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Published on January 14, 2009

Author: aSGuest10506


Children’s Trust’s What are they and What are the benefits : Children’s Trust’s What are they and What are the benefits PC Andrea Prout Essex Police Braintree Pathfinder Children’s Trust The Braintree Pathfinder Children’s Trust : The Braintree Pathfinder Children’s Trust An integrated model Key Partners Built around need 0-19Yrs Providing EARLY intervention services The Team : The Team 35 Pathfinder’s across England Multi Agency Secondment model Co-located Referrals Police Role and the Change for Children agenda : Police Role and the Change for Children agenda Be Healthy – choose not to take illegal drugs Stay Safe – from bullying, victimisation, crime and ASB Enjoy and Achieve – wanting to be in a safe school environment Make a positive contribution – engage and support the community, choose not to engage in anti social or offending behaviour Achieve economic well-being – live in decent homes within sustainable communities. Key Objectives for the Trust : Key Objectives for the Trust Domestic Violence Parenting Healthy Lifestyles Community Safety All linked to cross agency Key Performance Indicators Domestic Violence : Domestic Violence Domestic Violence Panel Women’s refuge Domestic Violence Liaison Officers Collect all Police data of families experiencing DV ensure all children are offered services Provides ‘education and awareness’ to other Officers on the full extent of DV Development of the link with Domestic Violence and Hate Crime Unit Persistent runaways Parenting : Parenting Joint facilitation of parenting support groups for 10-teens Early years parenting pre-school – 8yrs. Joint working provides a more holistic assessment Providing age specific information on Criminal Justice system to parents, children and young people. Promoting the Police Service. Healthy Lifestyles : Healthy Lifestyles Joint work with detached youth worker promoting sports activities youth sports clubs Joint facilitation of activity highlighting the area of teenage pregnancy, safe sex and staying safe. Working with schools sharing information on the impact of substance misuse Providing groups and individuals with specific information on age of responsibility in relation to sex, alcohol, drugs and related consequences Promoting diversity, equality and promoting and difference Community Safety : Community Safety Police, YOT and CT sit on locality Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnerships. Attend all Community Safety Tasking Groups Sit on Prolific and other Priority Offenders group Multi agency planning ABC’s Community Group Conferencing Outcomes to Date : Outcomes to Date Excellent inter agency links established. High levels of praise from parents / carers in feedback surveys. 481 referrals received of which 342 were accepted. 117 declined. 20 pending initial assessment. Feedback from CAFS team that they are now seeing more appropriate referrals. Early signs that children looked after numbers are reducing in Braintree. Early signs that numbers of children on the child protection register in Braintree are falling. What are the real benefits for Police : What are the real benefits for Police Early intervention – less calls to that same address Reduction in nuisance youth calls. Address negative perceptions. Less resources spent investigating persistent runaways Less chance of the child going the same way Improved Communications with all partners and agencies Known Impacts of ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda on Policing : Known Impacts of ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda on Policing Duty to Cooperate  Means; Cooperation on a strategic planning level. Planning services together. Cooperation on a local level. Identifying need and working together to pool resources. All linked to ECM 5 Outcomes. Integrated Inspections Joint area Reviews (JARS). HMIC will not participate in fieldwork for JARS, but will collect evidence on how local police services contribute to the well being of children E.G. How many young people have been victims of crime. Assessment on how agencies cooperate together to reduce anti-social behaviour and interventions to reduce offending What does this mean for Policing : What does this mean for Policing Focus on better prevention and EARLY intervention services Working out solutions with partners Pathfinder to test out with Police, radically new paths to achieve better outcomes for the whole community Reshape existing services to ensure a victim focus To further develop and mainstream restorative interventions All agencies within the Criminal Justice arena recognising the value of investment at an earlier point

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