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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: GreenDrinksChina


Lending a Hand to AIDS-impacted Children in China via Responsible Travel Rui WANG Voluntourism Manager – Chi Heng Foundation


Tourism effects -Economic -Social -Environmental

Tourism effects -Economic -Social -Environmental


“Making better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.” - The International Centre for Responsible Tourism


Reasons Two epidemics happening in China – Southwest China (drug users) – Central China (blood sellers) Henan population: 95 Milliion (most populous province in China) GDP per Capita (Rural): RMB1,986 Heilongjiang Beijing Jilin Xinjiang Liaoning Inner Mongolia Gansu Hebei Ningxia Qinghai Shanxi Tianjin Shandong Shaanxi Henan Tibet Hubei Sichuan Chongqing Hunan Guizhou Yunnan Jiangsu Anhui Shanghai Zhejiang Jiangxi Fujian Guangxi Guangdong Hainan In 1998, a total of 6,280 bags of blood were confiscated in a crackdown of an illegal blood collection business in Nanyang, Henan. A random sample of 101 of these bags were screened for HIV and the stunning result was that 99 bags contained HIV positive blood (Source: U.N. Report on HIV/AIDS in China)

Results: - Middle generation dying of AIDS - Grandparents losing their children - Children becoming orphans


CHF Voluntourism CHF Voluntourism program is designed to - Promote awareness of the plight of AIDS-impacted children - Facilitate interactivity between people from different backgrounds - Generate funds to support local supplemental education - Contribute to the local communities

CHF Voluntourism What We Do Ø Trip Schedule Sample 12:00 - 17:00 Arrival & Trip brief Fri 18:00 da Welcome dinner y Ac tivi ty Da y 07:30 Departure from Hotel 08:30 Mural Painting Activity 12:00 Lunch in the village 14:00 Home Visits 18:00 Gala dinner with children Where We Go Ø Trip Destinations What We Spend Ø Our Contribution What We Get Ø The Outcome Total Trip Cost ─ Transportation cost ─ Accommodation cost ─ Meal cost ─ Activity cost ─Children's insurance cost ─ Administration cost Understanding Interacting = Balance Contribution to the Local Communities Inspiring Giving Exchanging Contributing De par tur e Da 08:00 Visiting Eco-bag factory 12:00 Lunch with children 14:00-18:00 Departure Witness

CHF Voluntourism Challenges -Resources: How to convince the participants to go to the AIDS villages -Results: How to provide consistent supplemental education to the children -Concerns: keep the environmental impact low: transportation, accommodation, energy, rubbish…

How to become a responsible traveler? Some links for you: • • • •

How to become a responsible traveler? Some links for you: • • • • Volunteer with Chi Heng Foundation during your next trip!

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