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Published on February 26, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation:  T he Great Wall of China is made up of a number of different sections. These sections were built by various dynasties over a long period of time from stone and other materials. Its main purpose was protection against attacks and invasions from the north. The Great Wall of China is the longest structure ever built by humans. The first parts of the wall were built over 2000 years ago. A large number of workers have lost their lives while building the wall. Major rebuilding of the Great Wall of China took place during the Ming Dynasty that began in the 14th century. Construction during this time was strong due to the use of stone and brick . Rumours that astronauts can see the Great Wall of China from the Moon with the naked eye are untrue. China’s (Really Long) History and Culture PowerPoint Presentation: China is one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Ancient China was ruled by a monarch called an Emperor When several rulers from the same family ruled in a row, it was called a ___________. Several dynasties ruled over China’s history. The first to unite the entire country was the Qin and the last was the Qing Manchu Dynasty Outside influences China had limited contact with other cultures. The Chinese saw their culture as __________ to other cultures. I. Ancient History Fun Fact: The Chinese name for China, Zhōngguó , means “Middle Kingdom” or “Central Country.” One explanation for this is that the Chinese people felt that they were the center of the civilized world. (Making pretty much everyone else barbarians.) dynasty superior Chinese Dynasty Song Chinese Dynasty Song   Here's the Chinese dynasty song, to the tune of "Frere Jacques":    Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han  Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han  Sui, Tang, Song  Sui, Tang, Song  Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic  Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic  Mao and Deng  Mao and Deng   Jiaquing leader at the height of the Qing Dynasty Qin Er Shi leader at the height of the Qin Dynasty PowerPoint Presentation: I. Ancient History Outside influences The geography of China also helped to ________ the country. Other cultures wanted Chinese products like silk and ____. Europeans forced China to open trade in the ________. As a result of foreign influences, the Chinese people grew unhappy with the emperor’s rule. isolate tea 1800s Mountains, deserts, and the ocean together isolate China Porcelain Silk Tea PowerPoint Presentation: Revolution War with the Japanese, in 1895 weakened the final dynasty. The Qing dynasty lost its influence over Korea and lost possession of Taiwan. The last emperor was forced out of power by rebels in _______ . Warlords who were military cliques took over after the collapse of the last dynasty. Reformers who would later be called Nationalist wanted to  transform the Qing empire into a modern nation and they asked for help from Western countries, but were ignored. What was going on in 1914-1918 to distract the Western countries? T he Soviet Union came to China’s aid to help them defeat the Warlords 5. At first a __________ was set up, but civil war soon broke out between the Nationalists and the ____________. B. The Nationalists 1. The Nationalists were led by _______________. 2. They wanted to keep China as a republic, but 3. They lost the war and fled to the island of Taiwan to set up the Republic of China. II. Revolution and Civil War 1911 republic Communists Chiang Kai-shek Chiang Kai- shek Nationalist China- Divided in to various factions among the warlords PowerPoint Presentation: The Communists The Communists were led by _____________. The Communists won the violent civil war in ________. They set up the new Peoples Republic of China as a _____________ country. II. Revolution and Civil War Mao Zedong 1949 c ommunist Fun Fact: Like many Asian cultures, the Chinese people place the family name (what we would call a “last name”) at the beginning of a person’s name. When you see “Chairman Mao” it’s not like saying “President George.” It is like saying “President Washington.” PowerPoint Presentation: III. Mao’s China The Communists Take Power In a communist country, the government _______ most businesses and land and controls all areas of life. There were some benefits to the Chinese people, but personal rights were restricted. owns PowerPoint Presentation: III. Mao’s China The Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) The Great Leap Forward was a five year plan to modernize the _________ of China. Mao wanted the Chinese economy to compete with other world powers. It focused on __________ and Industry. It was a massive failure. The economy was severely damaged and _________ of people died. economy Agriculture millions PowerPoint Presentation: III. Mao’s China The Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) ______ tried to change the culture of China and reassert his beliefs and power Get rid of the old ideas and replace them with ideas from the revolution Artists, Academics, Economists and anyone else who disagreed with Mao were ____________. Young people were encouraged to carry books with quotes from Mao in them (Mao’s Little Red Book). Many _____________ were killed, imprisoned or fled the country. Mao persecuted intellectuals PowerPoint Presentation: Deng Xiaoping Mao died in _________ and Deng rose to power. Deng was more moderate than Mao. He admitted the ___________ had made mistakes and worked to __________ the economy of China. Moved the economy away from the command side and more toward the middle. Allowed some _________ ownership of businesses and encouraged other countries to invest in China. Leaders since Deng have continued his economic _________. IV. Modern China 1976 government modernize private reforms PowerPoint Presentation: Tiananmen Square Massacre (1989) Economic reforms were not coupled with political reforms. In 1989, Chinese students met in Tiananmen Square to protest for __________ reforms. The Chinese government cleared the square with ________ and troops on June 4 th 1989. Many student protestors were injured, killed, arrested or ____________. China continues to have a poor record on political and ________ rights despite the economic reforms. IV. Modern China democratic tanks disappeared human PowerPoint Presentation: People China has the world’s _________ population. Most of the people live in the ________. 92% of the people belong to the Han Chinese _________ group. There are 55 other ethnic groups that live mostly in the south and west. The Chinese government has been working to slow population growth. An example of this is the ______ Child Policy. V. People and Culture largest east ethnic One PowerPoint Presentation: Culture Mandarin Chinese is the official language but there are many other __________ of Chinese spoken in China. Buddhism, ______________, and Daoism are the major religions. Chinese porcelain, paintings focusing on nature, calligraphy, and poetry are highly regarded. V. People and Culture dialects Confucianism

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