China as an international investor: in a class of its own

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Information about China as an international investor: in a class of its own

Published on September 2, 2008

Author: soniabess



According to Markus Jaeger, from the Deutsche Bank Research, China is already in a "class of its own" among the BRIC group (Brazil, Russia and India) of fast-growing economic powers and will "replace the United States as the world's largest economy by 2040". China will emerge as a "net capital exporter" in the next ten years due to its large domestic savings and its export development approach.

Talking point BRICs as international investors: China in a class of its own August 26, 2008 The BRIC story is common knowledge by now. The BRIC countries are characterised by high economic growth rates, large populations and expanding middle classes. China and India will re-emerge as major economic and political powers over the next fifty years or so and China is projected to replace the United States as the world’s largest economy by 2040. According to data compiled by economic historian Angus Maddison, as recently as 1700, Qing China and Mughal India each represented a little less than 25% of world GDP. Their respective share dropped to less than 5% by 1950. The recent revision of World Bank PPP data notwithstanding, China and India are poised to “reclaim” their place as the world’s largest economies over the next half century. This, in a nutshell, i

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