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Published on August 4, 2009

Author: ericaswallow



This presentation was made during my (Erica Swallow) internship at Saatchi & Saatchi during the summer of 2008. China Care, the client, was pleased with my team's work and signed off. I sourced and managed the China Care pro bono account and negotiated pro bono space for an ad in CosmoGirl magazine. There were so many people that helped along the way. Thanks to everyone!

Helping Disabled Chinese Orphans through Advertising Erica Swallow 2008 CosmoGirl Project 2024 Intern 08.04.08

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Our Target Next Steps

Disabled Chinese Orphans • 1 million orphans in China • Most are medical orphans – Preference for healthy children – No national healthcare – Average Chinese salary: $2,000 a year • Most common ailments – Cleft lip and palate – Congenital limb and heart defects – Spina Bifida – Anal Atresia – Premature

China Care Mission To give special-needs Chinese orphans the opportunity for a better life and to empower youth through direct humanitarian service.

China Care Programs • Children’s Homes • Medical Programs • Foster Program • Orphanage Support Program • Adoption Support • Volunteer Program • Clubs Above: Alice Chen volunteering in China

China Care Success Story: Dang Kai Rui

Current China Care Communication • Brochures • Newsletters • Fundraising Events • Promotional Videos • Website • Word-of-Mouth China Care Care Package Newsletter

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

Our Greatest Imaginable Challenge Our greatest wish is for all children everywhere to have a home

Why are We Uniquely Positioned? • You can see the difference you make • China Care is life-changing

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

Women 25-34 • A demographic we miss out on • 25 is the turning point • #1 cause she would support is “birth defects and illnesses affecting children” • More disposable income

Interest in China • Studied / Lived / Worked in China • East Asian Studies / Mandarin student • Chinese-American • Vacationed in China

A Look at Our Target Mandie, 25 “I recently watched a baby be born in the backseat of a greyhound bus in Indonesia.” Single, no kids Mandarin Speaker Traveler / Backpacker New Yorker / Beijinger Graduate Student China AIDS Consultant American Expatriate

A Look at Our Target Joanne, 29 Married , no kids Bilingual Traveler Ballroom Dancer Chinese-American Speech Pathologist

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

The Landscape International Charities China-Specific Charities

Mission To provide free cleft surgery for millions of poor children in developing countries. To provide free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals. Until there are no more children who need help and we have completely eradicated the problem of clefts. • Treatment Grants • Education Grants

Better Homes August 2008

Mission Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Together, we create smiles, change lives, heal humanity. • Medical Program

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

China Care OIIC Objective: Inspire women (age 25-34) to make a donation to China Care. Issue: She is a busy woman who has seen causes like ours before. With so many competing charities, it is difficult to choose which to support and trust. In the past, it has been too easy not to donate. Insight: Simplicity and transparency are key. People are more likely to donate if they know that their donation will make a visible difference. Challenge: Show that China Care is as a transparent organization that allows you to choose a project and see your contribution. Organizing Idea: See the difference you make.

Focus Group Findings: Price Tag Campaign “This is very direct and makes it seem urgent.” “It seems like I’d be helping out a lot. If 10 people contributed $50, it’d be $500. We’d save his life.” “If I throw $20 at this cause, I know how far it goes.”

Focus Group Findings: Love Campaign “This campaign makes it seem easy, affordable, and doable.” “100% of your contributions go directly to help – that jumped out at me.” “I feel like I’m a part of the process, instead of just shopping for a charity to throw money at, because I am donating small, tangible parts of the solution.”

Media Plan $25,000 • Chinese Expatriate Lifestyle Media $100,000 • Chinese Expatriate Lifestyle Media • Social Networking: Facebook • Language Centers • Asian-American Magazines

Online Shanghai News Source and Blog Bi-weekly expatriate lifestyle magazine

$25,000 Media Plan Total Cost: $24,320 1 Million Impressions: If just 5% of viewers donate $10, that would be $500,000 in donations!

Media Plan $25,000 • Chinese Expatriate Lifestyle Media $100,000 • Chinese Expatriate Lifestyle Media • Social Networking: Facebook • Asian-American Magazines • Language Centers

Bi-monthly fashion magazine (L.A.) Quad-monthly non-profit magazine

Language Centers

$100,000 Media Plan Total Cost: $99,010 2.3 Million Impressions: If just 5% of viewers donate $10, that would be $1.2 million in donations!

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

Further Recommendations • Overall brand identity analysis • Apply for Ad Council Endorsed Campaign

Go to to donate now!

Agenda Social Issue The Landscape How Will We Our Objective Reach Her? Further Our Target Recommendations

Acknowledgements China Care CosmoGirl! Saatchi & Saatchi ZenithMedia Katerina Kruzykowski Tara Roberts Amy Steptoe Kerry Lind Barbara Korus Susan Schulz Elliott Holt Kristin Conroy Lisa Slow Deanne Hess Vanessa Katz Felix Lee Brent Johnson Margeaux Lippman Riva Weinstein Diana Kuo Keith Gordon Nivedita Kulkarni Matt Dalio Thornton McEnery Pat Murphy Fernanda Diaz Amber Boyd Jennifer Randolph Ali Pulver Christine Villanueva Courtney Winegar Special thanks to the Olay team for daring to create a better future!

Helping Disabled Chinese Orphans Through Advertising Appendix I: Other Useful Statistics 08.04.08

China Care Demographics Administrators Adopting Families Club Members Donors Executive Board Volunteers 15 24 34 44 54 64 74 Age (in Years)

Top Ten Countries Adopted From in 2007 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 0 Ethiopia Vietnam India Liberia Ukraine China Russia Guatemala South Kazakhstan Korea Fact: 62,389 Chinese children adopted to U.S. since 1985

2006 Charitable Giving Index • Health and human services ranked as the first or second charitable giving choice for nearly two-thirds of all respondents (63%). • Lower-income Americans are among the nation's most generous givers, with 48 percent of households earning less than $25,000 per year giving at least $100 per year. • Married couples are more likely than the general population to give, and more likely to give at levels of $100 or more. • Attending at least some college makes you more than twice as likely to have given more in 2006 vs. 2005.

Helping Disabled Chinese Orphans Through Advertising Appendix IIa: Landscape: Other International Charity Ads 08.04.08

The Landscape International Charities China-Specific Charities

Helping Disabled Chinese Orphans Through Advertising Appendix IIb: Landscape: China-Specific Charities 08.04.08

The Landscape International Charities China-Specific Charities

Mission To take in the so-called "broken" children and transform their hopelessness into beautiful stories of redemption and love. In their time with us, we love and care for them, provide them surgeries to correct their medical conditions, and work to find loving families to adopt them. • Medical Program • Foster Care • Adoption Assistance

Mission To improve the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China. • Medical Program • Nutrition Program • Education Program • Foster Care • Adoption Grants • Orphanage Assistance

Mission To ensure that every one of China's orphans has a caring adult in her life. • Infant Nurture Centers • Education Programs • Foster Programs

Mission To deliver education and vocational programs, medical/surgical care and humanitarian aid for orphaned and disadvantaged children in China • Medical Program • Education Program • Vocational Training • Humanitarian Aid • Youth Initiative

Helping Disabled Chinese Orphans Through Advertising Appendix III: Media Research 08.04.08

Chinese Expatriate Magazines / Newspapers / Websites

City Weekend Magazine City Weekend Readers • 43% 25-34 years old • 58% female • 60% upper management • 89% plan on traveling in 2008 Circulation • Beijing / Shanghai: 48,000/week/city • Home & Office: 40,000/issue Rates • Back cover: 50,000RMB / $7,500 • Inside front cover: 45,000RMB / $6,600 • Full-Page: 35,000RMB / $5,200 Shanghaiist Readers • 79% 21-40 years old • 32% female • 64% visit Shanghai at least 1x year • 220,000 visits per month Rates • 1 Banner – Weekly: 2,500RMB / $370 – Monthly: 6,000RMB / $880 • 2 Wide Skyscraper – Weekly: 2,000RMB / $300 – Monthly: 5,000RMB / $730

The Beijinger Magazine The Beijinger Readers • 37% 28-37 years old • 36% female • 66% upper management • 69% spent 1+ years in Beijing • Mean HHI: $123,166 Rates • Back cover: 72,000RMB / $10,500 • Inside front cover: 58,000RMB / $8,500 • Full-Page: 48,000RMB / $7,050 • Double Spread: 90,000RMB / $13,220

China Daily Newspaper China Daily Readers • 41% 25-34 years old • 66% multi-national government officials / think-tanks Circulation • 300,000 in 150 countries Rates (daily) • Full-page: 147,000RMB / $21,600 • ¼ Page: 42,000RMB / $6,200 Regional Rates (500,000 impressions) • Super Banner – $6,000/month • Home Page Feature – $4000/month Other Super Banner Rates • Hong Kong: $4,000/month (350,000 impressions) • Shanghai: $2,000/month (150,000 impressions) • Beijing: $1,000/month (50,000 impressions)

Asian-American Magazines

Audrey Magazine Audrey Readers • 82% female • 40% = 25-34yrs / 72%= 25 -44 • Median age: 31 • 87% employed full-time • 72% college graduates • Mean HHI: $74,500 • Subscriptions: 10,000 • Total Readership: 30,000 Rates • Back cover: $5,000 • Inside front / back cover: $4,000 Bi-monthly fashion magazine (L.A.) • Inside: $3,000

Hyphen Magazine Hyphen Readers • 84% 19-34 years old • 82% Asian American • 81% College graduates • California / New York • Subscriptions: 5,000 Rates • Spread: $1000 / $670 / $450 • Full-Page: $550 / $370 / $250 • Back Cover: $750 / $500 / $335 Quad-monthly non-profit magazine

Philanthropy Magazines

Asian-American Philanthropy Websites Contact: Dien S Yuen,

Airline Magazines

Continental Magazine Continental Readers • 37% Female • Median HHI: $142,841 • 63% college graduates • 63% professional / managerial • Readership: 2.4 million Rates • Full-Page B&W: $27,955

Lifestyle Magazines GOOD is the integrated media platform for people Ode is a print and online who want to live well and do good. We are a publication about positive news, company and community for the people, about the people and ideas that are businesses, and NGOs moving the world forward. changing our world for the better.

GOOD Magazine Good Readers • 63% Female • Median age: 31 • Mean HHI: $100,000 • 78% college graduates • 60% 21-34 • 25,000+ subscribers • All profits go to chosen charities • Non-partner partnership

Ode Magazine Ode Readers • 76% Female • Median age: 31 • Mean HHI: $80,000 • 81% college graduates • 90% highly interested in traveling • 68% visited a website featured in Ode • Circulation: 150,000 • Subscribers: 127,500 Rates (non-profits) • Back cover: $10,920 • Inside, front cover: $10,080 • Inside, back cover: $9,240

• U.S. Females 25-34: 2,743,380 – College grads: 651,180 – Interested in Volunteering: 23,560 • College Grads: 9,900 • Interest in China: 6,400 • Bids start at $0.71 per click • Set daily spending caps

Helping Disabled Chinese Orphans Through Advertising Appendix IV: A Closer Look at Our Target 08.04.08

Women 25-34 • 45% Associate’s degree or above • 44% Live in urban centers • 25% Employed Full Time • Love traveling: ~ 5 leisure trips within past year • Average HHI: $63,719 • 64% Married (Avg. marriage age: 28) • 25 is the turning point – Slow shift from the focus of self to family – House buying / marriage / parenthood / future

Cause-Related Marketing • 68% adults 18+ : health-related issues – 86% : cancer research (other than breast cancer) – 83% : birth defects and illnesses affecting children – 84% adults 25-34 : birth defects and illnesses affecting children (#1 ranked) • 74% W18+ : health-related issues • Americans are the most philanthropic people in the world • College graduates are more likely to support international concerns • Adults 18-34 (Echo Boomers) are particularly interested in philanthropy – 39% state they do their part as a community member – 49% said philanthropic work makes them “feel good about themselves” – 83% trust a company more if it is socially/environmentally responsible – 73% are more likely to pay attention to a company with a deep commitment to a cause

A Look at Our Target Marti, 32 “I consider myself a champagne backpacker.” Married Mother Traveler Graduate Student Travel Guide Editor Webmaster

A Look at Our Target “I've been developing an unhealthy Meret, 25 obsession with bikram yoga.” Bikram Yoga Fiend Traveler Graduate Student Dog Lover Full Time Employee Mandarin Speaker

A Day in the Life of Joanne 7:00am 9:30 – 10:00am 10:00 – 11:00 am 11:00am – 3:00pm Wake up; get Drive to work Check VM, Email, Appointments, errands, ready for work in Long Island calendar; breakfast people knocking on door 3:00 – 5:30pm 9:30pm - Midnight Weekends 7:30 – 8:30pm 9:00pm Watch DVR TV On-campus rounds, Ballroom practice Home Family Time language groups, General Hospital & House-hunting or gym channel surfing staff observations

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