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Published on March 15, 2014

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THE CONTENTS SECTION I PREFACE AND GENERAL INTRODUCTION General Bibliography 2 The Preface 5 General Introduction 7 1.Literature for Children 7 2.Literature in the Grades 8 3.Story-Telling and Dramatization 10 4.Courses of Study 13 SECTION II MOTHER GOOSE JINGLES AND NURSERY RHYMES Bibliography 18 Introductory 19 Mother Goose (Shorter rhymes): 1.A cat came fiddling out of a barn 23 2.A diller, a dollar 23 3.As I was going to St. Ives 23 4.As I was going up Pippen Hill 23 5.As I went to Bonner 23 6.As Tommy Snooks and Bessie Brooks 23 7.A swarm of bees in May 23 8.Baa, baa, black sheep 23 9.Barber, barber, shave a pig 23 10.Birds of a feather flock together 23 11.Bless you, bless you, burnie bee 23 12.Bobby Shafto's gone to sea 24 13.Bow, wow, wow 24 14.Bye, baby bunting 24 15.Come when you're called 24 16.Cross patch 24 17.Curly locks, curly locks 24 18.Dance, little baby 24 19.Diddle, diddle, dumpling 24 20.Ding, dong, bell 24 21.Doctor Foster 24 22.Eggs, butter, cheese, bread 24 23.For every evil under the sun 24 24.Four-and-twenty tailors 25 25.Great A, little a 25 26.Hark, hark 25 27.Here sits the Lord Mayor 25 28.Here we go up, up, up 25 29.Hey! diddle, diddle 25

30.Hickery, dickery, 6 and 7 25 31.Higgledy, Piggledy 25 32.Hickory, dickory, dock 25 33.Hogs in the garden 25 34.Hot-cross buns 26 35.Hub a dub dub 26 36.Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall 26 37.If all the sea were one sea 26 38.If all the world was apple-pie 26 39.If I'd as much money as I could spend 26 40.If "ifs" and "ands" 26 41.If wishes were horses 26 42.I had a little pony 26 43.I had a little hobby horse 26 44.I have a little sister 27 45.I'll tell you a story 27 46.In marble walls as white as milk 27 47.I went up one pair of stairs 27 48.Jack and Jill went up the hill 27 49.Jack be nimble 27 50.Jack Sprat could eat no fat 27 51.Knock at the door 27 52.Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home 27 53.Little boy blue, come blow your horn 27 54.Little girl, little girl, where have you been 27 55.Little Jack Horner 28 56.Little Jack Jingle 28 57.Little Johnny Pringle 28 58.Little Miss Muffet 28 59.Little Nancy Etticoat 28 60.Little Robin Redbreast 28 61.Little Tommy Tucker 28 62.Long legs, crooked thighs 28 63.Lucy Locket lost her pocket 28 64.Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John 28 65.Mistress Mary, quite contrary 28 66.Multiplication is vexation 28 67.Needles and pins 29 68.Old King Cole 29 [vi]69.Once I saw a little bird 29 70.One for the money 29 71.One misty, moisty morning 29 72.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 29 73.One, two 29 74.Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man 29 75.Pease-porridge hot 29

76.Peter, Peter, pumpkin-eater 30 77.Peter Piper picked a peck 30 78.Poor old Robinson Crusoe 30 79.Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, where have you been 30 80.Pussy sits beside the fire 30 81.Ride a cock-horse to Banbury-cross 30 82.Ride, baby, ride 30 83.Rock-a-bye, baby 30 84.Rock-a-bye, baby, thy cradle is green 30 85.See a pin and pick it up 30 86.See, saw, sacradown 31 87.Shoe the little horse 31 88.Sing a song of sixpence 31 89.Star light, star bright 31 90.The King of France went up the hill 31 91.The lion and the unicorn 31 92.The man in the moon 31 93.The north wind doth blow 31 94.The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts 31 95.There was a crooked man 31 96.There was a little boy went into a barn 32 97.There was a man and he had naught 32 98.There was a man in our town 32 99.There was an old man 32 100.There was an old woman, and what do you think 32 101.There was an old woman lived under a hill 32 102.There was an old woman of Leeds 32 103.There was an old woman of Norwich 32 104.There was an old woman tossed up in a basket 32 105.There was an old woman who lived in a shoe 33 106.There was an owl lived in an oak 33 107.This is the way the ladies ride 33 108.This little pig went to market 33 109.Three blind mice 33 110.Three wise men of Gotham 33 111.To market, to market, to buy a fat pig 33 112.Tom, Tom, the piper's son 33 113.Two-legs sat upon three-legs 33 114.When a twister a-twisting 34 115."Willy boy, Willy boy, where are you going?" 34 Wilhelmina Seegmiller 116.Milkweed Seeds 34 117.An Anniversary 34 118.Twink! twink! 34 Mother Goose (Longer rhymes) 119.A Was an Apple-Pie 34

120.Tom Thumb's Alphabet 35 121.Where Are You Going 35 122.Molly and I 35 123.London Bridge 36 124.I Saw a Ship 36 125.There Was an Old Woman 36 126.Little Bo-Peep 37 127.Cock a Doodle Doo 37 128.Three Jovial Huntsmen 37 129.There Was a Little Man 37 130.Taffy 38 131.Simple Simon 38 132.A Farmer Went Trotting 38 133.Tom the Piper's Son 38 134.When I Was a Little Boy 39 135.The Babes in the Wood 39 136.The Fox and His Wife 40 137.For Want of a Nail 40 138.A Man of Words 40 139.Jemima 41 140.Mother Hubbard and Her Dog 41 141.The Courtship, Merry Marriage, and Picnic Dinner of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren 42 142.The Burial of Poor Cock Robin 44 143.Dame Wiggins of Lee, and Her Seven Wonderful Cats 45 144.This Is the House That Jack Built 47 145.The Egg in the Nest 49 146.Change About 49 SECTION III FAIRY STORIES—TRADITIONAL TALES Bibliography 52 Introductory 53 English: [vii]147.The Old Woman and Her Pig 56 148.Henny-Penny 58 149.Teeny-Tiny 59 150.The Cat and the Mouse 60 151.The Story of the Three Little Pigs 61 152.Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse 63 153.The Story of the Three Bears 64 154.The Three Sillies 67 155.Lazy Jack 69 156.The Story of Mr. Vinegar 71 157.Jack and the Beanstalk 73 158.Tom Thumb 79 159.Whittington and His Cat 84

160.Tom Tit Tot 89 French: 161.Little Red Riding Hood 92 162.True History of Little Golden Hood 94 163.Puss in Boots 97 164.Toads and Diamonds 100 165.Cinderella, or the Little Glass Slipper 102 166.Drakestail 106 167.Beauty and the Beast 110 Norwegian: 168.Why the Bear Is Stumpy-Tailed 122 169.The Three Billy-Goats Gruff 123 170.The Husband Who Was to Mind the House 124 171.Boots and His Brothers 125 172.The Quern at the Bottom of the Sea 128 German: 173.The Traveling Musicians 131 174.The Blue Light 134 175.The Elves and the Shoemaker 136 176.The Fisherman and His Wife 138 177.Rose-Bud 142 178.Rumpelstiltskin 144 179.Snow-White and Rose-Red 146 Indian: 180.The Lambikin 150 181.Tit for Tat 151 182.The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal 152 183.Pride Goeth before a Fall 154 Japanese: 184.The Mirror of Matsuyama 156 185.The Tongue-Cut Sparrow 158 Slavic: 186.The Straw Ox 160 Irish: 187.Connla and the Fairy Maiden 162 188.The Horned Women 164 189.King O'Toole and His Goose 165 SECTION IV FAIRY STORIES—MODERN FANTASTIC TALES Bibliography 170 Introductory 171 Abram S. Isaacs 190.A Four-Leaved Clover 174 I.The Rabbi and the Diadem 174 II.Friendship 175

III.True Charity 175 IV.An Eastern Garden 176 Samuel Taylor Coleridge 191.The Lord Helpeth Man and Beast 177 Hans Christian Andersen 192.The Real Princess 179 193.The Emperor's New Clothes 180 194.The Nightingale 183 195.The Fir Tree 190 196.The Tinder Box 195 197.The Hardy Tin Soldier 200 198.The Ugly Duckling 203 Frances Browne 199.The Story of Fairyfoot 209 Oscar Wilde 200.The Happy Prince 217 Raymond MacDonald Alden 201.The Knights of the Silver Shield 223 Jean Ingelow 202.The Prince's Dream 227 Frank R. Stockton 203.Old Pipes and the Dryad 233 John Ruskin 204.The King of the Golden River 245 SECTION V FABLES AND SYMBOLIC STORIES Bibliography 262 Introductory 263 Æsop [viii]205.The Shepherd's Boy 266 206.The Lion and the Mouse 266 207.The Crow and the Pitcher 266 208.The Frog and the Ox 267 209.The Frogs Desiring a King 267 210.The Field Mouse and the Town Mouse 268 Christina G. Rossetti 211.The City Mouse and the Garden Mouse 268 Horace 212.The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse 268 Æsop 213.Androcles 269 Thomas Day 214.Androcles and the Lion 270 Æsop 215.The Wind and the Sun 272

216.The Goose with the Golden Eggs 272 La Fontaine 217.The Hen with the Golden Eggs 272 Æsop 218.The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 273 219.The Hare and the Tortoise 273 220.The Miller, His Son, and Their Ass 274 221.The Travelers and the Bear 274 222.The Lark and Her Young Ones 275 223.The Old Man and His Sons 275 224.The Fox and the Grapes 276 225.The Widow and the Hen 276 226.The Kid and the Wolf 276 227.The Man and the Satyr 276 228.The Dog and the Shadow 276 229.The Swallow and the Raven 276 230.Mercury and the Woodman 276 231.The Mice in Council 277 232.The Mountebank and Countryman 277 233.The Milkmaid and Her Pail 278 La Fontaine 234.The Dairywoman and the Pot of Milk 278 From "The Arabian Nights" 235.The Story of Alnaschar 279 Bidpai (Indian Fables) 236.The Camel and the Pig 280 237.The Ass in the Lion's Skin 281 238.The Talkative Tortoise 282 239.A Lion Tricked by a Rabbit 283 Marie de France 240.The Cock and the Fox 284 La Fontaine 241.The Grasshopper and the Ant 284 242.The Cock, the Cat, and the Young Mouse 285 John Gay 243.The Hare with Many Friends 286 Tomas Yriarte 244.The Musical Ass 287 Ivan Krylov 245.The Swan, the Pike, and the Crab 287 From the Bible 246.The Bramble Is Made King 288 247.The Good Samaritan 289 248.The Prodigal Son 289 Henry Ward Beecher 249.The Anxious Leaf 290

Benjamin Franklin 250.The Whistle 291 251.The Ephemera 292 Joseph Addison 252.The Vision of Mirzah 294 Jane Taylor 253.The Discontented Pendulum 297 Leo Tolstoi 254.Croesus and Solon 299 SECTION VI MYTHS Bibliography 302 Introductory 303 Greek and Roman: Grace H. Kupfer 255.A Story of the Springtime 306 Nathaniel Hawthorne 256.The Paradise of Children 309 257.The Miraculous Pitcher 319 R. E. Francillon 258.The Narcissus 330 259.The Apple of Discord 332 Josephine P. Peabody 260.Icarus and Daedalus 335 261.Admetus and the Shepherd 337 Thomas Bulfinch [ix]262.Midas 338 Charles Mills Gayley 263.Phaëthon 340 Norse: Thomas Bulfinch 264.Thor's Visit to Jötunheim 343 Hamilton Wright Mabie 265.Odin's Search for Wisdom 348 Ethel M. Wilmot-Buxton 266.How the Fenris Wolf was Chained 351 Anna and Eliza Keary 267.Frey 354 Hamilton Wright Mabie 268.The Death of Balder 360 SECTION VII POETRY Bibliography 368 Introductory 369

Eliza Lee Follen 269.The Three Little Kittens 371 270.The Moon 371 271.Runaway Brook 372 272.Ding Dong! Ding Dong! 372 Elizabeth Prentiss 273.The Little Kitty 372 Sara J. Hale 274.Mary Had a Little Lamb 372 Theodore Tilton 275.Baby Bye 373 Lucy Larcom 276.The Brown Thrush 374 Lydia Maria Child 277.Thanksgiving Day 375 278.Who Stole the Bird's Nest 375 "Susan Coolidge" 279.How the Leaves Came Down 377 Phoebe Cary 280.They Didn't Think 377 281.The Leak in the Dike 378 Robert Louis Stevenson 282.Whole Duty of Children 381 283.The Cow 381 284.Time to Rise 381 285.Rain 381 286.A Good Play 382 287.The Lamplighter 382 288.The Land of Nod 382 289.The Land of Story-Books 382 290.My Bed Is a Boat 383 291.My Shadow 383 292.The Swing 383 293.Where Go the Boats 384 294.The Wind 384 295.Windy Nights 384 Frank Dempster Sherman 296.Spinning Top 384 297.Flying Kite 385 298.King Bell 385 299.Daisies 385 Eugene Field 300.Wynken, Blynken, and Nod 385 301.The Sugar-Plum Tree 386 302.The Duel 387 James Whitcomb Riley

303.The Treasures of the Wise Man 387 304.The Circus-Day Parade 388 305.The Raggedy Man 389 James Hogg 306.A Boy's Song 389 Mary Howitt 307.The Spider and the Fly 390 William Howitt 308.The Wind in a Frolic 391 Ann Taylor 309.The Cow 392 310.Meddlesome Matty 392 Jane Taylor 311."I Like Little Pussy" 393 312.The Star 394 Christina G. Rossetti 313.Seldom or Never 394 314.An Emerald Is as Green as Grass 394 315.Boats Sail on the Rivers 394 316.A Diamond or a Coal? 395 317.The Swallow 395 318.Who Has Seen the Wind? 395 319.Milking Time 395 William Brighty Rands 320.The Peddler's Caravan 395 321.The Wonderful World 396 Richard Monckton Milnes 322.Good-Night and Good-Morning 396 William Roscoe 323.The Butterfly's Ball 397 Author Unknown 324.Can You? 398 Robert Browning 325.Pippa's Song 399 Charles Mackay [x]326.Little and Great 399 Felicia Dorothea Hemans 327.Casabianca 399 William Blake 328.Three Things to Remember 400 329.The Lamb 401 330.The Shepherd 401 331.The Tiger 401 332.The Piper 401 Eliza Cook 333.Try Again 402

Edward Lear 334.The Owl and the Pussy-Cat 403 335.The Table and the Chair 404 336.The Pobble Who Has No Toes 404 "Lewis Carroll" 337.The Walrus and the Carpenter 405 338.A Strange Wild Song 406 Isaac Watts 339.Against Idleness and Mischief 407 340.Famous Passages from Dr. Watts 408 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 341.The Skeleton in Armor 408 342.The Day Is Done 410 343.A Psalm of Life 411 Charles Kingsley 344.The Three Fishers 412 345.The Sands of Dee 412 Alfred Tennyson 346."What Does Little Birdie Say?" 413 347.Sweet and Low 413 348.The Poet's Song 413 349.Crossing the Bar 414 Leigh Hunt 350.Abou Ben Adhem 414 Joaquin Miller 351.For Those Who Fail 415 Edgar Allan Poe 352.Eldorado 415 George Gordon, Lord Byron 353.The Destruction of Sennacherib 416 William Cullen Bryant 354.To a Waterfowl 416 355.The Planting of the Apple-Tree 417 Thomas Edward Brown 356.My Garden 418 William Wordsworth 357.Daffodils 419 358.The Solitary Reaper 419 Caroline Elizabeth Norton 359.The Arab to His Favorite Steed 420 Robert Southey 360.The Inchcape Rock 421 William Shakespeare 361.Over Hill, Over Dale 423 362.A Fairy Scene in a Wood 423 Ralph Waldo Emerson

363.Fable 424 364.Concord Hymn 424 Sir Walter Scott 365.Breathes There the Man 424 Oliver Wendell Holmes 366.Old Ironsides 425 William Collins 367.How Sleep the Brave 425 Author Unknown 368.The Ballad of Nathan Hale 425 Sir Francis Hastings Doyle 369.The Red Thread of Honor 427 Rudyard Kipling 370.Recessional 428 William Ernest Henley 371.Invictus 429 James Russell Lowell 372.The Falcon 429 373.The Shepherd of King Admetus 430 Sir William Schenck Gilbert 374.The Yarn of the Nancy Bell 430 John Townsend Trowbridge 375.Darius Green and His Flying Machine 432 William Robert Spencer 376.Beth Gêlert 436 Author Unknown 377.King John and the Abbot of Canterbury 437 SECTION VIII REALISTIC STORIES Bibliography 442 Introductory 443 Oliver Goldsmith 378.The Renowned History of Little Goody Two-Shoes 445 Dr. John Aikin and Mrs. Letitia Barbauld 379.Eyes, and No Eyes 451 Thomas Day [xi]380.The Good-Natured Little Boy 456 Maria Edgeworth 381.Waste Not, Want Not 458 Juliana Horatia Ewing 382.Jackanapes 478 Henry Seidel Canby 383.Betty's Ride 496 Charles Major 384.The Big Bear 500

"O. Henry" 385.The Gift of the Magi 505 SECTION IX NATURE LITERATURE Bibliography 510 Introductory 511 Beatrix Potter 386.The Tale of Peter Rabbit 513 Thornton Waldo Burgess 387.Johnny Chuck Finds the Best Thing in the World 514 Albert Bigelow Paine 388.Mr. 'Possum's Sick Spell 516 Dallas Lore Sharp 389.Wild Life in the Farm-Yard 520 Vernon L. Kellogg 390.The Vendetta 524 Sewell Ford 391.Pasha, the Son of Selim 527 "Ouida" (Louisa de la Ramée) 392.Moufflou 534 Olive Thorne Miller 393.Bird Habits: I. Where He Sleeps II. His Travels 548 Ernest Thompson Seton 394.The Poacher and the Silver Fox 551 David Starr Jordan 395.The Story of a Salmon 556 Rudyard Kipling 396.Moti Guj—Mutineer 562 Charles G. D. Roberts 397.Last Bull 566 SECTION X ROMANCE CYCLES AND LEGEND Bibliography 576 Introductory 577 From Arabian Nights 398.Ali Baba, and the Forty Thieves 579 "Felix Summerley" Reynard the Fox 399.How Bruin the Bear Sped with Reynard the Fox 586 400.The Battle Between the Fox and the Wolf 591 Sir Thomas Malory King Arthur and His Round Table 401.How Arthur Became King 594 402.A Tourney with the French 597

403.Adventures of Arthur 598 Maude Radford Warren 404.Arthur and Sir Accalon 603 Cervantes-Saavedra, Miguel de 405-411.Stories from Don Quixote I.Dreams and Shadows 606 II.Preparing for the Quest 608 III.The Quest Begins 610 IV.The Knightly Vigil 613 V.On Honor's Field 615 VI.The Return Home 617 VII.The Battle with the Windmills 618 Horace E. Scudder 412.The Proud King 620 Eva March Tappan 413.Robin and the Merry Little Old Woman 623 Author Unknown 414.Allen-a-Dale 628 [xii] SECTION XI BIOGRAPHY AND HERO STORIES Bibliography 632 Introductory 633 Elbridge S. Brooks 415.How Columbus Got His Ships 635 Horace E. Scudder 416.The Boyhood of Washington 642 Benjamin Franklin 417.The Autobiography 645 Helen Nicolay 418.Lincoln's Early Days 655 Anna Howard Shaw 419.In the Western Wilderness 662 Charlotte M. Yonge 420.The Pass of Thermopylae 671 SECTION XII HOME READING LIST AND GENERAL INDEX Home Reading Lists by Grades 679 General Index 687

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