Childrens Picture Book: Little Rabbit and the Moon

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Information about Childrens Picture Book: Little Rabbit and the Moon

Published on March 19, 2014

Author: krishnanns



A ten page picture book based story for toddlers and kids below seven years. Adventurous story of a little Rabbit's efforts to reach the Moon.

Krishnan Little Rabbit Goes to the Moon

A Storybird Little Rabbit Goes to the Moon By Krishnan Illustrated by bluedogrose Published on March 20, 2014 © Storybird 2014. All rights reserved. Not for resale.

Rabbit Village is a small Village. Many Rabbits lived there. They were always dancing and singing. Tap doo… Tap doo… doo..da..doo..da..doooo

A Little Rabbit and its Mother Rabbit lived there. Mother Rabbit goes for a little walk with the little one every night.

Little Rabbit was fond of the moon. He tries to jump up to reach the moon. “Pump up…Legs up…Jump up | Pump up…Legs up…Jump up…”

Mother Rabbit wanted to help Little Rabbit. She carried him in her arms and raise up. “Lift me up..mumma.. I want to touch the moon”

Little Rabbit asked the birds to help him. Tweetie, a little Pigeon agreed to help him. “Tweetie..Little Bird..Give me your wings..Help me fly to the moon”

Tweetie gave her wings to the Little Rabbit. Little Rabbit flew high above the tree. However, he could not fly beyond that. Disappointed, he came down and cried. “Mom..I want to go and touch the moon..touch the moon..touch the moon…”

Mother Rabbit made a Hot Balloon for the little one to fly. Little Rabbit flew above the mountains. However, the balloon could not go above it. Disappointed, he came down and cried. “Mom..I want to go and touch the moon..touch the moon..touch the moon…”

Little Rabbit flew a kite. He tried climbing on it. However, the thread was not strong. Disappointed, he came down and cried. “Mom..I want to go and touch the moon..touch the moon..touch the moon…”

The crow was looking at the little Rabbit’s plight. It bought a ticket to the little one. A ticket to travel in a Rocket to the sky. The crow sang “Fly by the sky…up..up…Fly by the sky…up..up..”

Little Rabbit sat in the rocket. Flew through the sky. Up in the cloud. Saw the Moon. Touched the moon and sang, “Moon..My Moon..White Moon…Come Home.. lala…lala..lala..lala..” and went to sleep.

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