Child Protection Experiences and Challenges- AMISOM Somalia Perspective

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Information about Child Protection Experiences and Challenges- AMISOM Somalia Perspective

Published on January 11, 2016

Author: rmcpu


1. Child Protection in PSO Knowledge and Learning Event 7-9 December 2015 Dakar, Senegal CHILD PROTECTION EXPERIENCES AND CHALLENGES AMISOM, SOMALIA PERSPECTIVE By Musa Donald Gbow AMISOM

2. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 1 INTRODUCTION Repeated international reports on allegations of Human and Child Rights violations. The African Union Peace and Security Council (AU-PSC) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in resolutions 2093 and 2102 called for efforts to mainstream the protection of civilians.

3. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 2 INTRO CONT….  UNSCR 2093 requested the secondment of a Child Protection Adviser to AMISOM. The Dallaire Initiative, UNICEF in partnership with the African Union Commission (AUC) collectively agreed to support the agenda for Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC).

4. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 3 INTRO CONT…. The protection advisor with direct support from AMISOM and close working relationship between AMISOM, UNSOM and the wider UN community was mandated to conduct extensive field monitoring visits to collect reliable, accurate and timely data regarding the six grave violations. Support capacity building activities for AMISOM and provide advice on the human right situation, including all forms of violence against children (including sexual violence) in AMISOM’s areas of operations.

5. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 4 INTRO CONT….  Strengthen AMISOM’s and the Somali National Forces (SNA/SPF) compliance with the International Humanitarian and Human Rights Laws (IH/HRL) as they relate to child protection.  Work with Civil Society, Religious Groups and Leaders, Youth Groups and Women’s organizations.

6. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 5 SCOPE  The scope will cover the following:  Brief Background of the Protection, Human Rights and Gender Unit.  General children’s situation and current Child Protection Activities in Somalia.  Trainings and Training Modules.  AMISOM Achievements with respect to compliance.  Challenges.  Look Forward.

7. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 6 BRIEF BACKGROUND OF THE PHRGU COMPOSITION  Legal  Child and Women’s protection  Gender (Civ, Mil and Pol)  Conduct and Discipline Unit  Human Rights  BOI  CCTARC

8. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 7 THEMATIC WORK AREAS Capacity Building  Technical Support  Monitoring and Reporting  Coordination with other partners  Participation

9. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 8 GENERAL CHILD PROTECTION AND HUMAN RIGHT SITUATION IN SOMALIA  Vulnerability of Somali children.  Movement of IDPS  Returnees  Isolated incidences  Detention and. Operations

10. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 9 CURRENT ACTIVITIES  Capacity Building. Training activities for AMISOM police, military and civilian personnel and SNA/SPF. In-mission training with AMISOM Mil & Police

11. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 10 CURRENT ACTIVITIES Cont….  Support to the FGS (MWHR) for the development of Child Protection Policy document. Photo of some members of the FGS, SNA and SPF

12. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 11 CURRENT ACTIVITIES Cont…. Training on SOP’s for the handling and safe transfer of detainees. Photo of some focal persons. Group photo of CIMIC offrs

13. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 12 CURRENT ACTIVITIES Cont….  Awareness raising campaign on SEA and the Six grave violations. Photo of posters depicting the Six Grave Violations.

14. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 13 CURRENT ACTIVITIES Cont….  Youths engagement on de-radicalization and protection needs.  Workshops/seminars etc.

15. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 14 TRAINING AND TRAINING MODULES  Training at AMISOM is categorized to target the junior, middle and senior level management. JUNIOR LEVEL  Focus for the junior level primarily deals with Do’s and Don’ts.  Spectrum of interaction (negative and positive) on low, middle and high risk interactions.  Individual responsibility, SGBV and the “Six Grave Violations.”  Winning the hearts and minds of the locals and mission mandate.

16. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 15 TRAINING AND TRAINING MODULES Cont....…. MIDDLE LEVEL COMMANDERS  Overview of international legislation.  Importance of Situation Awareness.  Spectrum of Interaction.  Commanders Roles and Responsibility.  Children and Armed Conflict including the six grave violation.

17. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 16 TRAINING AND TRAINING MODULES Cont.... SENIOR MANAGEMENT  Protection of Civilian.  International Instruments Resting on Child Protection and IHL.  Children and Armed Conflict (Complete Modules).  Commander and Superior Responsibility/ Liability.

18. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 17 TRAINING AND TRAINING MODULES Cont....  TRAINING MODULES  RDCSI Training hand Book for Security Sector Actors (Second Edition).  UNSTM  United Nations, OSRSC CAAC. The Rights and Guarantees of Internally Displaced Children (Working Paper Number 2), 2011.

19. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 18 MONITORING AND REPORTING Nomination, training and deployment of uniformed focal persons in all AMISOM operational areas.  Establishment of a crisis line.  Investigation of reported incidences involving civilians (BOI).  SRCC’s directive reinforcing zero tolerance to SEA.

20. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 19 MONITORING AND REPORTING Cont….  Issuance of Force Commanders directives placing premium on the protection of civilians (children).  Reports from the MRM country team through UNICEF.  General information from the locals, open source and print media respectively.  Disciplinary actions and remedial action /reparation.

21. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 20 ACHIEVEMENTS ON COMPLIANCE  Integrating Child protection Training in AMISOM mandatory in- mission trainings for all components.  Increased internal monitoring and reporting mechanisms (Focal Persons and Crisis/hot Line).  Increased collaboration and coordination with other partners (UNSOM, UNICEF, FGS and Partners).  Continued Immediate Investigation of reported allegations of AMISOM violations.  Safe and documented transfer of disengaged child soldiers and or detainees.

22. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 21 ACHIEVEMENTS ON COMPLIANCE Cont….  AMISOM troops refusal to undertake joint military or police operations with any force with children in their ranks.  Thorough vetting of all new recruits (SNA/SPF).  Coordinated support to the FGS MoD CPU members.  Establishment of the CCTARC.

23. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 22 CHALLENGES  General Security Situation resulting to inaccessibility to many areas (communities).  Timely Information sharing with partners.  Lack of reception/holding areas for children.  Impoverishment and lack of adequate basic amenities for Somali children.

24. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 23 CHALLENGES Cont…. Harmful and traditional practices in Somalia. Lack of funds to support more child protection activities (employment of civilian staff to sectors). Removal of Children in the ranks of militia and FGS troops operating in the regions.  General compliance with the CRC and adoption of a child protection policy.

25. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 24 LOOK FORWARD  Secure funding to continue to support child mainstreaming in AMISOM and Somalia.  Construction of a Reception/Holding Centre in all Sector locations.  Construction of a Juvenile Detention Centre for the FGS.  Increased collaboration and coordination between members of the various actors in Somalia inclusive the various line ministries.

26. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 25 LOOK FORWARD Cont….  Integration of Child Protection training by TCC’s in pre- deployment trainings.  More engagements through the AUC with the TCC’s on early feedback on all referred disciplinary matters.  Secure funding's for the payment of reparation to victims.  Continued capacity building activities for FGS.  Support to the Ministry of Women and Human Rights to finalize the draft child protection policy document.

27. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 26 LESSONS LEARNT/TAKE AWAY POINTS  The approach to training must be reviewed and training modules must be modified to fit into military operations.  All actors must increase collaboration on the protection of children (Avoid Silos). Government and or security sector actors must integrate practical tools on child protection in their basic recruitment and officer cadet trainings.

28. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 27 LESSONS LEARNT/TAKE AWAY POINTS Cont….  All mission mandates are to place premium on child protection.  Engaging on de-radicalization discussions with the youths.  Integrated internal monitoring mechanism.

29. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 28 QUESTIONS Jetty Images

30. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 29 SOME TRAINING PHOTOS

31. Presentation for strategy v1.pptx 30 TRAINING PHOTOS Cont….

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