China fba inspection company fba quality control for Amazon Sellers

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Information about China fba inspection company fba quality control for Amazon Sellers

Published on May 23, 2018

Author: eagleeyess


slide 1: Home Profile News Articles Standard Droptest Checklist Sampling Aql Standard Report Loading Audit Inspection Contact FAQ Reference 1 Inspection News 4 types of inspection service Third party inspection company China Pre-Shipment Inspection China First Article Inspection During Production Inspection Pre-Production Inspection Container Loading Supervision China Factory Audit Checklist China Quality Control Service 100 defects sorting service China fba inspection company fba quality control for Amazon Sellers More and more merchants regardless the origin of countries are sourcing their products from China to sell on Amazon. Amazon pick pack and ship merchants orders after they send the products to amazon warehouse. And Amazon set up the Fulfillment by Amazon FBAwhich all the sellers on Amazon should follow strictly such as weight limit per box package size shippment label etc. And Amazon has its own rating system to rate the products sold on its platform. The poor quality products will result in poor rating and can cause merchant to be kicked out Amazon if the poor quality products rate is over 1. One important point here is Amazon does not check the quality of the products to be sold on its platform from what I was told merchants need to control the quality on their own. Yet the merchants often have to ship the goods directly to an Amazon warehouse from suppliers/manufacturer warehouse which means they cant see the products for themselves in their country. China fba inspection company fba quality control for Amazo... 第1页 共2页 2018/5/23 23:05 slide 2: If many of the products are defective which may well happen during factory production procedure there is no mechanism to stop that batch from being shipped to customers. In the short term customer complaints and returns are costly. But in the long run bad rating from dissatisfied users can kill a business in no time. Most Amazon merchants are small operations and cant give a big order to a Chinese manufacturer.Not only do they have cash constraints but they also need to make small bets and test the market. Unfortunately China is not very small-business-friendly. If Amazon sellers could not ship the goods to their warehouse to check first before sending them to Amazon warehouse they should at least do some quality control at suppliers/factories premises before shipment If they want to avoid complete disasters. And a pre-shipment inspection is most popular in all types of quality control. If you are not familiar with that service have a look at this page Pre-shipment inspection PSI What will be checked in our China fba inspection and China fba quality control: FBA label requirement labels sizes + barcode reading FBA package requirementproducts package sizes + weight Besides above special for FBA below points are covered: 1.Quantity checking samples size by AQL II 2.Appearance Workmanship defectis 3.Other Data measurement 4.Function checking testing 5.Carton dropping test And we offer special inspection rate for Amazon orders in China if the orders are big volume and the items are simplier products. Our QA QC Inspection Services: Suppliers Selection Production Monitoring Secure Shipment Factory Audit Factory Prototype Check Container Loading Supervision Sample Test Pre-Production Inspection Container Unloading Supervision Company Verification During Production Inspection Pre-shipment Inspection 100 defects Sorting China Inspection |China Quality Control All Rights Reserved: Eagle Eyes CHINA Quality Inspection Company.--CHINA Inspection Service--CHINA Quality Control--Factory Audit--QC Sourcing Agent-- China fba inspection company fba quality control for Amazo... 第2页 共2页 2018/5/23 23:05

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