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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: ghosh2013


CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA AN OVERVIEW by AVINASH GAUTAM STREAM--------C.S.E [1] ROLLNO -----17700111022 YEAR-----2ND BATCH--------2011 : CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA AN OVERVIEW by AVINASH GAUTAM STREAM- -------C.S.E [1] ROLLNO -----17700111022 YEAR-----2 ND BATCH--------2011 1 PowerPoint Presentation: 2 CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW Facts on Children 87 Million children (34 per cent of total population of children in the country) are not attending educational institutions PowerPoint Presentation: 3 CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW ≈ every 100 rupees in the Union Budget of 2007-2008, only 4 rupees and 84 paisa had been promised for children (it is 1.23 per cent less than earlier budget PowerPoint Presentation: 4 CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW 12.7 Million total child labour 5.8 Million full time 6.9 Million part time PowerPoint Presentation: 5 CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW Some Facts on Child Labour Employment Occupations Per cent Manufacturing and Repair 48.01 Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry & Fishing 20.28 Public Administration and Extra 10.03 Terristorial Organizations and Bodies Wholesale and Retail trade 10.02 Construction 05.75 Transport, Storage and Communication 01.77 Hotels and Restaurants 01.71 Financed Intermediation and Red Estate 01.26 Renting etc. Mining and quarrying 01.06 Electricity, Gas and Wider Supply 00.11 EDUCATION: EDUCATION THEY NEED OF EDUCATION IN SCHOOL LIIKE THESE .WHICH IS IMPORTANT FOR THEM. 6 CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW: CHILD LABOUR IN INDIA : AN OVERVIEW 7 Conclusion : Children are the future of our amazing our government Should give concern towards this major problem,and their parents also.then They can achieve and this problem will finish.

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