China Movement Forward

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Information about China Movement Forward

Published on October 11, 2007

Author: Ariane


CHINA MOVING FORWARD:  CHINA MOVING FORWARD Dr. Lester H. Lee Westward Move of Manufacturers:  Westward Move of Manufacturers XIAN CHENDO KUMMING SHENYANG BEIJING WUHAN GUANGZHOU DALIEN TSINGDAO SHANGHAI SHENZHEN JAPAN KOREA TAIWAN HONGKONG SINGAPORE Slide29:  Chin Dynasty World War II Back on Top 1800 1946 2008 Japanese Border Invasion Wars Boxer Cultural World Rebellion Unification Revolution Power 1895 1927 WarLord 1966 1993 1911 New Republic Reform 1978 The Up & Down of China

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The Great Leap Forward was a campaign by the CCP that required everyone in China to become involved in steel-making, forcing farmers to leave their crops.
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