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Published on March 25, 2008

Author: CoolDude26


Slide1:  China/Korea Trip Preparation By Tami Didlot Dale Lemmond Joe Locke Brenda Nuefeld A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.:  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. --  Confucius Geography/Topography :  Geography/Topography Located in East Asia on the western shore of the Pacific Ocean Covers a land area of 9.6 million sq km or 5.9 million sq miles 3rd largest country in the world next to Russia and Canada 1,500 rivers Geography/Topography:  Geography/Topography The Yarlungzangbo River flows through the largest canyon in the world The Yarlungzangbo Canyon. The canyon is 505 km long (314 miles) and 6,009 m (19,750 feet) deep. Mt. Qomolangma is the world’s highest peak at 8,848 m (29,029 feet) The Yangtze River is the third longest in the world. Mt. Everest Population:  Population 1,321,851,888 people Most populous country in the world About 22% of the world’s total Growth rate of 1.07% per year Population Breakdown:  Average life span is 71 years. Population Breakdown Slide9:  China’s Population Density China’s Currency:  Payment: Money & Credit Cards China’s Currency The Renminbi (RMB) is usually called the Yuan. At present, the Yuan is worth about US $0.12, with slight daily fluctuations The Bank of China has exchange desks for foreign currency and travelers checks with convenient hours at all hotels, airports, Friendship Stores, and other shopping areas. Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club, Federal Card, Million Card, and JCB credit cards are accepted at most hotels and state run shops in the major cities. Travelers should be prepared to pay in Yuan when shopping in smaller shops and at restaurants. 100 RMB:  100 RMB The maximum denomination note.  Equivalent to about $13 US. RMB notes come in 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 RMB ($.13 US) denominations  Slide12:  1 Jiao (0.1 RMB) note and coins.  Note, the 1 Jiao coin is tiny.  Its about 1cm across.  Equivalent to about $.01 US. Jiao – One tenth of a RMB Fen – One hundredth of a RMB:  Fen – One hundredth of a RMB 1 Fen (0.01 RMB) note and coin.  Another one of the cute souvenir notes.  Worth pretty much nothing ($.001 US) Most of the Fen coins are bigger than the 1 Jiao, but worth much less.  ATM Transactions:  ATM Transactions The main foreign friendly ATMs are controlled by the Bank of China.  Bank of China ATMs work in both Chinese and English (depending on your card) and are pretty easy to find.  Decide to continue or take your card.  The transaction limits on most bank accounts is set pretty low.  The maximum you will be able to withdraw in one request is about 2500 RMB ($300), sometimes as little as 1500 RMB.  You can press the continue button and try to get more cash out up to the ATMs daily limit. Most USA banks allow you about 5500 RMB ($685) per day, but this is controlled by your own bank. ATM Tip:  ATM Tip On the select account screen (pictured right) it is essential that you use the left buttons to select your account as this is what determines the language you will be using.  If you mistakenly press the buttons on the right, you will be in Chinese from that point onwards. Security:  Security The general impression you get is that the streets are very safe. There are virtually no crimes committed against tourists visiting China. Even during the late evening hours travelers have little to be concerned about. The Chinese are friendly and hospitable, and Chinese law is quite strict. The biggest danger you face when visiting Beijing is being involved in some kind of traffic accident.  Crossing the road is an often frightening experience, and so is riding in a taxi for most foreign tourists. The next danger is pickpockets. All Chinese hotels provide an in-room safe or locked security boxes at the front desk. Leave valuables at the hotel. Telephone Numbers: Dial 110 for Police, 120 for Emergency Language – Mandarin (Standard Chinese):  Language – Mandarin (Standard Chinese) As one of the six official languages used by UN (United Nations), Chinese now has earned itself greater status in the World. English is a required course and universal education in China and has great popularity. Nowadays many Chinese people can speak basic English, especially the youth, students, and staff of service trades like hotels, restaurants, airlines, banks and post offices. In large cities there are more people who can communicate with foreigners in English than smaller towns & cities. However, in rural or remote areas, few people can speak English or other foreign languages. Korean Language is spoken by inhabitants of North and South Korea China is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of wildlife in the world.  :  China is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of wildlife in the world.  More than 4,400 species of vertebrates, more than 10 percent of the world's total.  There are nearly 500 animal species, 1,189 species of birds, More than 320 species of reptiles 210 species of amphibians.  Wildlife peculiar to China includes such well-known animals as :  Wildlife peculiar to China includes such well-known animals as the giant panda, golden-haired monkey, South China tiger, brown-eared pheasant, white-flag dolphin, Chinese alligator, and red-crowned crane, totaling more than 100 species Water Use:  Water Use Slide21:  Land Use - 2005 Slide22:  China’s Agricultural Regions 0 10 30 Severe Weather Conditions:  Severe Weather Conditions frequent typhoons (about five per year along southern and eastern coasts) damaging floods tsunamis earthquakes droughts land subsidence Increased Pollution & Degradation of Natural Resources:  Increased Pollution & Degradation of Natural Resources One of the serious negative consequences of China's rapid industrial development. China is widely expected to surpass the United States as the world's largest emitter of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases sometime in 2007 or 2008. A World Health Organization report on air quality in 272 cities worldwide concluded that seven of the world's 10 most polluted cities were in China. According to China's own evaluation, two-thirds of the 338 cities for which air-quality data are available are considered polluted--two-thirds of them moderately or severely so. Environmental Problems:  Environmental Problems air pollution (greenhouse gases, sulfur dioxide particulates) from reliance on coal produces acid rain; water shortages, particularly in the north; water pollution from untreated wastes; deforestation; estimated loss of one-fifth of agricultural land since 1949 to soil erosion and economic development; desertification; trade in endangered species Health Issues:  Health Issues Respiratory and heart diseases related to air pollution are the leading cause of death in China. Almost all of the nation's rivers are considered polluted to some degree, and half of the population lacks access to clean water. By some estimates, every day approximately 300 million residents drink contaminated water. Ninety percent of urban water bodies are severely polluted. Water scarcity also is an issue; for example, severe water scarcity in Northern China is a serious threat to sustained economic growth and the government has begun working on a project for a large-scale diversion of water from the Yangtze River to northern cities, including Beijing and Tianjin. Acid rain falls on 30% of the country. Various studies estimate pollution costs the Chinese economy 7%-10% of GDP each year. Saturday – Feb. 16th:  Saturday – Feb. 16th OKC – Delta Airlines #3794 Departing at 5:25 pm Tulsa – United #5317 Departing at 2:25 pm Salt Lake City – Delta Airlines #227 Departing at 9:05 pm Chicago O’Hare – United #127 Departing at 6:30 pm Los Angeles – Asiana Airlines #203 Scheduled Arrival 10:10 pm Scehduled Arrival 8:52 pm Departing at 12:30 am Sunday – Feb. 17th:  Sunday – Feb. 17th Travel together to Korea All meals on the plane. Set your clocks ahead 14 Hours – We lose a day going forward. Monday – Feb. 18:  Monday – Feb. 18 Arrive at Incheon Korea International Airport at 7:00 am Depart on Asiana #333 at 10:00 am Arrive at Beijing International Airport at 10:45 am. Beijing Geography :  Beijing Geography Beijing is flat except for the hills to the north Strategically close to hills and mountains Beijing is one of the few major cities in China that does not lie on a major river Home for 15 million Beijing Climate :  Beijing Climate Average February high temperature is 4° Celsius Average February low temperature is -7 ° Celsius Average February rainfall is 8 mm (0.3 inches) Dry & Windy High of 40 ° F Low of 20 ° F Monday – Feb. 18:  Check into hotel Lunch Tian’anmen Square Forbidden City Dinner at the hotel Monday – Feb. 18 Jianguo Garden Hotel Mon. Feb. 18 – Wed. Feb. 20:  Jianguo Garden Hotel Mon. Feb. 18 – Wed. Feb. 20 The hotel is rated as a four star facility, all rooms are equipped with: :  Central Air-Conditioning (We hope that’s heat too!)    Satellite TV    International Direct Dialing    Broadband Network    Mini-bar    Hair Dryer    In-room Safety Deposit Box    Automatic Electronic Pot    Bathtub and Complete Shower   The hotel is rated as a four star facility, all rooms are equipped with: Slide36:  Facilities for its guests use: work out in the gym, swim in the indoor pool thunder about in the squash courts, or relax in the sauna or billiards room. The business center provides facsimile, typing and photocopying services. There is one Chinese restaurant, one Western restaurant and a cafeteria in the hotel Business Center :  Business Center    Travel Service Counter    Souvenir Shop    Flower Shop     Barber Shop    24H Antehall Service    Car Hire    Airport Transportation    Currency Convert    Laundry Service    Freestanding Exercise    Gymnastics apparatus    Squash    Sauna    Bowling    Table tennis    Chess & Poker    Billiards    Swimming Pool    Beauty Parlor and Barber shop Tian’anmen Square:  Mao Tse Tung's tomb in the middle of Tianeman Square Dimensions are 500 by 900 meters. Tian’anmen Square The Forbidden City:  The Forbidden City In the early 1400s, the third Ming Emperor, moved the capital of China to Beijing. In 1406, he began construction of a new 'Forbidden City' that would include the imperial palace complex. The Forbidden City, located at the exact center of the ancient city of Beijing, was the home and center of power for 24 emperors during the mid to latter Ming and Qing dynasties Slide40:  The extensive grounds of the Forbidden City cover 720,000 square meters There are 800 buildings About 9,000 rooms The Forbidden City is the world's largest palace complex. Tuesday – Feb. 19:  Tuesday – Feb. 19 Breakfast at hotel Great Wall of China Lunch American Embassy – Agricultural Officer Xiushui Silk Market Dinner – Peking Duck The Great Wall of China:  The Great Wall of China The Wall is an absolutely amazing achievement.  You have to see it to really appreciate its  awesome size. Silk Market:  Silk Market The new Xiushui Market is a five-story building with three underground stories covering an area of 28,000 square meters. The new market is open to business for the golden shopping time after five o'clock in the afternoon in order to meet the demand for shopping after work. Items which you can find in this market include:  Shoes, Jeans, Trousers, Jackets, Shirts, Chinese Souvenirs,  Chinese Rugs/Carpets, Golf Equipment, Pearls, Watches, Sunglasses, Silk by the roll, Chinese Paintings, Small Electronics and many other things.  It also has a small supermarket in the basement.  Prices are generally very reasonable here compared to your home country and if you are a skilled bargainer, you might be able to get things ridiculously cheap. Wednesday – Feb. 20:  Wednesday – Feb. 20 Breakfast at hotel Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital 2 Farm Visits – Dairy & Beef Cattle Lunch New Century Horticultural Farm Dinner at local restaurant Peking Opera Peking Opera:  Peking Opera A form of traditional Chinese theater which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics. There are four main types of roles: sheng (male) dan (young female), jing( painted face,male), and chou (clown, male or female). The characters may be loyal or treacherous, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, their images being vividly manifested. Olympic Games – Aug. 8-24, 2008:  Olympic Games – Aug. 8-24, 2008 Thursday – Feb. 21:  Thursday – Feb. 21 Breakfast Meeting with China Ministry of Agriculture and Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Wholesale Market Lunch Chinese Animal Export Company Dinner near the Airport Flight to Xian Xian Geography :  Xian Geography Xi'an lies on the Guanzhong Plain in the central part of China Qinling Mountains are south Wei River is north 8 million people Xian Climate :  Xian Climate Average February high temperature is 8° Celsius Average February low temperature is -2 ° Celsius Average February rainfall is 12 mm (0.5 inches) Dry & Windy High of 47 ° F Low of 28 ° F Tian Yu Gloria Plaza Hotel Thur. Feb. 21 – Sat. Feb. 23:  Tian Yu Gloria Plaza Hotel Thur. Feb. 21 – Sat. Feb. 23 The hotel is rated as a four star facility, all rooms are equipped with: :  Individual-controlled air-conditioning, Color TV with satellite television reception, Mini-bar, Refrigerator, DDD&IDD telephone line, Hair dryer, Broadband Internet connections, Tea/coffee making facilities In-room safe. The hotel is rated as a four star facility, all rooms are equipped with: Slide54:   Hotel has its own fully-equipped gymnasium Spa Center, which features a steam bath, whirlpools, sauna and massage service. A snooker and games room. Hotel Services:  Hotel Services Business Center Shopping Arcade Safe Deposit Boxes Airport Transfer Manager On-duty 24 hours Laundry & Dry Cleaning Foreign Exchange In-house Clinic 24-hour Room Service Major Credit Cards accepted Chinese & Western Restaurant      Friday – Feb. 22:  Friday – Feb. 22 American style breakfast at the hotel Big Wild Goose Pagoda Ancient City Walls Farmers Market & Supermarket Lunch Tour wholesale distributor of farm seeds & fertilizers Big Wild Goose Pagoda:  Big Wild Goose Pagoda Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists. It is located in the southern suburb of Xian City, about 4 kilometers (2.49 miles) from the downtown of the city. Saturday – Feb. 23:  Saturday – Feb. 23 Breakfast 82km drive to Yangling (Area where the Chinese agricultural civilization began) North West Agriculture University National Agriculture High-Tech Industry Demonstration Zone Tour Caotan Dairy Farm Return to Xian for Dinner Sunday – Feb. 24:  Sunday – Feb. 24 Check out of hotel after Breakfast Hua Qing Pool and Museum of the Qin Terracotta Warriors & Horses Lunch Yin Qiao dairy processing plant. Flight to Shanghai & check into hotel Slide60:                                              Museum of the Qin Terracotta Warriors & Horses One of the “Eight Wonders of the World” 2000 years ago a Chinese Emperor united China and began a series of construction projects. One was the Great Wall of China, another was the terra-cotta warriors. 8,000 Warriors and Horses built as his eternal imperial guard. Originally they held sharp weapons and where probably brightly painted. Shanghai Geography :  Shanghai Geography Total area of 6,341 square kilometers (about 2,448 square miles) Faces the East China Sea Major port One of the most futuristic looking cities in the world Largest city in China population of 17 million Shanghai Climate :  Shanghai Climate Average February high temperature is 9° Celsius Average February low temperature is 1 ° Celsius Average February rainfall is 63 mm (2.5 inches) Damp & Drizzly High of 48 ° F Low of 35 ° F Shanghai Ever Bright Hotel Sun. Feb. 24 – Mon. Feb 25.:  Shanghai Ever Bright Hotel Sun. Feb. 24 – Mon. Feb 25. The hotel is rated as a four star facility, all rooms are equipped with: :  Guestroom Facilities: The hotel has 800 well-furnished rooms, ranging from standard to business class and deluxe suites. The hotel is ideal for guests on a business trip or participating in a conference. Broad band is available in the business classed rooms. The following credit cards are accepted - American Express, Diners Club, Visa, Master Card, JCB, Great Wall Card and Peony Card. The hotel is rated as a four star facility, all rooms are equipped with: Sports Center:  Sports Center an indoor swimming pool, an indoor tennis court a well furnished Gymnasium games such as billiards, table tennis, squash and badminton are also available sauna, foot massages, a beauty salon.    Restaurants & Lounges:  Restaurants & Lounges The Coffee Shop is a great place to chat and have a snack or meals with friends. You can unwind with a drink and relax to live music, especially after an exhausting day of work. Opening hours: 24 hours The Bakery offers a daily and wide variety of oven fresh bread and pastries, especially welcome during your coffee breaks! Opening hours: 24hours The Meeting Bar a new concept bar is another convenient place for guests to unwind after a meeting or seminar, and to follow up on the issues raised. Opening hours: 9:00-20:00 Monday – Feb. 25:  Monday – Feb. 25 Breakfast Agricultural Trade Officer briefing on ag trade Temple of Jade Buddha The Children’s Palace The Bund The Nanjing Road Dinner Temple of Jade Buddha:  Temple of Jade Buddha The Jade Buddha Temple houses two exceptional Buddha statues, each exquisitely carved from a single piece of white jade. The temple's architectural design is also very impressive. Children’s Palace:  Children’s Palace A Generation of Little Emperors Time Asia – 9/27/99 by Lori Reese If you restrict families to just one child--as China has, more or less, since 1980--you're going to get a whole lot of spoiled kids. The problem in China is so acute that it's changing how society functions. To see these Little Emperors in action, step inside the Shanghai branch of the China Children's Welfare Institute, better known as the Children's Palace. There are classes in piano, painting, calligraphy, dancing and computer. Kids can attend one or two programs according to their own interests. All the kids, 5-14 years old, can get into the palace as long as they can pass a simple examination and pay 100 yuan tuition for one term. The Bund – The International Architectural Display:  The Bund – The International Architectural Display Banks, commercial buildings, national organizations, restaurants, clubs, press etc. The Bund assembles the architectural buildings of finance and trade from all over the world. Nanjing Road:  Nanjing Road Shanghai is an ideal "shopping paradise";  Nanjing Road, known as "China's No.1 Street", It’s open 24-hour a day 5 major functions of shopping, tourism, business, exhibition and culture. Tuesday – Feb. 26:  Tuesday – Feb. 26 Breakfast Visit Shanghai’s foreign investment development zone. Lunch Flight to Seoul Introductory tour of Seoul Check into hotel Dinner Seoul Geography :  Seoul Geography The Han River flows through the center of Seoul Rocky mountains circle the city The center of Seoul has a mountain called Namsan, which has a tower on top that enables one to see almost all of the city on a clear day.  10,000,000 people Seoul Climate :  Seoul Climate Average February high temperature is 8° Celsius Average February low temperature is -7 ° Celsius Average February rainfall is 21 mm (0.8 inches) High of 46 ° F Low of 19 ° F Rex Hotel Tue. Feb. 26 – Wed. Feb 27.:  Hotel Facilities: Laundry facilities Lobby Restaurant Room service Rex Hotel Tue. Feb. 26 – Wed. Feb 27. The hotel is rated as a three star facility, all rooms are equipped with: :  Air conditioning Cable / Satellite TV Hairdryer Mini bar Private bathroom Radio Telephone The hotel is rated as a three star facility, all rooms are equipped with: Location:  Located in the heart of Seoul, the Rex Hotel is close to the Namdaemun Market, Myung-dong as well as shopping and entertainment areas. This property is 2 minutes walk from the Hoehyun Metro Station and a kilometre from Seoul Train station. Location Wednesday – Feb. 27:  Wednesday – Feb. 27 Breakfast USDA Foreign Ag Service Ag Trade Office US Meat Export Federation US Wheat Associates Lunch National Agricultural Cooperative Federation of Korea Shopping & sightseeing on your own Thursday – Feb. 28:  Thursday – Feb. 28 Shopping & sightseeing on your own Lunch – On your own. Return Flights Depart on Asiana Airlines #202 at 4:30 pm Arrival at LAX on 11:30 am (the same day) Turn your clocks back 14 hours and gain back the day we lost going. This is the hard part! Luggage for the Trip:  Luggage for the Trip Limited to 1 bag not weighing more than 44 lbs. 1 Carry-on not weighing more than 22 lbs. No liquids more than 3ozs in your carry-on No valuables in your packed luggage – camera, phone, money List for Male:  List for Male 11 PR UNDERWEAR 11 PR SOCKS 2 TIES 5 STARCHED SHIRTS 3 PR OF THERMAL OR UNDER ARMOR 3 PR OF KAKI PANTS 3 PR OF JEANS 1 PR OF SLACKS 1 SUIT JACKET 1 HEAVY WOOL OR DOWN COAT 2 SWEATERS OR SWEATSHIRTS PAJAMAS OR LOUNGE WEAR List for Female:  List for Female UNDERGARMENTS FOR 11 DAYS 4 PR OF THERMAL OR UNDER ARMOR 4 PR OF JEANS 4 PR OF SLACKS 2 BLAZERS OR SUIT JACKETS 3 SWEATERS 8 SHIRTS PAJAMAS OR LOUNGE WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES HEAVY WOOL OR DOWN COAT Packing Tips:  Packing Tips Try to organize your suitcase so what goes together is in the same suitcase. This will limit the amount of unpacking you will have to do at each location. Roll t-shirts, socks, and undergarments. They take up less space this way. Packing Tips:  Packing Tips One you are at a location unpack what you will be wearing at that location and then re-pack as you go, so when you are ready to leave there is nothing to do but zip and go. If you keep your dirty or worn clothes folded and neat after you take them off, they will take up less space in your bag. Electricity:  Electricity Electrical appliances will require an adapter that can change the shape of the plug prongs, as well as an electrical voltage converter that will allow a normal 110-volt American appliance to take 220 Volt Chinese current. Throughout China 220 volt is used, although 4 & 5-star hotels are wired for use of 110-volt electrical appliances. Most hotels have a hair-dryer in each room. Customs Clearance:  Restricted Inbound and Outbound Items: Cigarettes/ Cigars/ Tobacco Products Duty Free Allowance: For inbound: 400 cigarettes. For outbound: 4 cartons of tobacco products. Alcoholic Beverages Duty Free Allowance: For inbound: 2 bottles each not exceeding 0.75 liter; Chinese Herbs & Patent Medicines: For outbound: Max. 300 Yuan per person to foreign countries. Exceeding the limit on musk and other Chinese herbs and medicines are prohibited. Gifts Items Duty Free Allowance: For inbound: reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use Customs Clearance Slide90:  Gold, Silver & Ornaments: For inbound: amount not exceeding 50 grams. Exporting any of these purchased items (including handicrafts of inlaid gold/silver ware) is only allowed with special invoices issued by PRC. Electronic Appliances: For inbound: One each of the following items is allowed: Camera, portable tape-recorder, portable cinecamera, portable video camera, portable computer. Prohibited Articles: For inbound: Arms, imitation arms, ammunition, explosives of all kinds, counterfeit currencies/negotiable securities, printed matter, films, photos, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes/video-tapes, CDs (video & audio), storage media for computers, articles which are detrimental to the political, economic, cultural and moral interest of China. Deadly poisons of all kinds. Opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, other addiction- inducing drugs and psychedelics. Animals, plants and/or products made thereof infected with or carrying diseases Export: is the same as prohibited articles for import. Manuscripts, printed matter, films, photos, gramophone records, cinematographic films, loaded recording tapes/video tapes, CDs (video & audio), storage media for computers and other articles which involve state secrets, valuable cultural relics and other relics prohibited for exports Endangered or rare animals, plant (including specimens, seeds and/or reproducing materials). Philippians 4:19-20:  Philippians 4:19-20 19 And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 20 To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Bible NIV. Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 SoftKey Multimedia Inc. All Rights Reserved One Final Thought from Brenda

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