 2005 ji ? Dragon long ? Dog gou ? Snake she ? Pig zhu ? What is year 1949? Slide 15: Address a Chinese with a smile ? Going to China Jin Cui Hong ? ? ? Cui hong ?? 1st name Xiao Jin ?? Little Jin Lao Jin ?? Old Jin Jin Xiao Jie ??? Miss Jin Jin nÜ shi ??? Lady Jin Jin Lao Shi ??? Teacher Jin Jin Xian Sheng ??? Mr. Jin Slide 16: Going to China Speak natively 1. Hello A: Ni hao (You well)! Hello! ??! B: Ni hao! Hello to you! ??! 2. Morning Greeting A: Zao (shang hao)! (Good) morning! ?(??)! B: Ni Zao! (Good) morning! ??! 3. Thanks A: Xie xie, xie xie. Thank you. ??? B: Bu xie Don’t mention it. ??? 4. Apologize A: Dui bu qi (I’m) sorry. ???? B: Mei guan xi It doesn’t matter. ???? Slide 17: Going to China 5. After you A: Qing. [Please] After you. ?! B: Nin qing [You (polite form) please] After you. ??! 6. A toast A: Gan bei Bottoms up!/cheers! ??! B: Gan bei Bottoms up/cheers! ??! 7. Welcoming guests A: Huan ying, huan ying! Welcome! ??! B: Xie xie, xie xie! Thank you! ??! 8.Parting company A: Zai jian. [Again see] See you. /Goodbye. ??? B: Zai jian. Goodbye. ??? Speak natively Slide 18: Going to China Learn to bargain Buyer : Zhe ge duo shao qian? How much is this? Seller : Yi bai yuan/kuai. 100 yuan. B: 70 kuai, mai bu mai (sell or not)? 70 yuan, ok? S: hao ba. ok. yi ? 1 er ? 2 san ? 3 si ? 4 wu ? 5 liu ? 6 qi ? 7 ba ? 8 jiu ? 9 shi ? 10 shi ? 10 bai ? 100 qian ? 1 000 wan ? 10 000 yi ? 100 000 000

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